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PMG Chapter 1188: Fu Hei’s Misfortune

PMG Chapter 1188: Fu Hei’s Misfortune

“It’s him!” thought the crowd thinking about a particular someone. Sword and thunder abstruse energies…. He was there practicing cultivation a short time before, then he had left and nobody had paid attention to him.

“Lin Feng is becoming even more interesting.” Yi Ren Lei smiled and followed the sword out of the area with the source of life. The others followed her too. However, they saw the sword emit whistling sounds as it moved to the wind area where a black hurricane had appeared.

They frowned, annoyed. All those areas contained special terrifying energies, except the area with the source of life. That’s why so many people had gone there. They couldn’t go to the wind area because the energies were too scary there. Even if they went there and could stand the energies, they wouldn’t be able to fight very effectively.

Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao went back to the water from the area with the source of life. As they were at the edge of the wind area, they had felt those the terrifying wind energies brush against them. They needed to be stronger to go there.

“Prince Lin understands so many abstruse energies, but he should remember to give me back the tear stain.” Yi Ren Lei who was smiling. Her voice was carried by the wind. Then, she went back into the water.

At that moment, Lin Feng was sitting cross-legged in the wind area and holding the tear stain in his hand. His body was filled with vitality. That was a precious treasure, but it wasn’t the right time to modify it.

He put it away and continued studying wind abstruse energies. At the same time, his Tian Ji Sword absorbed the wind strength. His Tian Ji Sword already had an empty space soul from before. Now, his sword had four souls in total. Outside of Fortune City, he wouldn’t have the opportunity to find so many places to condense sword souls, so he had to do as much as he could while he was still there.

Lin Feng had stolen two treasures already, he was very satisfied. Some people glanced at him in a cold way now and then, but he ignored them.

Everybody was benefitting from being there and studying the abstruse energies.

After that, Lin Feng left the wind area and went to the fire area without wasting any time.

“After that, I’ll have studied everything I could in here. This has been life changing, it certainly changed my destiny!” thought Lin Feng. Indeed, Fortune City had been life changing for him.

Once inside the fire area, Lin Feng saw four other people, three of them he had seen before. Fu Hei and his two fellow disciples. The other one was wearing a Taoist robe, chanting mantras.

“Lin Feng, brother, long time no see.” said Fu Hei smiling as if they were good friends.

“Long time no see!” said Lin Feng smiling. Then, he sat down cross-legged and immediately started studying the fire energies. Two days later, his Tian Ji Sword streaked across the sky and flew next to him.

The Tian Ji Sword then started absorbing fire energies. Lin Feng started using his cosmos-burning sun technique as dazzling sun patterns appeared all around him.

Half a month later, Fu Hei stood up, turned around and went to the one in the Taoist robe. He was smiling indifferently, “I lent you the fire-pearl for a while now, could you please give it back?”

“The fire-pearl should belong to a monk or a nun, an almsgiver shouldn’t ask to have their gifts given back.” said the Taoist monk with the demeanor of a transcendent being.

“You’re joking, I saw it first and I lent it to you. You’ve had it for a month now even though I agreed to lend it to you for only a few days. Have you forgotten our promise?” said Fu Hei smiling as if they were friends.

“Have I ever said that?” said the Taoist monk looking surprised. Fu Hei was angry on the inside, but he continued smiling and said, “It seems like we are of kindred spirits!”

Fu Hei then took a few steps and said, “You promised you’d give it back, now it’s time. Why deny it so flatly?”

“I didn’t promise anything and I don’t lie. Why make fun of me and tarnish my reputation? I am a Taoist monk.” said the monk loudly. Fu Hei didn’t know how to react to this.

This time Fu Hei walked around before saying again, “The monk promised.”

“I never said that.”

“You promised!” Fu Hei was speaking even louder. Fire appeared and his little flames looked like small snakes baring their fangs and brandishing their claws. The flames also contained some black lights.

That was void fire.

“Evil fire.” whispered the Taoist. Fu Hei’s fire was a celestial fire, but the Taoist monk made fun of him.

“Do you remember now?” said Fu Hei smiling indifferently.

“Little boy, I told you I never said anything like that, that’s all there is to say.” said the Taoist monk standing up. he took a few steps and shouted furiously, “You think carefully now!”

“Boom boom!” Fire suddenly engulfed the entire area as a gigantic fire dragon appeared and stared down at Fu Hei. It opened its mouth and swallowed all the fire around the monk.

Fu Hei’s facial expression changed drastically. He didn’t look indifferent anymore. How was that possible?

“It seems like you don’t remember well, little boy.” Very quickly, Fu Hei looked normal again, but his mouth was twitching.

“I was right, I’ve heard you always do that kind of thing where you incriminate people who are honest. Show me your ring and we’ll see if you’re not a liar.” said the Taoist monk calmly. Fu Hei tried to look normal again.

“You’re joking. My entire life is in my ring.”

“Roar…” the dragon spat out black flames. The Taoist monk stared at Fu Hei and said, “I’m not joking. You’re a bad person, so if you don’t show me your ring, I’ll kill you.”

“We shouldn’t go to such extremes!” said Fu Hei. The Taoist monk’s dragon was too monstrous, Fu Hei couldn’t deal with it.

“Alright, remember me.” said Fu Hei.

The Taoist monk took the ring and threw into the dragon’s mouth. With its powerful fire, it destroyed the connection between Fu Hei and the ring. Fu Hei was dumbstruck.

The Taoist monk then took it and let his mind inspect inside. Then, he smiled happily, controlled himself to look normal again and said, “That ring is mine.”

Fu Hei smiled and grinded his teeth at the same time, “It’s yours!”

“Indeed, take off your clothes and give them to me.” said the Taoist monk calmly.


“Take them off!” said the monk aggressively. The dragon spat out some flames again. Fu Hei was furious, but he took off his clothes.

The monk found the sleeve and found many things inside it. An ancient cauldron with fire inside, many abstruse tablets and several other things.

The monk took everything and then threw the clothes back at Fu Hei. He smiled and said, “You’re a good fire cultivator, even if you’re a bad boy sometimes. Next time, remember to be a good boy.”

Remember to be a good boy… Fu Hei wanted to kill him, but he wasn’t strong enough.

“Go, go, and remember what I said.” said the monk waving. His dragon then disappeared. Fu Hei was furious. When he saw Lin Feng, his mouth twitched. He wanted to cry. Lin Feng was looking at him in a compassionate way.

“Emperor, I just want my cauldron and the fire.” said Lin Feng using telepathy. He knew that the monk was actually Qiong Qi.

“Those are my things, it was difficult for me to get them. Why should you get them now?” said Qiong Qi to Lin Feng using telepathy.

“Emperor, I know you can do anything in here, but at least give me back what’s mine.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Alright, the heavenly nine dragon cauldron is yours.”

“There were many other good things in the sleeve, I am interested in all of it.”

“Little boy, remember what I said to him!” said Qiong Qi, making Lin Feng laugh. The two friends were talking with their usual banter again!

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