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PMG Chapter 1189: Six Desires

PMG Chapter 1189: Six Desires

Even though Qiong Qi used to be an emperor, now, his soul was broken. There were many things he couldn’t do, like skills, techniques, etc. But in that fire area, his strength was enhanced!

That was also precisely why Fu Hei couldn’t deal with Qiong Qi in there. Fu Hei was seated at that moment, but he didn’t feel like practicing cultivation anymore. He had lost everything he had gathered for the past ten years. He had thought that his things were safe in his sleeves, but didn’t believe someone would take everything. The worst thing was that the monk had told him to be a good boy.

Lin Feng didn’t think too much about. He had some compassion for Fu Hei, but Fu Hei was now suffering a double loss after trying to trick his enemies. Lin Feng closed his eyes and practiced cultivating his fire energies again. A sun pattern appeared around him and didn’t take much longer before he understood abstruse fire energy.

“Thunder, empty space, vitality, wind and fire!” thought Lin Feng smiling indifferently. He was more talented than he had thought. He already understood five different sorts of energies, but he wanted to study more.

As Lin Feng was thinking, a terrifyingly oppressive energy surrounded him. He looked in the horizon and saw thunders.

“Kaboom!” Lin Feng didn’t have time to react before that blasting sound of thunder made his soul shake.

The landscape changed and Lin Feng realized that he was now in a different place. The fire had disappeared, the other special areas had disappeared too. Many abstruse tablets were falling from the sky now.

“Bzzz!” Silhouettes flickered as people started gathering the abstruse tablets.

Qiong Qi had kept the special pocket which was in Fu Hei’s sleeve and used it to gather more abstruse tablets.

Lin Feng moved using wind energy and at the same time, his Tian Ji Sword also picked up the tablets. The others were moving fast as well. Those who were on the ground seemed disappointed, they hadn’t managed to get any because they were too slow.

Those who were on the ground were those who had been eliminated from the bridges. They hadn’t been able to move further, so they could only see those who had managed beyond them.

“Unfortunately, my Tian Ji sword still needs some more fire to condense a soul.” thought Lin Feng when his Tian Ji Sword came back to him. It had three souls already, but it needed more.

Lin Feng wanted to stay there longer, but it seemed like this was the end. Besides, each special area had a special treasure, but that’s all they could take with them. Lin Feng tried to take some water from the source of life but he couldn’t, it was as if the water had some magical properties. It instantly disappeared when he left. Even the abstruse energies they had sensed weren’t real.

After perfectly understanding abstruse energies, maybe Lin Feng would need a year to create the source of light, or a fire area, but that was only a hypothesis. Apart from the strong cultivators from Fortune City, not many strong cultivators could do that.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd, from the hundred people, only thirty were left. The others had probably been killed.

“Take the treasure from the source of life out.” said Zong Ren Yu in a cold way, landing in front of Lin Feng. He looked evil and his Qi was extremely powerful. His wind energies had become even stronger.

“The treasure from the source of life?” the crowd looked at Lin Feng.

“There were treasures in every area, so everyone could have a treasure. Maybe you’re the one who has it.” said Lin Feng.

“You can’t use the tear stain with your current strength. It would be better if someone like Yi Ren Lei had it, or me.” said Zong Ren Yu smiling. He didn’t look like he was going to attack, he just wanted to make other people jealous.

“I hope you can give it to me too.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a seducing way. She could make any man’s heart melt with that gaze.

“You’re joking. If I didn’t have a wife, I’d give you anything.” said Lin Feng smiling yet refusing.

“Aw, how cute, you love your wife so much. I can sing a song for you if you want.”

Yi Ren Lei sat down cross-legged. She looked like a nymph. A zither then appeared in front of her.

“Celestial zither of the six desires!” the crowd was astonished.

“Lin Feng, be careful, that celestial zither of the six desires is also called the demonic zither of the six desires. It contains the abstruse energies from the six desires. It can even make a demon go insane.” said Yuan Fei to Lin Feng using telepathy. Yi Ren Lei really wanted Lin Feng’s tear stain.

“Even extremely strong and determined men can be defeated by listening to the song of the six desires. Lin Feng’s cultivation level is not that high, so you’re exaggerating a bit by pulling that out.” said Xiao Die smiling.

“Why talk about loss or victory? I just wish I had someone like Lin Feng in my life. If he loves his wife, he will have prove it by facing my music. Besides, I can’t play the song that well. Just a part of it, so don’t worry.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling.

“I won’t do anything bad to Lin Feng.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. Then, her hands started dancing across the strings of the instrument.

“I’ll listen to your song happily, it’ll be my honor.” said Lin Feng smiling. His soul was shaking, but he smiled and sat down.

“It’s an illusion.” thought Lin Feng reminding himself that that music could make people hallucinate.

The sun rose up, the clouds moved with the wind, birds were singing, even flowers smelt good. It was more beauty than one could take in at once. Lin Feng had the feeling he had spent days there, in that beautiful landscape.

The landscape was beautiful, day after day, his desires were becoming even more intense. After a cerain number of days, in the distance, he saw a beautiful girl who was very attractive and she was smiling at him. She walked over to Lin Feng and smiled, “Slash!” Lin Feng’s sword streaked across the sky and cut through the celestial girl. His heart started beat faster again and he felt merciless.

“Life is short, how could I waste it on these futilities!” thought Lin Feng. The celestial girl was still there though, she hadn’t been hurt at all.

“Die!” Lin Feng ran as fast as he could.

“You’re so cruel. You said you wanted to kill a beautiful woman!” said a voice at that moment. It was Yi Ren Lei and she was smiling in a resplendent way.

“It’s just an illusion, of course I want to destroy it.”

“We were only together in the illusion though, so it’s almost real. If you willingly give me the tear stain, I can pay a high price for it. Nobody would know what happened in the illusion. I can even dress up as a maid if you want!” she said this in a tempting and seducing way. Lin Feng felt like he was going to succumb to his desires.

“What happens in the illusion is real!” Yi Ren Lei walked towards Lin Feng, making her clothes slowly fall off her shoulders. Lin Feng’s heart started racing. He was now staring at the girl’s breasts. He felt like he was going to explode. He couldn’t control himself as her clothes kept sliding down!

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