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PMG Chapter 1190: Aftermath!

PMG Chapter 1190: Aftermath!

Lin Feng looked at her. Her eyes, her body. He couldn’t resist.

“If you want me, you can have me, just be gentle!” said Yi Ren Lei in a gentle voice, yet shyly.

His face turned red. But then gradually, he tried to look normal again.

“You said there is only the two of us in the illusion and that nobody can see us? Then, we should enjoy life and carnal pleasures. Let me undress you.” said Lin Feng smiling calmly. He stretched his hand and put it on her shoulders, like he wanted to help her undress.

Finally, Lin Feng touched her soft skin, but he looked calm.

However, at that moment, everything stopped. The illusion disappeared and Lin Feng saw Yi Ren Lei with her zither. She was smiling at him now.

“You’re extraordinary. I shouldn’t ask for the tear stain again.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling in a resplendent way. She put her zither away as if nothing had happened.

“You can make men turn into demons with that song.” said Lin Feng smiling wryly.

“But in the end you managed to break free.”

Lin Feng smiled and didn’t say anything else. He had just realized how terrifying her attacks were. However, Lin Feng had found the trick, even in the illusion, she wouldn’t let him touch her so that’s why he had tried to.

“You give up that quickly? Since it’s that way, we’ll try to get the tear stain ourselves.” said Zong Ren Yu indifferently. Then, several silhouettes flickered.

Lin Feng looked at them, smiled and walked towards the Fortune Shrine as if nobody would stop him.

“Even though you were lucky to go to the special areas, the tear stain is not yours!” said someone blocking Lin Feng.

“Even though Yi Ren Lei is nice, you still can’t keep it.” said someone else disdainfully. Lin Feng had just broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, how could they let him keep the tear stain?

Lin Feng glanced at them, turned around and looked at the crowd. The really strong cultivators weren’t doing anything to him. Those people who were threatening him hadn’t obtained anything of value so they were jealous.

“Apart from the tear stain, he has many more incredibly powerful holy weapons.” said someone coldly. Lin Feng recognized that person, it was someone from the Celestial Land of Alchemists.

Lin Feng suddenly started laughing. He looked at Yuan Fei, Jun Mo Xi, Meng Qing etc. and waved saying, “There’s no need to help me.”

“Everybody obtained treasures in the special areas, but you don’t want to attack the others, only me… No problem!” said Lin Feng smiling in a cold way. His Tian Ji Sword appeared in front of him and he said, “Since you despise me, die!”

Lin Feng’s sword streaked across the sky, the sword Qi contained wind and empty space energies, so it moved very quickly.

“Kaboom!” dazzling purple thunders appeared and fell down from the sky. Right in front of Lin Feng, someone exploded.

The crowd was astonished. What an incredible sword. It looked like a sword controlled by a cultivator who understood abstruse energies. It had even swallowed abstruse energies. The cultivator that Lin Feng killed had already broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, but he still killed him instantly.

“Die!” said Lin Feng again. Lin Feng attacked another person who had just spoken. His face drastically changed, but he wasn’t fast enough to escape from the thunderous energies. He was immediately electrocuted and died.

At the same time, Lin Feng walked towards the crowd and released more terrifying energies. Abstruse thunder energies surrounded his body, emitting blasting sounds.

Lin Feng moved like the wind and landed in front of someone, he raised his hand and smashed that person’s head into the ground.

“You’re so weak.”

As he talked, that person’s head exploded.

“Slash…” His Tian Ji Sword came back to him like a boomerang, having just killed someone else. That person was quick, but not quicker than the Tian Ji Sword.

Everybody was astonished. A cultivator, a sword, two strong cultivators were killing enemies one after the other.

The remaining people were shaking like leaves.

Lin Feng was surrounded by terrifying purple lightning. He glanced at them and said, “Do you still want the tear stain? Come then!”

Some people were scared, even though he had only broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, he knew so many different kinds of abstruse energies and he could kill them instantly. His sword was scary as well. It seemed alive and even contained its own abstruse energies.

“Let’s join hands. Even though he knows abstruse energies, he’s not that strong. We should be able to kill him if we work together.” said someone. Lightning shot from Lin Feng’s eyes and moved towards those people. His eyes didn’t look like regular human eyes, they looked bestial.

“Die!” the Tian Ji Sword whistled as it streaked across the sky.

“Stop!” shouted someone furiously. He took out a holy weapon: an ancient mirror which emanated golden lights.

“Slash, slash…” the Tian Ji Sword crashed onto the mirror, releasing empty space and thunderous energies. The golden lights disappeared and the mirror immediately exploded into a thousand pieces. Then, the Tian Ji Sword continued moving towards that person and slit his throat. He immediately died.

“His holy weapon was destroyed!” the crowd was astonished.

Did they want to kill Lin Feng or…?

Lin Feng’s purple seed made him feel incredible.

“So many people want to steal my treasures, you should all die!”

Lin Feng jumped forwards. His Tian Ji Sword continued moving and nobody could stop it. His sword had three complete souls already: a thunder soul, an empty space soul, a wind soul, and soon it would have a fire soul as well. Lin Feng could release terrifying abstruse energies which could easily kill ordinary Zun cultivators. Tian level cultivators who didn’t understand abstruse energies stood no chance against him.

They wanted to escape, but they were too slow, especially when facing that incredible sword.

“He understands three types of strength, why does his sword also contain three types of abstruse energies?” the crowd was staring at the sword. They didn’t understand what was going on.

“It’s not just three types of abstruse energies, he’s been to the area with the source of life. Did he learn abstruse vitality energy too?” thought people who knew where Lin Feng had been.

“He also understands fire intent and wants to learn abstruse fire energy!” said Fu Hei. Was it possible that Lin Feng understood four types of abstruse energies?

Even if he understood four types of abstruse energies, how come his sword could released energies on its own without Lin Feng having to hold it in his hands? The crowd didn’t understand that no matter they came at it.

Two people weren’t surprised. Yi Ren Lei knew a person who had appeared five thousand years ago that was similar to him. Was Lin Feng his descendant?

The other one was Jian Wu Bei, he was studying Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s sword technique was an ancient technique. Jiange thought it was impossible to learn that skill… a skill which enabled a cultivator to raise his sword using his soul. Jiange’s people said it was too painful to learn and almost impossible, so they had given up on it.

Very quickly, Lin Feng finished killing everyone who wanted to kill him.

However, Lin Feng’s face was still ice-cold as he slowly walked towards some people. His Tian Ji Sword was floating in front of him. He walked towards the young cultivators from the Celestial Land of Alchemists. At first he had thought he’d need to curse them, but now it wasn’t necessary anymore.

“What are you doing?” asked the young men who faces turned deathly pale. They quickly ran to hide behind Xue Bi Yao.

“You’re asking me that now?” said Lin Feng smiling in an ice-cold way. They had always wanted to kill him and now they were asking him what he was planning?

“Are you an enemy of the Celestial Land of Alchemists!” shouted someone furiously, seemingly accusing Lin Feng.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s dazzling Tian Ji Sword moved towards him. He wanted to escape, but it was too late, he was immediately pierced by the sword.

“You are my enemy, not the Celestial Land of Alchemists!” exclaimed Lin Feng.

“Bi Yao, sister!” shouted the other one terrified. He was now behind her, hiding.

“Celestial girl, you are well aware that he’s wanted to kill me.” said Lin Feng.

Xue Bi Yao took a deep breathe and shook her head, “Fellow disciple, since you offended him, why are you hiding now? Can’t you be a real man?”

His face turned deathly pale. Then, Xue Bi Yao moved away and a dazzling sword pierced through his forehead!

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