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PMG Chapter 1191: Fighting Against Zong Ren Yu

PMG Chapter 1191: Fighting Against Zong Ren Yu

Xue Bi Yao looked at her fellow disciples whom Lin Feng killed. She shivered, but quickly, she came back to her senses. Cultivators had to remain calm no matter what.

There weren’t any tensions between her and her fellow disciples, but cultivators were merciless against their enemies.

Strength was everything in the world of cultivation. Her fellow disciples had tried to kill Lin Feng over and over again, and if they had been stronger than Lin Feng, they would have killed him. But in the end, Lin Feng was stronger and had killed them instead. Even she was unable to kill him now.

“When I go back to the Celestial Land of Alchemists, I will practice cultivation non-stop and work on improving my celestial body.” thought Xue Bi Yao. This time, she had learnt a lot in Fortune City, including: even though she had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and had a celestial body, there was always someone stronger than her somewhere, especially in Fortune City where all the incredible geniuses gathered.

She would never forget Lin Feng. Before going to Fortune City, she was able to oppress Lin Feng. They had fought and even though she had been defeated, she could compete with Lin Feng because she had a higher cultivation level. Now, they were in Fortune City and only a few months had passed. Lin Feng’s life had changed, so now she couldn’t compete with Lin Feng anymore. Even if she used her full strength.

Lin Feng had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, but he already knew several different types of abstruse energies.

Some of the ten strongest geniuses felt dispirited, they weren’t in the mood to watch Lin Feng. They were a bit surprised too. Of course, it was just temporary. Even if Lin Feng had only broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer and already knew a few types of abstruse energies, so what? They also understood a few types of abstruse energies, not only did they understand them, they could use them even better than Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t pose a threat to them. Therefore, they were just a bit surprised. Besides, they were not interested in fighting Lin Feng, they were just interested in the people who were at the same level as them.

Someday, some of them would rise while others would fall, but now it wasn’t the right time to think about that. They were in Fortune City and the event wasn’t over yet. The four shrines were still there, lofty and majestic as always. Inside their third eye, they still had dazzling fate seeds that they still wanted to use. The Diviner hadn’t told his prophecies yet either.

However, many people were interested in Lin Feng, for example Yi Ren Lei from the celestial part of Ba Huang, the Buddhist monk Kong Ming from the Celestial Thunder Temple, Wen Tian Ge from the Wen Clan in the central part of Ba Huang, Qi Tian Sheng from the Qi Clan from the eastern part of Ba Huang, and Fu Hei from the Fire Mountain in the southern part of Ba Huang.

The thunderbird and Long Teng followed the roc to the shrine. Even though they wanted to kill Lin Feng, they couldn’t kill him anymore. They needed to become even stronger now.

The thunderbird was the descendant of an emperor: the golden thunderbird. He needed more time before he next saw Lin Feng.

Long Teng was the same, he had a dragon body and was quite strong. For him, killing Lin Feng was only a matter of time.

“Come out.” said Lin Feng, turning around. He looked at Zong Ren Yu and said, “Don’t tell me you’re still not ready to fight?”

Zong Ren Yu’s facial expression looked gloomy, he smiled evilly and said, “You surprised me, but if you think you’ll be able to defeat me, you’ll be sorely disappointed.”

Zong Ren Yu then  walked forwards. He didn’t fear Lin Feng.

“Be careful, Zong Ren Yu is from the Church of Desire and he’s a real genius. He knows some really evil skills which can influence people. He understands abstruse wind energy and soul crushing intent. Maybe now, he even understands abstruse soul crushing energies.” said Yuan Fei using telepathy.

Zong Ren Yu really was an evil cultivator. He kept using other people to attack his enemies. Now, he dared come out alone. He must be confident now.

“Die!” Lin Feng didn’t talk much. His Tian Ji Sword moved forwards as thunderous energies rolled in waves and emitted blasting sounds.

“Whirlwind!” shouted Zong Ren Yu coldly. His wind abstruse energies turned into a whirlwind, capturing everything in its wake. The whirlwind and the thunders collided and then disappeared together, but the Tian Ji Sword continued moving towards Zong Ren Yu.

However, Zong Ren Yu moved like the wind and dodged the sword. He descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. He raised his hand which contained sharp blade-like wind energies.

Abstruse wind energies didn’t only allow a cultivator to be fast, it also allowed them to protect themselves and dodge attacks. Zong Ren Yu controlled abstruse wind energies really well.

“Lacerate!” said Lin Feng. His empty space energies cut open space and Zong Ren Yu’s wind blade, at the same time, lightning crashed down.

“Die!” The whistling Tian Ji Sword came back like usual.

“Human Desires!” shouted Zong Ren Yu in a cold way.. Lin Feng looked at his two evil eyes and shivered. A single glance at Zong Ren Yu’s eyes could make a cultivator’s soul shake.

“Maras And Heretics!” Lin Feng released sun fire, burning away the evil energies. At the same time, his golden silhouette flickered. Lin Feng now looked like a Buddha as he  made the strength of the Heruka flow throughout his body. In the past, the skills from the three-lives Buddha-Demon were very useful to Lin Feng, but now the strength of the Heruka didn’t satisfy Lin Feng’s needs anymore because he had become too strong. He needed to spend some time leveling up his strength of the Heruka later.

But as before, the strength of the Buddha was useful when it came to destroying evil energies.

“Soul stirring!” shouted Zong Ren Yu furiously.

“Oh no!” Yuan Fei and the others saw that Zong Ren Yu was oppressing Lin Feng. Yuan Fei’s voice was extremely loud. Because Lin Feng’s cultivation level was low, Yuan Fei’s voice had reached him.

It was enough for Lin Feng to come back to his senses. He shouted furiously, raised his fist and condensed thunderous energies. Then, he threw himself at Zong Ren Yu. The space was now filled with thunder-fire.

“Slash, slash… Boom!” a loud collision sounded and shook the space around them. Zong Ren Yu quickly retreated, but he couldn’t give Lin Feng any opportunities. His fist felt extremely sore, luckily, his cultivation level was higher than Lin Feng’s, otherwise, he would have lost his hand in that exchange.

“The fact that you understand more abstruse energies than other people doesn’t make you stronger. If you can’t use them properly, what’s the point?” said Zong Ren Yu. On the inside, he was surprised by Lin Feng’s strength, but by talking in a proud way like that, he was trying to influence Lin Feng’s determination.

“Hmph, Zong Ren Yu, you’re shameless. If Lin Feng had your cultivation level, he would understand abstruse energies even better than you and would kill you in the blink of an eye!” said Yuan Fei in a cold way.

“Is that so? I hadn’t used my full strength when I casted the Human Desires spell before.” said Zong Ren Yu.

“No need to find excuses, everybody knows what kind of person you are. If you were able to, you’d already have killed Lin Feng. The fact that you can’t is making you upset now.” said Yuan Fei smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He didn’t mind fighting, it made him grow and become more mature. It was a part of the path of cultivation.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t think that he was strong because he knew several types of abstruse energies. If his intent wasn’t solid, he wouldn’t be able to do much with it. Understanding several abstruse energies was only the first step. He needed time to understand abstruse energies properly and to carry out explosive attacks.

“Nobody won that fight. It was a little difficult for me. If my soul hadn’t been so strong and if I hadn’t had my Tian Ji Sword, I would have lost to him. However, it doesn’t mean anything to me. My cultivation level is just too low. Besides, I just started studying abstruse energies, so I’m not familiar with them. It’s not surprising that my attacks aren’t as powerful as his.” thought Lin Feng.

That battle had taught him a lot. Next time, he would be even stronger. He needed to compare himself with others like this to understand where he needed to improve.

“Now, I certainly can’t kill you, but I would like to thank you for the experience. Next time, I will take advantage of the advice you gave me to kill you!” said Lin Feng to Zong Ren Yu indifferently.

Zong Ren Yu frowned, use the advice he had given him?

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