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PMG Chapter 1193: Nine Watchers

PMG Chapter 1193: Nine Watchers

Lin Feng and Meng Qing appeared together in a small world.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He had used all his gems to get the cursing skillset, so he inspected the memories the old man had transmitted to him. That was an extensive knowledge and profound scholarship!

It took Lin Feng half a day just to inspect all the memories. He opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

“What an extensive skill set!” said Lin Feng. That skill set contained all the skills and techniques of the sorcerer’s arts. There was even a taboo cursing technique in the memories. The knowledge the old man had transmitted to Lin Feng could be defined as godly.

Lin Feng understood what the old man meant when he said the skillset was priceless. All the gems in the world didn’t really suffice to buy it in its entirety.

“How strong are real black mages?” whispered Lin Feng. He was wondering if he could become an authentic black mage in the future.

Not many people practiced cursing cultivation in the continent. Although it would provide cultivators with explosive powers, it wasn’t as ferocious as Buddhist or demonic cultivation. But the geniuses who mastered the sorcerer’s arts were terrifying cultivators whom everybody feared. Powerful people tried to wipe them off the map as soon as possible, but if they didn’t, at higher levels black mages could be terrifying.

As Lin Feng had expected, cursing cultivation couldn’t be defined in a few words. It was even related to Buddhist and demonic cultivations. Cursing cultivation consisted of a myriad of skills and techniques, Buddha and demon shadows, apparent curses, hidden curses, talisman curses, voice curses, mantra curses, repelling curses, godly curses, there were all sorts of curses!

Strong black mages could kill their enemies in various ways, poisoning people’s souls, cursing water, fire, mountains and so on.

Lin Feng laughed. He didn’t start practicing cursing cultivation. Instead, he took out his Tian Ji Sword and his heavenly nine dragon cauldron. His Tian Ji Sword’s fire soul hadn’t finished condensing yet. First, he would wait for the event in Fortune City to finish completely and then he’d study cursing cultivation.

“Come out!” Lin Feng released fire energies which dashed to the skies. The golden crow fire also appeared.

“Go!” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword flew into the golden crow fire. Lin Feng opened his mouth and took a deep breath. He was sweating heavily now. He felt relaxed since he had left the special areas, but now that he was cleansing his sword with fire energies, his soul felt sore again. This time he had to endure the terrifying fire energies.

That was his own choice though. He grinded his teeth and started using his cosmos-burning sun technique, and once his body was surrounded by fire, the sun pattern appeared. The golden crow fire kept burning in the sky and Lin Feng made it fuse together with his own pure sun fire Qi, absorbing it.

Lin Feng practiced sun fire skills and that golden crow fire was also a sun-type fire. It was perfect for him.

Meng Qing was next to Lin Feng and practicing cultivation too. Time passed slowly and finally flames dashed to the skies as Lin Feng’s sword whistled. He had absorbed all the golden crow fire and now there were three dazzling suns on Lin Feng’s body. Fire energies flew throughout his body and at the same time, he could release the golden crow fire which he had completely absorbed.

Meng Qing was surprised, but smiled in a resplendent way. Lin Feng and his sword were about to level up together at the same time.

“Slash, slash…” his Tian Ji Sword dashed to the skies. Lin Feng’s sun patterns were even more dazzling. Suddenly, he opened his eyes to see his fire burning away the sky.

“I broke through to the next Tian Qi layer.” whispered Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He broke through to the seventh Tian Qi layer! He was now a strong cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. He used to admire Zun cultivators, now he wasn’t far from the Zun Qi layer anymore. He could even defeat low level Zun cultivators now.

“I didn’t even use all the golden crow fire, no wonder it’s a precious treasure!” Lin Feng put the heavenly nine dragon cauldron away and the rest of the golden crow fire with it. He decided to use the time he had left there to practice cursing cultivation. Before, he used to use his scepter to release cursing energies. But now, he could use his cursing skillset. First he needed to understand abstruse cursing energies, then he’d be able to cast powerful cursing spells.
Lin Feng took out his scepter and instantly cursing energies surrounded Lin Feng’s body.

The sorcerer’s arts were all inclusive, cursing was a large part of it. However, cursing strength was also sorcery strength. It represented one kind of strength, therefore, Lin Feng could rely on his scepter to understand the sorcerer’s arts.

After having studied several abstruse energies, Lin Feng found it a lot easier to study new ones. He had realized that a while ago already. After understanding thunder abstruse energy, he found it easier and easier to study other types of abstruse energies.

Of course, without abstruse tablets and the special areas, he would have needed much longer.

Besides, studying sorcery energies was harder than studying any of the other types of energies. The sorcerer’s arts required  an even stronger soul and vitality than other arts. Some sorcery spells needed to have a very strong soul and vitality.

After a while, it was time for them to leave. Lin Feng and Meng Qing left the calm area. The old man gave Meng Qing more time for her to use all her fate seeds, then he waved and they appeared somewhere else. They were now in the sky above Fortune City, it was the place where they had first appeared when they had come to Fortune City all those months ago.

There were big clouds in the sky, and a lofty celestial palace was visible above the clouds. Lin Feng and Meng Qing walked in that direction, as did everybody else. There were many people in the city now, including those who hadn’t been able to go to the five elemental areas.They could only watch so they remained standing in the distance, enviously.

There were many people in front of the palace who might listen to the Diviner’s prophecies.

Lin Feng looked at the people on his left and right, those who were in the middle were those who had been to the special areas. However, Lin Feng was surprised because there were many people he had never seen as well. For example, there were nine people who were wearing the same clothes. They were all wearing a plaited bamboo hat: the Watchers.

“There are nine Watchers!” the crowd was surprised. It was the first time they saw all the Watchers, let alone count them all. They all looked the same, there was absolutely no difference between them.

The Imperial Assassin Union has seven assassins, the Watchers have nine people, I wonder who’s stronger than whom!” though many people. Nobody had ever seen how strong the Watchers really were, so they didn’t know their cultivation levels. Would they shoot arrows as the Diviner would tell his prophecies?

“I wonder who shot an arrow at me.” thought Lin Feng looking at the Watchers. He couldn’t differentiate them so he couldn’t know who his Watcher was. He had never even seen his face so he couldn’t recognize him.

Apart from the Watchers, there were also a few other people whom Lin Feng didn’t know. Maybe they were assassins?

“Lin Feng, he’s up there!”

At that moment, many people in the distance looked up at Lin Feng. Those people were from Tiantai. They hadn’t managed to get a million gems so they weren’t able to go to the five elemental areas either. There were also some of Lin Feng’s enemies, for example Xuan Yuan, Yang Zi Lan. They were furious when they saw Lin Feng.

Especially Xuan Yuan, he looked beyond upset. Lin Feng had surprisingly managed to go to the special area, but he hadn’t. He had managed to gather a million seeds, but when he was about to go to the five elemental areas, someone stole them from him. That person was a lot stronger than him, it was one of the ten strongest cultivators in the province: Fu Hei. Fu Hei wasn’t far from Lin Feng in the crowd.

“Bastard!” said Xuan Yuan to Fu Hei. Fu Hei glanced at him, but that was all.

“He went inside, do you think the Diviner will say that he’ll become an emperor?” asked Yang Zi Lan to Xuan Yuan who was looking even worse now.

“He’s lucky, wait until he comes out. I’ll teach him a lesson then.” said Xuan Yuan coldly. He had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, so he was convinced he could kill Lin Feng now.

“I hope so.” said Yang Zi Lan nodding, but he didn’t really believe it.

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