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PMG Chapter 1194: The Prophecies

PMG Chapter 1194: The Prophecies

The crowd was standing above the clouds outside of the palaces. Clouds were rolling in the sky as an illusion appeared and gradually became more distinct. White robe, long beard, celestial, divine-looking, the old man who had appeared when they had originally gone to the special areas.

“The Diviner!”

“The Diviner is here! Unfortunately, I got stuck outside so he won’t predict my future!” many people were talking. Some were sad because they wish they had been to the special areas. Now they were stuck outside and could only watch. They couldn’t even hear or sense any Qi from above.

The Diviner slowly landed in front of the palace. He looked benevolent and calm. Nobody could sense his Qi. They were still too weak to sense such a strong cultivator’s energies.

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Qi’s facial expression who was disguised as a Taoist priest. Qiong Qi narrowed his eyes and fixedly stared at the Diviner as if he was trying to see through the old man’s cultivation level.

Qiong Qi wasn’t the only one who was trying though, some others did too. How was the Diviner going to tell them their future?

“Who wants to come first?” asked the old man smiling indifferently.

“Me!” someone immediately landed in front of the old man as if he were alone in the world.

It was Mo Peng, the great oriental greenfinch roc. He was a genius from Ba Huang, he had always been obstinate and unruly, wild and arrogant.

“Your blood has determined your life, that’s what makes you extraordinary. However, your arrogance is your biggest obstacle. If you manage to put your ego aside, you might become an upper emperor.” said the Diviner indifferently.

Mo Peng was surprised and said, “Just a medium or upper emperor? Are your predictions accurate?”

Mo Peng was the first one to hear the Diviner’s prophecy and he seemed skeptical. He was the great oriental greenfinch roc and he was proud. He had to reign over Ba Huang and become the most dazzling emperor.

The Diviner didn’t mind, he smiled and said, “I practice fortune-telling cultivation, I don’t even know how many years I’ve lived, but I’ve seen many incredible geniuses whose hair was longer than yours. I’ve even seen great oriental greenfinch rocs before, and they had a stronger blood than yours. For example the immortal phoenix, the mythological kylin, the golden dragon. Whether my predictions are accurate or not, you can decide yourself. If you don’t believe me, it doesn’t matter!”

“I’m a great oriental greenfinch roc, I must become a bestial emperor and amaze the world!” said Mo Peng, then he moved aside. He knew that the old man was incredibly powerful, he didn’t want to offend him.

“I hope you will, but I can only tell you what will happen in the best conditions, the most important thing is for you to survive.” said the old man smiling indifferently. Everybody understood that. The Diviner couldn’t tell them when they’d die, what exactly they’d become etc. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be called a Diviner, but a Prophet.

“Next one!” said the Diviner indifferently. The second person who came out and it was the thunderbird.

“The best you can become is a lower emperor.”

“Kacha!” the thunderbird released thunderous energies. Could he only become a lower emperor?

“Next one!” The next one to come was Mang Niu from Mang Niu Mountain. Same thing: lower emperor.

“My turn!” said Yuan Fei jumping in front of the Diviner. The Diviner looked at him and smiled indifferently, “Average emperor, of course, if a great emperor assists you, you have the potential to become an upper emperor.”

“Slash, slash…” the great oriental greenfinch roc released sharp energies. He was godly beast while Yuan Fei was only an ape, why did he have a better potential future than him?

“Beasts also have talent, but talent has limits. Coming from a powerful family grants an individual with extraordinary powers, but it also grants them with limits. Only those who embrace change can change their destiny.” said the Diviner indifferently. Yuan Fei nodded. The Great Ape Emperor had always told him that. Beasts, especially extremely strong beasts who were born with extraordinary powers, still had to embrace change and practice hard to become truly extraordinary.

“Next one.” said the Diviner calmly.

“Me!” said Qi Jiao Jiao looking at the Diviner with her beautiful eyes.

“You’ll never become an empress!”

“Boom!” Qi Jiao Jiao looked as if she had been struck by lightning. She would never become an empress, she didn’t need to know anything more about her future.

How come? She was one of the four most beautiful girls of Ba Huang Province.. So why did the Diviner tell her such cruel things?

“Why?” said Qi Jiao Jiao pulling a long face.

“Everything that is great about you is what other people give you. Your clan, your brother, if you’re here, it’s also thanks to other people. You are beautiful, apart from that, you don’t have anything particularly interesting. You’re not determined, you’re just waiting for time to pass, hoping everyday that people will admire and envy you. Therefore, you will never be an empress, unless you change basically everything about you or unless you’re extremely lucky.” said the Diviner coldly.

Qi Jiao Jiao’s face turned deathly pale, everything great about her was what people gave her? She had nothing?

“Jiao Jiao, you’ll become an empress!” said Qi Tian Sheng jumping next to her and putting his hand on her shoulders. He was trying to cheer her up.

She nodded, but the Diviner had already crushed her mood. She had nothing?

Qi Tian Sheng looked at the Diviner and said, “What about me?”

“You can become a lower emperor, maybe a medium emperor if you’re extremely lucky.” said the Diviner indifferently. Qi Tian Sheng felt cold, only a lower emperor?

That meant that the thunderbird and Yuan Fei would surpass him.

Everybody was nervously waiting. Even though they looked calm, they were clenching their fists. The Diviner could crush people’s moods easily with his prophecies. What he said meant that the future of Ba Huang Province could be very different from what it was now. For example, that Yuan Fei would become a medium emperor and Qi Tian Sheng a lower emperor.

Qi Tian Sheng clenched his fists which then emitted crackling sounds. He looked very unhappy.

“What about me, Master?” asked Wu Yan. Then he bowed in front of the Diviner in a very respectful and polite way.

“Same as him, lower emperor, but if you’re very lucky, a medium emperor.” said the Diviner calmly.

“Wu Yan is like my brother.” thought Qi Jiao Jiao staring at Wu Yan. She had always thought her brother was extremely powerful and that Wu Yan, even though he was strong, couldn’t compare to him.

“Me too!” said Fu Hei scratching his head. People found him funny because his skin was dark, as if he had been burnt by a fire cultivator.

“Within eighty years, you’ll become an emperor, you will then not be more than a medium emperor which is your limit, unless you’re a little bit lucky, in which case you might become an upper emperor!”

“Eighty years!” the crowd was surprised. The Diviner’s prediction for Fu Hei was the best one so far!

“Hehe, maybe it will happen, but don’t tell me numbers though. I had thought I’d become an emperor within twenty years.” said Fu Hei smiling, embarrassed. The crowd rolled their eyes. That bastard had received the best prediction so far and he still pretended to be unhappy. He had even surpassed the great oriental greenfinch roc.

“The number of years is not fixed, when I say eighty, it could be fifty, thirty or even ten! It depends on your actions and on your luck. I won’t tell you the number of years then, I don’t want to influence you.” said the Diviner smiling. Fu Hei moved back, still quite satisfied.

At that moment, Zong Ren Yu looked at the Diviner, smiled and said, “Master, what about me?”

“You won’t have any problem becoming an emperor. However, your skills and techniques must be at the maximum level, otherwise, you’ll be stuck at the lower emperor level.” said the Diviner calmly. “Of course, you can also choose to give up the Human Desires skills too.”

Zong Ren Yu was speechless. He could easily become strong thanks to his Human Desires skills, but as the Diviner had said, that kind of skills had its limits. At some point, such cultivators couldn’t progress.

“It’s just a suggestion.” said the Diviner smiling. Zong Ren Yu moved back, only a lower emperor?

At that moment, the crowd outside was extremely nervous and curious. They could only guess what was happening from the facial expressions of those who were inside.

At the same time, those who hadn’t received the Diviner’s predictions were also very nervous. The Diviner had practiced fortune-telling cultivation for such a long time, nobody knew how strong he was. His predictions were different for everybody, it was also a way for them to confirm their theories or not.

Maybe that the Diviner’s words would change their lives, how could they not be nervous!

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