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PMG Chapter 1195: What kind of Body?

PMG Chapter 1195: What kind of Body?

“Pheeeewwww…” at that moment, a golden arrow landed on Fu Hei’s body. Fu Hei didn’t stop it, he let the arrow penetrate into his body and fuse together with his flesh.

“Fu Hei has been shot by a Watcher’s arrow!” the crowd was astonished. He was the first one, right?

No wonder though, the Diviner had made great predictions for Fu Hei, even better than for the great oriental greenfinch roc. He had even mentioned a timeframe, within eighty years Fu Hei would become an emperor. His future also looked brighter than Qi Tian Sheng’s future. So the fact that a Watcher shot an arrow at him was perfectly logical.

Three of the strongest cultivators of the region had already heard the Diviner’s predictions. The others also went to the Diviner.

Bai Qiu Luo from the Sunset Pavilion in the western part of Ba Huang went to the Diviner, “Becoming an emperor won’t be a problem for you, however, if you want to be more than a lower emperor, you’ll need to change a lot in your life and find your own path.”

Bai Qiu Luo bowed in front of the Diviner and moved back.

Si Kong Xiao from the central part of Ba Huang came out of the crowd.

“Celestial Eyes body, you can definitely become an average emperor, even an upper emperor if you fight for it!” said the Diviner smiling. The second Watcher’s arrow appeared. It was for Si Kong Xiao.

Si Kong Xiao looked calm and indifferent, but in reality, he really cared about the Diviner’s predictions.

Lin Feng looked at Si Kong Xiao. Celestial Eyes? Someone with a special body again!

After that, Mu Fan Chen from the Magic World Heavenly Palace went to the Diviner, who said, “You’ll become an average emperor, if you want to become an upper emperor, you’ll need incredibly strong powers.”

A Watcher shot an arrow at Mu Fan Chen, third arrow.

Six of the strongest cultivators had already heard the Diviner. Wen Tian Ge also came out.

“With intent and if you become an enlightened killer, you can become an average emperor. If you don’t miss the right opportunity when it comes, you may even become an upper emperor.”

“Bzzz!” A fourth Watcher’s arrow shot. He had prepared himself for it before when he had watched Wen Tian Ge.

“He will become an enlightened killer too?!” said a young man furiously. It was Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings.

“He has the potential to become a real enlightened killer, you’re a destructor, so you’re not like him. Besides, you’ll probably die younger than him because of your temper. You have the potential to become an average emperor, but you shouldn’t flirt with destruction too much, otherwise it’ll be a grave mistake.” the Diviner gave everybody advice if they asked for it, but he couldn’t decide for them if they wanted to listen to it or not.

Wu Tian didn’t say anything else, but he didn’t look happy. He was also one of the ten strongest cultivators, but he wouldn’t necessarily surpass Wen Tian Ge.

“What about me, Master?” asked Yi Ren Lei moving gracefully. She didn’t smile in a seducing way, she looked pure and holy at that moment.

“You’re determined, you have a strong body, however, your cultivation, the path of the six sexual attractions, is not optimal. Your choices determine your future.” said the Diviner. He didn’t tell her if she had the potential to become an empress. She bowed in front of him in return.

Nine of the ten strongest cultivators had already heard the Diviner. Qi Jiao Jiao’s face was deathly pale, her brother was so much weaker than the other strongest cultivators? For everybody, the Diviner’s predictions had been better than her brother’s, it seemed.

Qi Tian Sheng was also furious. He didn’t believe that he was not stronger than the other strongest cultivators. Even Yuan Fei had received better predictions than him.

“Only Kong Ming didn’t go to see the Diviner so far, what will the Diviner tell him? He’s one of the rare geniuses to have a special body, what will the Diviner tell him about that?” the crowd was staring at Kong Ming. It was as if he hadn’t intended to go yet. So instead, Long Teng went to the Diviner.

“I’m listening, Master!” said Long Teng releasing a powerful Qi, as if trying to show the Diviner how strong he was.

“Your Qi is aggressive, you are determined, you have a celestial dragon body, but if you don’t change, you’ll become, in the best case, a lower emperor.” said the Diviner calmly. Long Teng clenched his fists, his thoughts were exploding. But, he returned where he was without making much of a scene.

Xue Bi Yao came out at the same time as Feng Xuan, so they looked at each other. Two of the four most beautiful girls in the province, what was the Diviner going to tell them?

“Celestial body and phoenix body, so many people with special bodies came to me today. Ba Huang Province has more geniuses than last time, maybe that in fifty years, Ba Huang Province will become terrifyingly strong in the continent, maybe even farther in time, emperors will be a norm here.” said the Diviner looking at Xue Bi Yao and Feng Xuan.

He glanced at Feng Ling who was behind them, smiled and said, “Women are easily influenced, they easily lose their minds because of love. You have potential, but your life will depend on what you do with that love. That small one is quite strong, take good care of her!”

When saying “that small one”, the Diviner was talking about Feng Ling. Many people looked at her, was she that strong?

Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao glanced at each other. That was all? They bowed anyways and moved back. In the cultivation world, most strong cultivators were men indeed.

“Feng Ling!” everybody remembered her name. Maybe in a few years after, she’d be a dazzling cultivator. Otherwise, the Diviner wouldn’t have said that.

The Diviner continued telling everyone about their futures, finally, only a few people were left. However, he hadn’t told anyone they had the potential to become a great emperor yet.

Becoming a great emperor was incredibly difficult. In the Ba Huang Province, there were no great emperors. Even those who had potential in the past had left Ba Huang Province to become great emperors elsewhere.

“Hehe, what about me!” said Huang Fu Long looking care-free and unrestrained. However, he was clenching his fists. He also attached a lot of importance to what the Diviner could say.

“Don’t change anything, brutal dragon body, go and travel the world!” said the Diviner smiling indifferently. The crowd was surprised. Huang Fu Long was one of the weakest cultivators there, but he had a brutal dragon body!

Lin Feng smiled. He was happy for Huang Fu Long. Huang Fu Long also had a special body. His body couldn’t be any weaker than the celestial dragon body.

The Diviner looked at Jun Mo Xi and Xiao Die. He said to Xiao Die, “You need to heal first, you’ve been hurt by people. If you recover, you’ll have the potential to become an empress.”

Xiao Die smiled, she didn’t mind. She looked at Jun Mo Xi. She knew that Jun Mo Xi’s future was bright. Some other people with immortal bodies had appeared in the Ba Huang Province, but her grandfather had chosen Jun Mo Xi as a descendant.

When the Diviner looked at Jun Mo Xi, he looked at him with a deep and unfathomable smile.

“People with immortal bodies are rare, but your body is extremely rare, you have an imperial immortal body, you should have no problem becoming an upper emperor. In the future you should leave Ba Huang Province and make efforts to become a great emperor.” said the Diviner smiling. The crowd was astonished, an imperial immortal body!

It was no wonder the emperor of the Celestial Palace of Immortals, who had lived for such a long time, had chosen him! Jun Mo Xi was the first person to whom the Diviner said he had the potential to become a great emperor. None of the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang had been so lucky.

Many people in the crowd also noticed that the Diviner was looking at them in a certain way, which meant that they shouldn’t come to him. That way, they wouldn’t feel humiliated.

However, the Diviner also took the initiative to call a few people who didn’t come out by themselves. The Diviner looked at Kong Ming, the last of the ten strongest cultivators from Ba Huang. What was he going to tell him?

“Please keep my future confidential, Master.” said Kong Ming the Buddhist monk. The crowd was staring at him, confidential?

What kind of secret could Kong Ming from the Celestial Thunder Temple have?

“Alright.” said the Diviner smiling before adding, “You are way too strong for the Ba Huang Province!”

The crowd was astonished. Everybody stared at Kong Ming. Was he that strong?!

Did he have an incredible body like Jun Mo Xi?

Since Kong Ming wanted to keep his secrets confidential, the Diviner didn’t say much, he just looked at Lin Feng and Meng Qing.

“Please respect confidentiality, Master!” said Lin Feng. The crowd was astonished again. Confidential!

The Diviner’s facial expression looked strange too. He smiled at Lin Feng and Meng Qing and said, “You want me to keep her future confidential or yours?”

“My future?” Lin Feng was surprised. Was he really going to understand ten different types of abstruse energies? Otherwise, what would he have to hide? He was obviously talking about Meng Qing’s social status, she was Xue Ling Long after all.

“Alright, come individually.” said the Diviner looking at Meng Qing and saying, “Since you love him that much, your future is in his hands. You alone are incredibly talented too.”

“Another extremely strong cultivator?” thought the crowd looking at Meng Qing. They couldn’t keep calm.

“And you…” said the Diviner looking at Lin Feng and smiling, “Has anyone ever told you what your special body is?”

“Eh…” Lin Feng didn’t know he had a special body?

“It seems you don’t know.” said the Diviner smiling. He continued, “Alright, since you want me to keep things secret, I’ll just ask one thing: are you willing to become my disciple?”

“Boom!” the crowd was astonished. They burst into an uproar, his disciple! The Diviner was asking Lin Feng to become his disciple, had such a thing ever happened!

And what was Lin Feng’s special body?!

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