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PMG Chapter 1196: The End of the Event in Fortune City

PMG Chapter 1196: The End of the Event in Fortune City

“What did he say to Lin Feng?” Yang Zi Lan who was outside the area looked extremely nervous. The Diviner was looking at Lin Feng so he was probably telling him his future, and the crowd had seemingly burst into an uproar. Something big was happening.

“Maybe the Diviner told him he’s a piece of trash?” said Xuan Yuan aggressively.

“Maybe.” Yang Zi Lan stared at Lin Feng and nodded, trying to cheer himself up.

The crowd had burst into an uproar, which wasn’t surprising. The last people for whom the Diviner had made his predictions were all stronger than the previous ones. Huang Fu Long with his brutal dragon body, Jun Mo Xi with his imperial immortal body who could become a great emperor. If he didn’t die, he’d soon be one of the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang.

Then, Kong Ming the Buddhist monk, the Diviner had looked at him in a way which meant he was incredibly strong, he wasn’t weaker than Jun Mo Xi at least. Could it be that their future was bright because they practiced ancient Buddhist cultivation?

“Can I reply later?” Lin Feng smiled. The Diviner was incredible, being close to him couldn’t be a bad thing.

“You can.” said the Diviner smiling. He then transmitted memories to Lin Feng’s third eye, smiled and said, “When you make it to the Holy City, go to the Destiny Shrine to find me. I meant what I said today.”

“Destiny Shrine!” Lin Feng was speechless. He glanced at the dragon king and Duan Wu Dao who had heard the Diviner’s predictions. In their era, the Destiny Shrine had existed already. Was it the same as in the antiquity?

Everybody was astonished. The Diviner had taken out an olive branch and gave it to Lin Feng. The Diviner was from the Holy City and had admitted that the Destiny Shrine really existed! What kind of place was it?

And why Lin Feng?

Everybody was staring at Lin Feng. Long Teng, the thunderbird and other similar people wanted to kill him right there.

“We need to kill him before he becomes too strong.” thought many people. They had to kill him so that he would become nothing at all.

“Congratulations Prince Lin!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling at Lin Feng in a resplendent way.

Lin Feng smiled back at her, but he was kind of shocked, did he have a special body? Was it because he was able to understand several sorts of abstruse energies?

“What does his future look like?” asked a Taoist monk at that moment. Fu Hei was next to him and thought, “what a bastard…”

The crowd looked at him, they had no particular impression. He looked like an ordinary cultivator. The only one who knew how strong he was was Fu Hei. He would never forget Qiong Qi.

But everybody was interested in hearing the reply, what would Lin Feng become?

“He can decide what he wants to become, maybe he’ll be a lower emperor, maybe an average emperor, maybe a great emperor, maybe…” said the Diviner while smiling indifferently and pinching his moustache. His calmness made the crowd shiver. He was the only one who could decide what he wanted to become… that was the first time the Diviner said that about someone.

What did it mean?

The atmosphere had suddenly become an eerie silence. Maybe Lin Feng would become an emperor or a great emperor, he could decide.

“Hehe, it makes me want to have a few drinks!” said Huang Fu Long smiling, breaking the silence. Lin Feng, Jun Mo Xi and Huang Fu Long had all received great predictions, maybe they’d become incredible cultivators in the world. Too bad Yun Fei Yang and You You weren’t there!

“It’s your turn.” said the Diviner to the Taoist monk. The Taoist monk’s eyes were twinkling. Did he need the Diviner to tell him his future?

“Since you are protecting him, maybe you’ll be able to break your fetters and handcuffs. I’m convinced you understand what I mean.” said the Diviner smiling at Qiong Qi and pointing at Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi was incredulous and said, “Damn Diviner! It seems like I, a great emperor, will have to be on his side my entire life!”

“You’re not joking, right?” asked Qiong Qi, staring back at the Diviner.

“You can put your life at stake and check if I was right or not.” said the Diviner smiling. Qiong Qi rolled his eyes. He used to be a heroic emperor, now he had to depend on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. Maybe he’d become a lower emperor or an average emperor or an emperor… he clenched his fists and closed his eyes, he felt determined. Even if the Diviner had said it, it all depended on him. It meant that he had to persist, he’d eventually dazzle the entire Continent of the Nine Clouds someday.

“Alright, I’m done. I told you all what I thought about your special bodies, abilities, talent, intent, etc. If you change, go through hardships and life-changing experiences, if you experience death, etc. maybe what I’ve told you will be completely different from what you will really become.”

“pheeeeeeww…” four more golden arrows appeared in the air: one was shot at Huang Fu Long, one at Jun Mo Xi and two at Kong Ming.

Nine Watchers were there, but only eight had shot arrows.

Lin Feng looked at the one who hadn’t shot any arrows, that probably meant that it was his protector!
Many people sighed because Lin Feng had told the Diviner to tell him his future personally, he hadn’t received an arrow, but because Kong Ming had asked not to receive the predictions, two arrows had been shot at him.

“Some people are selfish and wanted to hear the predictions alone while some others refused to listen at all. Predictions are one thing, but some geniuses will die young even though the Diviner told them they’d have a great future.” said someone in an ice-cold way reminding the crowd that Lin Feng had asked to hear his predictions alone. The Diviner wanted to have Lin Feng as a disciple which meant that he’d become extremely strong. Some people were not going to let him off after this.

Nobody could know if Lin Feng would become an emperor or not.

If Lin Feng had accepted to become the emperor’s disciple, his life could have been different, but he only wanted to know about his future and didn’t care about the present. Therefore, Kong Ming from the Celestial Thunder Temple, who also had a terrifying special body, had more chances to live longer than Lin Feng. That’s why the Watchers had shot two arrows at him.

Outside, the crowd was trying to understand what had just happened inside. From what they had seen, Kong Ming was the real winner of the event. Jun Mo Xi and Huang Fu Long had also surprised them, at least compare to the others who were some of the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang.

Xuan Yuan and Yang Zi Lan were smiling in a resplendent way.

“It seems he’s just a piece of trash in the end!” Yang Zi Lan laughed. When the Diviner and Lin Feng were talking, the crowd had burst into an uproar, but the Watchers hadn’t shot any arrow at Lin Feng, which meant he was a piece of trash and not a genius.

“Hmph!” Xuan Yuan groaned coldly.

The Diviner looked at the Watchers and smiled, “You all have your own protectors, I don’t need to tell you your futures!”

“The event is over. When you leave the illusion, don’t forget to continue practicing cultivation and to stay determined and persistent.” said the Diviner gradually disappearing. Fortune City also gradually disappeared.

“Where do you come from and where are you going?” shouted someone. Then they all realized they were not in Fortune City anymore. They were in a desert and a mist was lying about. They were where Fortune City used to be.

“Since you said I was similar to those people, I will kill them and become stronger. I, Mo Peng, will definitely become a great emperor and amaze the world!”

In the sky above one of the four ancient cities which surrounded Fortune City, there was a golden great oriental greenfinch roc who didn’t believe the Diviner’s predictions.

In another city, there were Qi Tian Sheng and Qi Jiao Jiao. Qi Tian Sheng looked sad when he said in a cold way, “Since he said I wasn’t as strong as them, I’ll kill them and replace them.”

The strongest cultivators of the province were furious.

“Lin Feng, get ready to die.” After coming out of Fortune City, Xuan Yuan still wanted to kill Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, no matter what your special body is, no matter what you could become, I’ll kill you and the predictions will just be empty words.” said the thunderbird in the sky somewhere above.

“Lin Feng, I will find you before you become too strong. There will won’t be any incredible geniuses in Tiantai.” said Long Teng in the sky somewhere as well.

As many people had expected, everyone wanted to kill Lin Feng after the event in Fortune City!

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