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PMG Chapter 1197: Jiange

PMG Chapter 1197: Jiange

At that moment, Yi Ren Lei was in the sky and she was smiling in a resplendent way.

“Everything will change.” said Yi Ren Lei with a resplendent smile. The Diviner had told them everything would change and that a new era was going to start.

Celestial dragon body, celestial body, ancient phoenix body, fire body, brutal dragon body, celestial eyes body, imperial immortal body, the Watchers, the seven Assassins, Feng Ling, Meng Qing, Kong Ming, Lin Feng. All of those people would become the strongest cultivators of the Ba Huang Province.

Of course, the strongest cultivators of Ba Huang who were disappointed by the Diviner would try to destroy the others who had been luckier. In that way, they’d prove how strong they really were and would remain at the top of the rankings.

Jun Mo Xi, Lin Feng and so on would be able to rest freely in the future.

“Surprisingly, Lin Feng is one of the strongest cultivators. I had never heard of him before and neither had many others.” said Yi Ren Lei. Then, she disappeared.

Lin Feng and the others were between Fortune City and Sword City, in front of a few palaces.

They looked at the mist where Fortune City should have been, and sighed. When would be the next time Fortune City appeared?

Meng Qing, Huang Fu Long, Qiong Qi and the others were standing next to Lin Feng, but Qiong Qi was still disguised as the Taoist monk and he seemed unhappy.

“Little bastard, you’ll have to be very careful from now on. Many people will want to kill you.” said Qiong Qi.

“I know.” said Lin Feng nodding. Even though the Diviner had told him his future would be bright, he mentioned that he first had to stay alive.

Some people were heading towards them, they were two of the four most beautiful women of the Ba Huang Province: Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao.

“Lin Feng, I wouldn’t have thought that you’d be so strong.” said Feng Xuan nodding at Lin Feng.

“You’re the same, the Diviner told you that if you controlled your emotions, you would be able to reach the clouds. I hope you’ll prove him right.” replied Lin Feng smiling.

“Of course, my sister will become an empress.” said Feng Ling sticking out her tongue. Lin Feng looked at Feng Ling and smiled. From what the Diviner had said, it was very probable that Feng Ling would become incredible.

“From what the Diviner has said, you could become a terrifying cultivator. I hope there won’t be any tensions between you and the Celestial Land of Alchemists.” said Xue Bi Yao, saying what was on her mind. There were some small problems building between Lin Feng and the Celestial Land of Alchemists. If they had known that the Diviner would predict such a bright future for Lin Feng, they might not have humiliated him before.

“If the Celestial Land of Alchemists doesn’t attack me anymore, we can be friends.” said Lin Feng smiling warmly.

Xue Bi Yao nodded, she would try her best to maintain friendly relations with Lin Feng.

“I can’t wait to fight against you again someday, Lin Feng. Even though the Diviner said you were going to be extremely strong, I hope we’ll have the opportunity to fight again. I still need to get my revenge after all.” said Xue Bi Yao, then she left.

“Anytime.” whispered Lin Feng.

“I also need to take Feng Ling back to Qi Feng Mountain. After all the things we learnt in Fortune City, we need to practice cultivation in peace for a while. Next time everybody comes out, they’ll probably all be extremely strong. Lin Feng, good luck!” said Feng Xuan smiling in a friendly way. It was rare to see her smile like that. Then, Feng Ling and Feng Xuan left.

Of course, nobody knew apart from the geniuses themselves, who had talked to the Diviner.

“Lin Feng!”

“Lin Feng, finally! You came out!”

Two people had arrived: Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba. They smiled and said, “Lin Feng, how are you? What did the Diviner tell you?”

Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba were a bit annoyed. There were too many strong cultivators in Fortune City, and even though they benefited a lot from being there, they had encountered dangerous cultivators a few times and almost died. In the end, they weren’t able to go to the five elemental areas so they were blocked outside. But at the end, they saw Lin Feng talking to the Diviner from outside.

“He said I’d become a great emperor.” said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba rolled their eyes. They didn’t believe Lin Feng, becoming a great emperor wasn’t that easy. If the Diviner told someone they’d become an emperor, that was already not bad. If he said they could become an average emperor, that was even more amazing. They couldn’t imagine the Diviner telling someone they could become a great emperor.

“Lin Feng, even if the Diviner told you that you don’t have the potential to become an emperor, you have to continue taking care of yourself and further your cultivation.” said Lin Ruo Tian trying to cheer Lin Feng up. Lin Ruo Tian already thought that having been to the five elemental areas and talking to the Diviner was already amazing. Even if the Diviner had told Lin Feng he couldn’t become an emperor, he still had to continue practicing cultivation. At least then he’d have the opportunity to become a strong Zun cultivator.

“That’s right, Lin Feng. Look, Lin Ruo Tian and I didn’t make it to the five elemental areas, but we’re not giving up either. At least, if that can cheer you up, you’re stronger than us.” said Meng Ba tapping Lin Feng’s shoulder. He smiled and added, “Besides, now that you have broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer, you’ll absolutely become a strong Zun cultivator. You’ll even be able to live somewhere in the Ba Huang Province and have your own clan.”

“I understand.” said Lin Feng smiling and tapping his friends’ shoulders. It was useless to tell them anything, they wouldn’t believe him anyways.

Lin Ruo Tian and Meng Ba saw that Lin Feng didn’t feel sad, so they smiled and said, “We’re going back to Tiantai to practice cultivation, are you coming with us?”

“You go first. I have some things to do first.” said Lin Feng shaking his head.

“Alright, we’re off then.” said Meng Ba and Lin Ruo Tian. They didn’t want to make Lin Feng feel sad so they didn’t ask about the Diviner again. They would know sooner or later anyways.

Lin Feng looked at Huang Fu Long and asked, “Huang Fu Long, do you still intend to join Tiantai?”

“Not anymore. The Diviner said I should go explore the world and I believe him. I’m going to travel instead.” said Huang Fu Long shaking his head.

That was good, they were good friends, but they couldn’t be together all the time. Everybody needed to take their own path. After reaching the clouds, they’d be able to see each other often and have fun then.

“When are you leaving?”

“Now. Lin Feng, take good care of yourself. In the future, Jun Mo Xi, you and I will rule over the Ba Huang Province. We’ll also find You You and Fei Yang!” said Huang Fu Long. They bumped fists and then Huang Fu Long left.

“We will.” said Lin Feng as he watched disappear into the distance.

“Little bastard, I’m off too. I need to find a fire place to practice at. I’ll come back to find you.” said Qiong Qi. The Diviner had told him he’d be with Lin Feng for a while, and that annoyed him.

“You two, come with me.” said Qiong Qi, talking to Duan Wu Dao and the dragon king.

“Alright, don’t become too strong too fast.” said Lin Feng. Qiong Qi groaned as he left. He needed a powerful fire to level up. Maybe Fire Mountain in the western part of Ba Huang would be suitable for him.

“Where are we going?” asked Meng Qing.

“To Jiange.” replied Lin Feng. Then, they too left.

Someone had made it back to Jiange before Lin Feng: Jian Wu Bei. He had questions he wanted to ask the elders of Jiange.

Jiange’s people had heard that the event in Fortune City was over and couldn’t wait to hear back about it.

“Wu Bei, how did it go?” asked an elder.

“The Diviner told me my future, he said I could become a lower emperor and that I had to change my ways of practicing cultivation.” replied Jian Wu Bei. He wanted to understand what he had done wrong and what he had to change.

“What about him?” asked the old man. Everybody understood he was talking about Lin Feng. It seemed like he cared more about Lin Feng’s future than about Jian Wu Bei’s. Jian Wu Bei sighed indifferently. His clan only cared about their ancestor’s sword.

“The Diviner asked him to become his disciple. He couldn’t predict his future because he can decide whatever he wants to do with his life.” replied Jian Wu Bei. The elders’ eyes twinkled with sharp lights. As expected, Jiange had hope, the Diviner hadn’t been able to predict Lin Feng’s future because Lin Feng was their ancestor’s sword!

“Alright, alright…” said the old man before asking, “How did he reply to the Diviner?”

“He said he wanted to wait and talk about it later.”

“Not bad, that’s his personality. Even without the Diviner, he was equally going to become a monstrous cultivator.” said the old man whose rather excited. He was very satisfied!

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