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PMG Chapter 1199: When you miss me, we can see each other!

PMG Chapter 1199: When you miss me, we can see each other!

Jiange, Sword Grave!

Meng Qing and Lin Feng were alone now. The old man had gone outside with his broom and was thinking about various things.

Lin Feng was wearing a beautiful, dazzling empty space robe.

“Empty space robe!” Lin Feng had been in the grave for seven days already, and he was modifying that holy weapon the entire time. He could already control empty space abstruse energies so he could modify that holy weapon to make it more suitable. Even though he could only modify it a little bit because his cultivation level was lacking, he was already very satisfied.

Lin Feng’s silhouette then suddenly disappeared and then he reappeared again. Now he could hide using his robe by opening the doors to other spaces and coming back.

The empty space robe could also help Lin Feng understand empty space energies.

Lin Feng took out the tear stain again For a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, such a treasure was precious.

He could use it to heal or heal other people. Unfortunately, he couldn’t use it on the old man though.

“Take it!” said Lin Feng to Meng Qing. Last time, she had refused, but now he wanted to force her.

“With me or with you, is there any difference?” asked Meng Qing smiling gently. When Lin Feng saw her smile, his heart melted and he couldn’t act firm any longer with her. He just smiled wryly and put it away.

“Let’s leave.” said Lin Feng walking towards the old man.

“Go.” said the old man. His eyes were closed and he said that at the same time as Lin Feng talked.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He just bowed in front of the old man and then Meng Qing and he left.

“Young master!” an old guard was outside, he bowed respectfully in front of Lin Feng when he saw him.

“Help me by getting me something to travel with, I need to travel far away and quickly!” said Lin Feng coldly and arrogantly. The old man replied politely, “Please wait, I’ll get something for you.”

“I’ll wait for you outside of Jiange.” said Lin Feng. After a few hours, a few old men came out and a sword appeared in front of Lin Feng. An old man shook his hand and the sword enlarged. It could accommodate a hundred people!

“Genius!” thought Lin Feng. He had just said one sentence and Jiange offered him an incredible treasure.

“Young master, that sword is easy to modify and it’s easy to control, plus it’s extremely fast.”

“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding. He allowed his godly awareness to establish a connection to it.

“You can go, I’ll contact you if I’m in trouble. There will be no need to look for me.” said Lin Feng indifferently. After saying that, Meng Qing and Lin Feng jumped on the sword, and then condensed pure Qi around the sword. In a flash, sword Qi bellowed out and the sword streaked across the sky. It was even faster than the Yang Clan’s boats.

“What a terrifying speed!” thought Lin Feng and Meng Qing. A strong wind was brushing against them and it slightly hurt. Jiange was too generous to him.


Back in Tiantai, people were gradually coming back. Many of the eighty one disciples of the first batch were from rich families, so they had vehicles to travel faster.

At the same time, many people throughout Ba Huang Province were trying to know more about what had happened in Fortune City. However, all they learnt was who had seen the Diviner. They knew nothing about who had been shot by the Watchers’ golden arrows or what the Diviner had said. Nobody was willing to talk about it.

Those who had seen the Diviner were incredible cultivators, and those who weren’t satisfied with the predictions didn’t want to mention what had happened. Those who had received incredible predictions were not interested in glory, they were focused on becoming stronger cultivators. Therefore, it was difficult to know what had really happened there.

Kong Ming had been shot by two golden arrows so he the Diviner had probably predicted an incredible future for him. The crowd was surprised by Jun Mo Xi and Huang Fu Long because they weren’t amongst the top ten strongest cultivators of the Ba Huang Province. They probably possessed special bodies.

Ba Huang Province was quite calm those days. Those who had come back from Fortune City were resting and practicing cultivation in isolation. Next time they’d come out, they’d be even stronger and they’d amaze the entire province.

A whistling sword appeared in the sky above Tiantai. Many people raised their heads and saw that gigantic sword.

“Lin Feng is back. Lin Feng has seen the Diviner!” said Lin Ruo Tian to his fellow disciples when he saw Lin Feng riding that giant sword.

“Hehe, the first Tian level disciple of Tiantai, not bad. I wonder what the Diviner told him.” said everybody smiling in a friendly way. Then the sword descended, both Lin Feng and Meng Qing jumped off it.

Many people were astonished when they saw Meng Qing! She looked like a goddess! Was she really Lin Feng’s wife?

“Lin Feng, brother, tell us what the Diviner told you. We’re curious.” Many people had been stuck outside and had only seen the Diviner talking to Lin Feng, they hadn’t heard what he said.

“Everyone who went inside could become an emperor as long as they didn’t get killed, that’s pretty much what the Diviner said!” replied Lin Feng smiling. Everybody could become an emperor?

“How scary!” whispered someone.

“Yes, many people had special bodies: celestial body, phoenix body, brutal dragon body, celestial dragon body, imperial immortal body. Also, many people had asked the Diviner to keep his predictions confidential.” explained Lin Feng.

“What about you? What did he tell you?” asked someone smiling. They hoped Tiantai wouldn’t be weaker than any of the other groups of influence.

“He said my wife and I had the potential to become great emperors.” said Lin Feng smiling. Everybody’s mouth twitched. Then they said, “Come on, stop showing off!”

“In the Ba Huang Province, there hasn’t been a great emperor for a very long time. Great emperors reign over the world, after all. Stop bragging.”

Everybody was laughing mockingly because they didn’t believe Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shrugged and said nothing else. He liked the atmosphere in Tiantai though.

At that moment, everything suddenly became very calm because in the distance, someone had appeared. It was a woman who looked both graceful and elegant.

“Yue Xin!” said Lin Feng when he saw her.

“Xin Ye?” When Meng Qing saw her, she thought it was Xin Ye.

“I’m not Xin Ye, but seems like I really look like her.” said Qiu Yue Xin shaking her head. “My name is Qiu Yue Xin, are you Lin Feng’s wife? You’re so beautiful!”

“Why do I have the feeling I know her too…” thought Qiu Yue Xin confused. She had seen them in Fortune City, and the first time she saw Meng Qing, she had had a familiar feeling as if she knew her.

“You’re not Xin Ye.” Meng Qing was confused, their Qi was different, but why did they look exactly the same.

“Lin Feng!” Qiu Yue Xin smiled and walked to Lin Feng. He wanted to say something, but Qiu Yue Xin smiled and said, “I came to talk about something else. I want to go back to my clan.”

“You’re leaving?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“Indeed, they want me to go back.” said Qiu Yue Xin nodding and smiling.

Lin Feng remained silent, he didn’t know what to say.

“I’m off. You and your wife are a perfect match!” said Qiu Yue Xin. Then, she turned around and left.

“Yue Xin.” said Lin Feng running after her. “When are we going to see each other again?”

Qiu Yue Xin turned around and smiled in a carefree way: “When you miss me, we can see each other again!”

Then, she took out the boat that Lin Feng had given to her, jumped into it and left waving good-bye to Lin Feng. However, even though she was smiling, Lin Feng saw tears rolling down her face.

“When you miss me, we can see each other!” whispered Lin Feng. Then, Meng Qing sat next to him. She looked at him and she didn’t look happy when she said, “You broke a girl’s heart!”

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Lin Feng didn’t have time to react.

“If you miss her, go and make her come back!” said Meng Qing lowering her head. Lin Feng lifted Meng Qing’s head back up.

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