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PMG Chapter 1200: Qiu Yue Xin’s Drastic Change!

PMG Chapter 1200: Qiu Yue Xin’s Drastic Change!

Tiantai was calm as many people were practicing cultivation, especially those who had been to Fortune City. They were enjoying the powerful Qi from Tiantai to become stronger.

Nobody asked about Fortune City, people only cared about their own cultivation in Tiantai. The direct disciples and the Zun level disciples also had their own things to do.

Meng Qing stayed in Lin Feng’s palace. There were plenty of historical vestiges, so it was perfect for Meng Qing to practice.

Lin Feng wasn’t there though. He was on his sword, leaving Tiantai and going north. He needed to find a way to become stronger on the path of sword cultivation.

Ten days later, someone saw a gigantic mountain in the northern part of Ba Huang, burning.

Some people said that a young man was practicing cultivation there. He had a dazzling sword and released scorching hot sunfire energies.

A month later, a strong wind blew in those mountains. Someone saw a young man sitting cross-legged, he looked to be twenty or twenty-one. He could release wind energies which could kill low level Zun cultivators. His sword also looked terrifying, as terrifying as his wind energies.

However, by the time the crowd had heard about that, the young man had left already. Only some of his energies remained. People couldn’t go anywhere near that mountain. Even ordinary Zun cultivators couldn’t get near it.

Three months later, on the edge of the Huang Sea, where few people dare go, there was a very strong and violent wind.

There were many corpses buried there, they were all decomposing from the desolate Qi of the Huang Sea.

A middle-aged man walked over there, he was astonished to find two silhouettes there. They looked like they were dead, but they also looked like they were still alive. He was curious and decided to go closer.

“Gulp!” the middle-aged man was a cultivator of the first Zun Qi layer, but when he saw that, he was astonished and could barely breathe. His face turned deathly pale. Dead people who had come back to life?

“Tap, tap…” he took a few more steps forwards and saw a young man, his hair was messy, but he looked clean otherwise. He looked to be twenty to twenty-one years old.

The young man realized someone was observing him, so he glanced at him calmly. This glance alone made the middle-aged man’s heart race.

Then, the young man rose up in the air and left.

“Which incredible group is that young man from!” thought the middle-aged Zun cultivator. He walked further and his face turned even paler.

“Cursed Corpses…” the middle-aged man’s silhouette immediately flickered. He ran as far and as fast as he could, as if he had seen something beyond terrifying.

The young man didn’t mind, he was going northwards on the Huang Sea. The Huang Sea’s Qi didn’t affect him, instead, he opened his mouth and swallowed the desolate Qi.

Finally, the young man saw some boats, but they didn’t look as good as those fabricated by boat experts. Those boats seemed like they were made to carry only one person at a time. It was quite rare to see that in the Huang Sea!

Whistling sounds spread in the air. Those people on boats raised their heads and saw a young man flying above the Huang Sea

Then, the young man dived straight into the sea.

Had he… killed himself?”

“Why would an outstanding young man want to kill himself?” thought an old man sighing. That young man looked very young and strong.

“Maybe he’s extremely depressed or injured, otherwise, such an outstanding young man wouldn’t kill himself. Maybe his heart is broken.” said someone else trying to guess.

“Gentlemen, look, he’s coming back out, he didn’t die!” at that moment, the crowd was incredulous. the young man came back out of the water.

“How’s that possible? Even low level Zun cultivators would die if they did that!” those people frowned.

“Maybe that he didn’t want to commit suicide?”

“Gentlemen, he’s got a sword with him!” said someone else. The young man was surfing the waves and a sword was following behind him.

“Hurry up, hurry and go find the leader.” they were astonished. How come that young man didn’t die? Now, he had lied down on the sea. What was he doing? Was he practicing cultivation? Was he studying?

However, at some point, he disappeared and they couldn’t find him anymore.

“What’s going on?” After a short while, a Zun cultivator arrived and asked the cultivators:

“Master, we saw someone practicing cultivation in the middle of the sea!” said someone.

“What cultivation level?”

“Peak of the Tian Qi layer!”

“Impossible. Tian level cultivators die when they enter the Huang Sea.”

“I saw it with my own eyes!” said a man.

“I’ll go and see.” said the cultivator who walked in that direction, came back and shook his head. “It’s too scary, I can’t go either. If there’s a wave, it could kill me. I still don’t believe you. He can’t be a Tian level cultivator.” said the old man. They remained silent. Where was that young man? He was so far into the middle of the sea.

Time passed slowly. Half a year passed since the end of the events in Fortune City. Some geniuses started to show themselves again.

In the northern part of Ba Huang, two pieces of gossip shocked the entire province. The first was about Qiu Yue Xin, who apparently, half a year before had changed, and in those six months had leveled up extremely quickly. She was now either at the very top of the Tian Qi layer or she had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer.

Nobody knew what had happened to her exactly.

The other gossip was about Xuan Yuan. Xuan Yuan had apparently gone to Tiantai and had killed any Tian level cultivator he encountered. He was still furious and felt humiliated because of what had happened before.

Some people said he did that because Lin Feng wasn’t there. Otherwise, Lin Feng could have killed him already.

However, the strong cultivators of Tiantai didn’t care and didn’t do anything to stop him.

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