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PMG Chapter 1201: Uncle Lin

PMG Chapter 1201: Uncle Lin

Some more time passed and the news that Qiu Yue Xin had broken through to the Zun Qi layer was common knowledge. Many people were thinking that it was such a pity that Qiu Yue Xin hadn’t seen the Diviner, otherwise he would have told her how strong she’d become. She was rising so quickly in the northern part of Ba Huang.

As the news spread, Qiu Yue Xin also became famous in the other regions of the Ba Huang Province.

Some rumors even said that incredible geniuses from very powerful families wanted to marry her. The northern part of Ba Huang had been calm for a while, but with that news, things would surely start stirring again.

Concerning Xuan Yuan, he wasn’t that weak, it was the opposite actually. After being kicked out from Tiantai, he practiced cultivation diligently. Six months after leaving Fortune City, he broke through to the ninth Tian Qi layer. Then he became extremely aggressive and kept saying that Lin Feng didn’t have the balls to face him.

Xuan Yuan only said such things because he knew Tiantai couldn’t do anything against him. They were the only group of influence with an emperor in the northern part of Ba Huang, so if they sent strong cultivators to kill him, it’d be a humiliation to them.

Unless Tian level cultivators from Tiantai came out, he’d continue to cause trouble. Everyone in Tiantai had placed high hopes on Lin Feng. However, it seemed like Lin Feng had disappeared from the scene and nobody had seen him in six months.

Some people said that Lin Feng was hiding and didn’t fight because he was scared of Xuan Yuan. After all, even though Lin Feng had ranked first at the recruitment process of Tiantai, his cultivation level was low. By now, he couldn’t have become that much stronger. He probably still couldn’t fight Xuan Yuan who had broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer.

Some people also wondered what would have happened if Qiu Yue Xin had been in Tiantai and not with her family when Xuan Yuan came to attack Tiantai.
Lin Feng knew nothing about what was happening in the outside world. He had completely isolated himself from the outside world and was in the middle of the Huang Sea where he had practiced cultivation for the past few months. Finally, he came back to the main-land and walked around without a goal. He watched sunsets and sunrises, he observed temperature and weather changes, all the while understanding wind, fire and thunder energies.

From time to time, Lin Feng took out his Tian Ji Sword and practiced cultivation with it in the wind and rain, or storms.

One man, one sword, wandering around seemingly aimlessly.

Lin Feng walked and walked, in the sea and on the land. Wandering like that, he discovered how vast the Ba Huang Province was. He walked in the sea and on land for half a year and still hadn’t left the northern part of Ba Huang.

There was a small village at the border between the northern part of Ba Huang and the western part of Ba Huang. There weren’t many inhabitants there, somewhere around a thousand. In the morning, when people woke up, they followed the only high level cultivator of the Tian Qi layer they had in the village and practiced cultivation with him at the foot of a mountain.

The morning sun was shining on their bodies, the atmosphere was relaxing.

The cultivator was around forty, but because he was strong, he looked like he was thirty. He was teaching the crowd skills and techniques, fighting techniques and other sorts of things. All sorts of people received his teachings, the youngest ones were five-six years old, while there were also people who were thirty, forty, etc.

“Uncle Lin, the master is extremely strong, don’t you want to study?” asked someone. It was a cute child, she was raising her head and talking to a young man who was sitting on a stone chair.

It was impossible to tell how old Uncle Lin was, he could have been twenty, or thirty. He had long messy hair which made it look like he didn’t take care of himself, he even had a beard. However, his eyes looked sharp.

The young man looked at the cute child who was probably three or four years old, he stretched his hand, grabbed the child and hugged it. He pinched the child’s cheek, smiled and said, “Uncle is stupid, he cannot study. Xiao Chen, soon when you grow up, you’ll study with the master.”

“You liar, mommy and aunty say that even though you’ve never fought, you’re actually really strong!”

“And what does Uncle Xu say about me? Does he think I’m strong?” asked the young man looking at the cute child.

“Uncle Xu says he doesn’t know, maybe that you really can’t study, or maybe that you’re stronger than him. But mommy and aunty don’t believe that you’re stronger than the master.”

“And you? Do you think I am?”

Xiao shook her head and said, “I don’t believe you’re that strong either. You always walk up the mountain, sit there until the evening and then comes back down by foot again. Strong people can fly!”

“Xiao Chen, you’re annoying Uncle Lin again!” said someone from the distance. A young girl with a ponytail trotted towards them. She was around ten years old or so, but she looked mature already. She even blushed when looking at the young man.

“Lin Feng, brother, sorry about that, she’s bothering you again.” said the young girl catching Xiao Chen and hugging her. When she grabbed the child, her hand brushed Lin Feng’s arm and she blushed, looking shy.

“No problem, I like Xiao Chen.” That young man was Lin Feng who had disappeared from Tiantai for half a year already. He’d been staying in that village for a month already. The people in the village thought he was as an eccentric person who enjoyed climbing in the mountains and relaxing there. He also liked observing people practicing cultivation.

Because Lin Feng was friendly, funny and warm, people in the village liked him. Sometimes, they liked to make jokes, for example, they asked him if he had been dumped by the woman he loved. That would at least explain why he was living in seclusion in the mountains.

The young girl was called Ye Xue, she was very beautiful. Even though she was still very young and didn’t look like a grown woman, Lin Feng thought she was much more beautiful than Qi Jiao Jiao or Yang Zi Ye.

Besides, Ye Xue was a genius in that village. She was so young and had already broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer. She would soon break through to the Tian Qi layer. The village placed high hopes on her. In the future, there would also be many men who would fall in love with her.

“Brother Feng…” said Ye Xue at that moment, her voice was trembling. She looked very shy again.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lin Feng smiling.

Ye Xue took out a small blade and said, “Brother Lin Feng, can you shave your beard?”

She blushed while talking. She was curious what he looked like.

Lin Feng was surprised, he looked at her, smiled and said, “Alright, I’ll shave it!”

“Yes, I want to see Uncle Lin without his beard!” said Xiao Chen, she was excited and giggling.

“Give me the blade, I’ll go to the waterfall to shave.” said Lin Feng smiling. Then, he walked to a small waterfall at the foot of the mountain. He looked at his reflection in the water and laughed in a gentle way. Maybe even Meng Qing wouldn’t recognize him like that.

“Half a year… I wonder how Meng Qing is doing and if everything is fine in Xue Yue. What is the latest new in the Ba Huang Province?” whispered Lin Feng. Lin Feng had lived relaxed those past six months.

He shaved his beard, he also cut some of his hair. A clean young man appeared in the water’s reflection and he was smiling in a resplendent way.

Then, he used the fresh and clear water from the waterfall to clean his face. He stood up, put a new clean, white robe on and walked back.

Ye Xue and Xiao Chen were looking at the master who was teaching the crowd. Xiao Chen turned around and saw Lin Feng.

“Uncle Lin…” said Xiao Chen. Ye Xue also turned around when she heard him and looked at Lin Feng.

The sun was shining upon Lin Feng, he looked like a clean and handsome twenty year old young man. Ye Xue’s mouth was wide open, she put her small hand over her mouth.

Was it still Lin Feng!

“Ye Xue!” shouted the master at that moment. Then he saw Lin Feng and was surprised too, what a handsome young man!

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