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PMG Chapter 1203: Suddenly Going Back!

PMG Chapter 1203: Suddenly Going Back!

“He’s dead!”

The atmosphere became extremely calm. He was going to grab Xiao Chen, but then he died suddenly!

“Go and get the child!” shouted the leader.

Someone else glanced at the crowd and slowly walked towards the child.

“Bzzz!” He suddenly stretched his hands towards the child, however, at that moment, a terrifying Qi penetrated his body. He started shaking, his face turned deathly pale and he collapsed, dead as well.

“Boom!” the strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle looked furious. In the crowd was someone who looked quite ordinary.

“You, over there, you weren’t here a moment ago!” said the leader pointing at a young man.

At the same time, the young man slowly came out from the crowd.

When the master saw how calm Lin Feng looked, he suddenly felt safer and smiled indifferently.

At the same time, someone was running in their direction from the distance. It was Ye Xue, she had gone to look for Lin Feng, but fast enough to keep up with him.

“Master!” said Ye Xue when she saw he was injured.

“I’m alright.” said the master smiling. He hoped Lin Feng could save them now.

Lin Feng slowly came out from the crowd and grabbed the child.

“Uncle Lin, they’re bad people!” said the child.

“Uncle Lin knows that.” said Lin Feng in a gentle way, hugging the child.

“Who are you?” asked the leader of the Tian Long Divine Castle group.

Lin Feng glanced at him, crouched down and put the child back on the ground. Then, he took out a blue jar and said, “Master, open your mouth.”

The master was skeptical, but listened to Lin Feng. Lin Feng put blue drops of liquid in his mouth and in a flash, he recovered his arm which had just been cut off. That liquid contained the energy of life: that was holy water!

After a few minutes, the master shook his arm and clenched his fists, making crackling sounds.

“Master.” the crowd was in awe.

“I just asked you something!” said the young man from Tian Long.

“Who are they?” asked Lin Feng to the master, as if he hadn’t heard them.

“Tian Long Divine Castle’s people. They want to steal our ancestors’ gift. Because I recognized them, they want to kill all of us.” replied the master with an upset tone.

“Tian Long Divine Castle!” whispered Lin Feng. He slowly walked towards them, neither slow nor fast.

“Kill him!” said the young man coldly. Two cultivators suddenly threw themselves at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked calm and continued slowly walking forwards. Then, he raised his hand and two beams of light appeared. In a flash, the two attackers fell to the ground and remained motionless.

“I told you I didn’t lie, he’s extremely strong. He cut the waterfall with one finger!” said the child looking at Ye Xue. Ye Xue was astonished, she couldn’t believe her eyes.

As the master had said, Lin Feng’s cultivation was unfathomable.

“What a fast sword!” the young man was astonished, he hadn’t even seen Lin Feng’s sword clearly. How had he killed those two people exactly?

“Your Excellency, we’re from Tian Long Divine Castle. Let’s say that what happened today was a misunderstanding, okay?”

“A misunderstanding?” the crowd was looking at the young man in a cold way.

Lin Feng was still calmly walking forwards.

“Your Excellency, we’re from Tian Long Divine Castle!” he said again when he saw that Lin Feng hadn’t stopped.

“Tian Long Divine Castle, so what?” said Lin Feng. He raised his head and glanced at them coldly. The few strong cultivators left suddenly looked terrified when they saw how calm Lin Feng was.

“Let’s join hands and kill him!” said the young man. Then, they all released Qi which surrounded Lin Feng. Everybody was attacking him at the same time and Lin Feng had the impression that dragons were attacking him.

“Wind and Thunder Attack!”

Lin Feng performed a knife-hand strike in the air and a dazzling light appeared. An explosion sounded and those people’s bodies exploded. It was as if they had been struck by thunder.

Lin Feng had practiced cultivation intensely for eight months, so now he could make abstruse energies fuse together.

Usually, when using thunder and wind energies to attack, even at the same time, thunder energies constituted a thunder attack and wind energies constituted a wind attack. Lin Feng, however, made those two types of energies fuse together, as if he had recreated a new energy. It was much more powerful than using them separately or at the same time. It was too easy for him to kill people who didn’t understand abstruse energies now.

Of course, wind and thunder fusion was only one type of fusion Lin Feng used with his sword.

Lin Feng wanted to walk on Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s path, his heart was like water, his sword was like his heart. He was thinking sword, using natural and abstruse energies to enhance his swordsmanship.

Of course, what was easy for Lin Feng seemed incredible for the people in the village.

They had previously thought that the young man wasn’t a cultivator.

How could he be so strong?

He had easily killed all of Tian Long Divine Castle’s strong cultivators.

Lin Feng let the horses go, he turned around and asked the master, “Don’t you want to move?”

The attackers were from Tian Long Divine Castle, so they could destroy a small village easily if something made them angry.

The master looked at the crowd, shook his head and said, “No need, apparently, they came here secretly because they wanted to take our ancestors’ gift as a present for someone. They didn’t tell anyone about that I think. We just need to clean the village properly and nobody will know we did it. And after all, we don’t have anyone here who could have killed them!”

“I’m worried about anything that could happen to you all.” said Lin Feng. Those people were not strong. Even if Tian Long Divine Castle didn’t come back, anything could happen to them.

“You’re right. I’ll make have the majority leave and I’ll send some people to scout the region. If anything happens, I’ll make the ones who had stayed here leave.”

Lin Feng nodded. That was the best they could do.

“Please be careful.” said Lin Feng to the crowd.

“We will. According to what that guy said, Long Teng will go and ask for Qiu Yue Xin’s hand because they want to get married.” said the master. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Long Teng wants to marry to Qiu Yue Xin?”

“Indeed, Qiu Yue Xin must be from the Qiu Clan in the northern part of Ba Huang.” said the master. He knew some things about the outside world. The village was between the northern part of Ba Huang and the western part of Ba Huang, so he had heard about the Qiu Clan.

“I should leave!” thought Lin Feng. Then, he walked to Xiao Chen, smiled and said, “Little boy, practice cultivation seriously and someday you’ll protect your village!”

“Alright!” said Xiao Chen nodding.

Lin Feng smiled in a gentle way, looked at Ye Xue and said, “I’ll give you some things just in case.”

He opened his third eye and transmitted some memories to Ye Xue.

“I’m off.” said Lin Feng. Then, he rose up in the air and a terrifying sword appeared under his feet.

“Uncle Lin…” the little boy ran, he wanted to follow Lin Feng, but Lin Feng was already far away. Tears appeared in his eyes.

Ye Xue watched as Lin Feng disappeared, she felt sad.

Everybody ran after Lin Feng in the village, maybe they would never see him again.

“Uncle Lin, when I grow up, I’ll find you!” said the child watching as Lin Feng’s silhouette disappear.

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