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PMG Chapter 1206: Desolate Ksana

PMG Chapter 1206: Desolate Ksana

Yang Zi Lan narrowed his eyes and glared at Lin Feng. However, he didn’t want to fight Lin Feng. Lin Feng had already broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer, even if it wasn’t much for other people, Yang Zi Lan already realized he wasn’t strong enough.

“The Yang Clan’s members are all cowards it seems.” said Lin Feng calmly. All the members of the Yang Clan were suddenly furious.

“Today is a big day for the Qiu Clan, so you little boy, keep your mouth shut.” said Yang Lin coldly.

“A few days ago, Yang Zhan left Tiantai, is it because he wants to betray Tiantai and join Tian Long Divine Castle?” said Lin Feng indifferently. Yang Lin pulled again looked upset by this comment.

“Watch your words!”

“Some people from Tian Long Divine Castle have been to the Xuan Yuan Clan and the Yang Clan in secret, now they came here. It seems like they will soon try to take over the northern part of Ba Huang as well.” said Lin Feng indifferently. He looked at Yang Zi Lan and said, “You’ve tried to kill me so many times. Now, we should settle accounts. If you’re a man, come out and don’t make me attack first.”

“You…” Yang Zi Lan was petrified. Lin Feng had become a lot more arrogant and aggressive than before.

“If we don’t settle accounts today, I will go to the Yang Clan another day, but I’ll bring people and it won’t be so easy to solve those issues.” said Lin Feng calmly.

“Tiantai’s strong cultivators from Tiantai won’t get involved in young people’s affairs, right!” said Yang Lin looking at the Sadhu.

“Tiantai won’t. However, have you seen or heard about what happened in Sword City. I just have to call Jiange and they’ll come, Jiange can destroy the Yang Clan easily. Do you believe me now?” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Yang Lin looked at Lin Feng and frowned. He had heard what happened in Fortune City, for example that Lin Feng had become the Young master of Jiange.

“Are you threatening us?”

I don’t know if we can call it that, however, all that I know is that I saved Yang Zi Ye back then and that you’ve been trying to kill me ever since. Each time, you gave lame excuses. I’m giving you ten seconds, if he doesn’t come out, I’ll attack first and another day, I’ll go to the Yang Clan with my people.” said Lin Feng calmly. Yang Lin’s heart started pounding. He was trying to look calm and proud in front of the crowd though.

Yang Lin looked at Xuan Yuan seemingly begging for help.

Xuan Yuan glanced at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng talked first, “You remain standing there. When I’m done with Yang Zi Lan, it’ll be your turn. If you get involved now, I won’t fight you and Yang Zi Lan alone.”

As expected, Lin Feng’s words made Xuan Yuan stop. If Lin Feng got help from Tiantai, they might overwhelm him.

“Seven seconds.” said Lin Feng looking at Yang Zi Lan again. Yang Zi Lan’s face turned deathly pale. He nervously grabbed the side of his clothes and clenched his fists. He was furious but he didn’t want to fight.

“Five seconds!” said Lin Feng. At that moment, the atmosphere became eerily calm. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng.

“You will die today, three more seconds!” said Lin Feng. His voice pierced through Yang Zi Lan’s eardrums like blades. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would become so powerful, to the extent that he’d threaten his clan.

“One second!”

“Argh…” Yang Zi Lan couldn’t stand it anymore. He immediately threw himself at Lin Feng raising his fist.

“Boom boom!”

Yang Zi Lan’s fist crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. The crowd gasped in awe, Lin Feng didn’t protect himself?

Yang Zi Lan was surprised too. His fist was filled with destructive energies. However, his face suddenly turned deathly pale. It was as if he had hit a mountain of iron. Lin Feng hadn’t been affected by his punch at all. He hadn’t even moved an inch.

“You’re so weak.” said Lin Feng lowering his head and calmly looking at Yang Zi Lan’s fist. His voice was even gentle as if he had been talking to a child. What a humiliation for Yang Zi Lan.

“Brother!” shouted Yang Zi Ye. The Yang Clan’s members all stood up, how was that possible? Even if Yang Zi Lan wasn’t strong enough, how come Lin Feng hadn’t even moved?

“How terrifying. That’s Lin Feng, the first Tian level disciple of Tiantai. I wonder how his fight against Xuan Yuan will be.” thought the crowd shivering. Lin Feng looked indifferent, but his indifference gave people the impression they were looking at an incredible dragon.

“The first place I travelled to in Ba Huang was the Yang Clan’s territory, we could have been friends!” said Lin Feng looking at Yang Zi Ye. The Yang Clan’s members had mixed feelings, anger and remorse, especially Yang Zi Ye and Yang Lin.

“Boom!” A terrifying strength emerged from Lin Feng’s body and the crowd watched as Yang Zi Lan’s body flew away like a paper bag. The most terrifying part was that Lin Feng hadn’t even moved. When Yang Zi Lan finally crashed onto the ground, he seemed to be dead.

He slowly turned around and looked at Xuan Yuan. Xuan Yuan’s eyes were filled with sharp lights. He was releasing Qi aggressively, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Half a year, finally, you came to fight me!” said Xuan Yuan. Even if Jiange protected Lin Feng, Xuan Yuan had to kill him. Very quickly, he’d be a member of Tian Long Divine Castle. All he was worried about was, would Lin Feng give him a chance to kill him?

Lin Feng was so strong, so what? Xuan Yuan had already broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer, and he understood abstruse energies. He couldn’t let Lin Feng get any stronger, otherwise, he would really surpass him.

“You think that I’ve been hiding from you the whole time because I was scared to fight?”

“I still believe so.” said Xuan Yuan walking forwards and releasing more Qi. The ground broke under his feet. “I’ll kill you and everybody will understand that Tiantai is shit. If I kill you, the first disciple of Tiantai, Tiantai will have no reason to exist anymore.” Xuan Yuan continued walking towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng was the first disciple of Tiantai, so if he killed Lin Feng, Tiantai would lose face. That was why Tiantai hadn’t let Lin Feng come out, Lin Feng himself didn’t want to humiliate Tiantai!

“I will first cut your right arm!” said Lin Feng. Everybody was astonished. Why did Lin Feng’s calm voice give them the impression that things looked bad for Xuan Yuan?


“Boom boom!”

Xuan Yuan jumped forwards and the ground exploded underneath him. He released energies which made the whole crowd suffocate.

Xuan Yuan released two words, “XUAN YUAN” which turned into an incredibly terrifying battle-ax. It streaked across the sky, cutting through the firmament. He understood aggressive abstruse energy so his attack was even more explosive than we they last had met.

It probably would cut Lin Feng’s body into two!

Lin Feng finally attacked, it was his first real attack that day. He performed a knife-hand strike, but only with one finger though. It pierced through Xuan Yuan’s aggressive energies and landed on Xuan Yuan’s right arm.

Desolate Ksana, that was the name Lin Feng chose for that sword attack: Ksana because of the empty space abstruse energies (translator’s note: Shana in Mandarin, transcription of Ksana in Sanskrit, means to assassinate), Desolate because of the desolate abstruse energies. He also mixed some wind abstruse energies in that attack.

As Xuan Yuan landed, the crowd noticed his arm was not far in front of him.

“I will first cut your right arm!” That was what Lin Feng had said!

He had warned him. Lin Feng was the first disciple of Tiantai, but Xuan Yuan had broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer.

One sword, Desolate Ksana!

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