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PMG Chapter 1207: Absorbing Spirits, Xuan Yuan

PMG Chapter 1207: Absorbing Spirits, Xuan Yuan

In the northern part of Ba Huang, everybody had heard that Tian Long Divine Castle was going to visit the Qiu Clan. They had all asked themselves how it would be if Tiantai’s people came, and especially if Lin Feng came. He was in a relationship with Qiu Yue Xin and he was the person Xuan Yuan wanted to kill the most.
Xuan Yuan had an imperial background, soL his blood was strong and his Qi was extraordinary. Xuan Yuan could even kill weak Zun cultivators without any problem.

However, Lin Feng, without even taking out a sword, had carried out a sword attack using his finger. With that alone, he had cut off Xuan Yuan’s arm.

Now there was just a bleeding stump instead. He looked desperate. He had never thought he’d lose so quickly.

Had Lin Feng been hiding from him? When he thought about how he had said that, he only now realized how ridiculous he was.

Ninth Tian Qi layer, aggressive abstruse energies, he thought that apart from the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang, nobody could defeat him anymore. What a mistake that was!

The Yang Clan’s members were standing next to Yang Zi Lan’s body when they saw that Xuan Yuan’s arm had been cut off. What would have happened if they had let Lin Feng and Yang Zi Ye be friends? Yang Zi Ye was also wondering. There’s no if anymore though!

The Qiu Clan looked at Lin Feng and Xuan Yuan. Qiu Hao’s heart was twitching. When had Lin Feng become so strong? The other members of the Qiu Clan also had mixed feelings. They had heard about Lin Feng and how Qiu Yue Xin liked him.

“Xuan Yuan!” shouted the members of the Xuan Yuan Clan running towards him. They looked desperate, their incredible disciple had just lost an arm.

They looked at Lin Feng in a cold way.

Only the members of Tian Long Divine Castle remained calm, but their hearts were racing. Lin Feng’s way of fighting was incredible. And, he had only broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer.

“Move!” said Lin Feng to those people from the Xuan Yuan Clan.

“What do you want to do?” said Xuan Yuan Wei looking at Lin Feng furiously.

“Are you blind? Don’t you know that he’s the one who wants to kill me?” said Lin Feng while frowning.

“He already lost now, so let’s stop here.” said Xuan Yuan Wei whose mouth was twitching. How could he let him kill Xuan Yuan? He hadn’t thought the consequences would be so tragic.
“Xuan Yuan humiliated Tiantai’s Tian level cultivators. The Zun cultivators from Tiantai didn’t come out back then because they don’t involve themselves in Tian level cultivators’ affairs. Now, he wanted to kill me, but he starts losing so you come out to protect him? Are you trying to humiliate Tiantai and imply that Tiantai’s cultivators are not as strong as the cultivators from the Xuan Yuan Clan?” Lin Feng said all of this rather calmly.

Lin Feng’s explanation was logical and simple. If the Zun cultivators of Tiantai hadn’t come out when Xuan Yuan was attacking Tiantai’s Tian level cultivators, it wasn’t because they couldn’t be bothered, it was because they wanted to avoid raising the stakes. Now, Lin Feng was fighting against Xuan Yuan and the strong cultivators of the Xuan Yuan Clan came out, what did that mean? Did they think that there were no strong cultivators in Tiantai?

At that moment, Ruo Xie, the first Zun level disciple of Tiantai came out. He looked expressionless and emotionless as he said indifferently, “Piss off, otherwise, we’ll kill all the members of the Xuan Yuan Clan today!”

The crowd was astonished. Finally, the strong cultivators from Tiantai were coming out and they were powerful, aggressive, they would even destroy the Xuan Yuan Clan if necessary!

Tiantai had been enduring long enough. Wasn’t Xuan Yuan both proud and arrogant? Didn’t he want to kill Lin Feng?

The members of the Xuan Yuan Clan looked at each other helplessly. Xuan Yuan had offended Tiantai. They knew that, but they also didn’t prevent him from doing so. That was almost a prerequisite to joining Tian Long Divine Castle, but now, Tiantai was also expressing themselves.

If they didn’t move, they’d all die!

“You have three seconds.” said Ruo Xie. He was doing the same as Lin Feng had done to the Yang Clan. Lin Feng had given them ten seconds, Ruo Xie had only given the Xuan Yuan Clan three seconds!

“Argh…” Xuan Yuan shouted furiously, “You all move away!”

“Xuan Yuan!” Xuan Yuan Wei and the others looked concerned.

“Come back!” Xuan Yuan’s eyes were bloodshot. He knew that if his uncle and the others didn’t move, they’d all die. Tiantai wouldn’t refrain themselves after that.

“Everybody!” shouted Xuan Yuan Wei looking at the members from Tian Long Divine Castle, he could only beg them now.

“That battle is between Xuan Yuan and my fellow disciple, if anyone gets involved, we’ll attack!” said Ruo Xie releasing terrifying decaying energies, causing people’s souls to shiver. They were in the northern part of Ba Huang, not in the western part of Ba Huang. If Tiantai wanted to kill people, they couldn’t escape that easily.

Xuan Yuan’s face was deathly pale. He ran slowly while condensing energies. Behind him appeared that ax which contained a terrifyingly aggressive Qi. That was his spirit, an aggressive ax. He was able to understand aggressive abstruse energies thanks to his spirit. If he had known that Lin Feng was so strong, he would have released his spirit earlier.

Xuan Yuan slowly rose up in the air with his aggressive ax. The crowd sighed, he was arrogant but it was understandable. Unfortunately, he still couldn’t compete with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng calmly looked at Xuan Yuan. In the past, Xuan Yuan had oppressed him, so he didn’t need his spirit. When they had fought at the same level, Xuan Yuan had tried using his spirit, but Lin Feng had prevented him from using it.

Xuan Yuan had imperial blood and a powerful physical body. This was probably his last battle, so he wanted to deploy his full strength.

Xuan Yuan condensed energies again which turned into an ax and his spirit turned into a beam of light. Then, his spirit and his Qi ax fused and turned into a celestial ax.

Lin Feng was still standing there, he just raised his head and looked at the sky.

“Die, die, die!” shouted Xuan Yuan furiously. He fused together with his celestial ax and a trail energy followed behind him.

Lin Feng used his Desolate Ksana attack again, this time using both hands. Two hands as sharp as swords streaked across the sky and destroyed the celestial ax. No matter how majestic an attack could be, when facing someone that much stronger, it was useless.

Lin Feng’s Desolate Ksana attack contained three types of abstruse energies, so it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise.

Blood splashed everywhere. Then, the crowd watched as Lin Feng appeared above Xuan Yuan and carried him down to the ground.

“Roar, roar…” roaring sounds appeared as Lin Feng released his Nine headed dragon spirit which could swallow other people’s spirit. The dragon heads moved hungrily towards Xuan Yuan’s spirit, the aggressive battle-ax.

After the dust rose and the crowd could see the two cultivators again, Xuan Yuan didn’t look very human-like anymore. He had wounds everywhere and looked like mush. And one of the dragon heads had turned into an aggressive battle-ax.

“He can absorb spirits and use them for himself!”

The crowd was astonished. The members of the Xuan Yuan Clan were crushed. Ruo Xie was calmly standing there so nobody could attack.

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy being killed by your own spirit.” said Lin Feng indifferently. The dragon head which had turned into a battle-ax streaked across the sky.

“No…” shouted the members of the Xuan Yuan Clan. Xuan Yuan looked desperate and hopeless now: how sad, how tragic, how come Lin Feng had become so strong!

Suddenly, he remember the scene when he had seen the Diviner talking to Lin Feng from outside. Everybody had looked surprised. What had the Diviner really told Lin Feng?

Nobody could imagine. Surprisingly, Xuan Yuan’s last thought before dying was: What did the Diviner tell Lin Feng?

Unfortunately, nobody knew, only the geniuses who had seen the Diviner knew what he had told them.

As Xuan Yuan died, people felt compassion for him. Nobody thought that such an outstanding young man would die in that way.

The young man in front of them was the young man Xuan Yuan had always said he would definitely kill.

“Xuan Yuan fought against Lin Feng and died. If Tiantai comes to know that some elders from the Xuan Yuan Clan have attacked Lin Feng, Tiantai will dispatch an army to destroy the Xuan Yuan Clan.” said Ruo Xie indifferently, while the energies of Lin Feng and Xuan Yuan’s battle were still dispersing.

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