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PMG Chapter 121: What an Expression!

Special thanks to GrimReeFer aka Kerin B for this chapter!! I forgot to mention to you guys…. Today I was planning to release a minimum of 6 chapters. So enjoy #4.

Enjoy xoxo

Lin Feng didn’t care about Duan Tian Lang’s facial expression and continued talking: “Duan Tian Lang, I really don’t know if you are the one who chose the name “Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue” or  if it was someone else.”

“Of course it is my idea!” replied Duan Tian Lang immediately. He wanted to kill Lin Feng. He was evilly staring at him.

“What a skilful manipulator.”  Thought members of the crowd as they watched the scene unfold.

Lin Feng had just said that the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue didn’t deserve such a name as it was recruiting rebels. Duan Tian Lang was unable to refute Lin Feng’s words which obviously made the crowd agree with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had just asked him whose idea it was to call it the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. He obviously knew that Duan Tian Lang would reply that it was his, saying anything else would have been making the ones above him bear the responsibility for that and he didn’t dare to accuse them. Besides, Duan Tian Lang had been unable to deny the fact that the courtyard didn’t deserve its name which meant that he was recognizing that Lin Feng was correct in what he was saying. He had no argument remaining to defend himself.

“That’s the way it is. You, Duan Tian Lang, convinced the biggest sects to hand over their best disciples to you and destroyed the Yun Hai Sect then finally created the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue. How prestigious! But didn’t you know that the Yun Hai Sect was General Liu Cang Lan’s sect?” continued Lin Feng while Duan Tian Lang remained uncommunicative.

“That was a very smart move from your part, Duan Tian Lang because Liu Cang Lan was a disciple of the Yun Hai Sect. Besides, everybody knows how kind and honest Liu Cang Lan is. You knew that he would never tolerate your actions of destroying his sect. He would definitely come to you seeking revenge. That way, he would be forced to abandon his official functions and would come to the Imperial City to try and kill you. Then, you would be able to call him a rebel and damage his reputation and make him lose everything that he has built throughout the years. What a perfect plan… Your methods are absolutely perfect… but what was your agenda when you started to plot against one of the pillars supporting this country?” Lin Feng was speaking uninterruptedly. Everybody was astonished by every single word that came from his mouth.

That’s right. What Lin Feng said was entirely true. That was a demonically perfect plan. However, at that moment, many people thought that Duan Tian Lang probably wasn’t the one at the origin of this plot.

Everybody was shaking. They were moved by Lin Feng’s words. After everything that Liu Cang Lan had done for his country, who could have dared to plot against him? How tragic.

“Stop babbling nonsense. Shut up!” shouted Duan Tian Lang furiously. An ice-cold Qi which smelt like death suddenly surrounded Lin Feng’s body.

“Could it be that I am wrong? That you are not the author of all these horrors?” added Lin Feng who seemed like hadn’t noticed that Duan Tian Lang wanted to kill him. Lin Feng’s last remark shook up the crowd.

“Of course it was me who was the origin of all of these events! Are you done talking now?” said Duan Tian Lang unperturbedly admitting that he was the one who had undertaken all of this. But could it be that the people in the shadows were actually the ones who had come up with the ideas first?

However, there weren’t many people above Duan Tian Lang in the hierarchy of the country so if he wasn’t the one who had undertaken these horrors, who else could it be?

“Of course. I see. Since you admit that you are the who started all of this, I would like to ask you, since you plotted against General Liu Cang Lan and also hurt and killed so many people of the Xue Yue Country, are you not a rebel yourself? Is it not still considered a crime if a member of the Duan Clan rebels?” asked Lin Feng. He glanced at Duan Tian Lang and then at the crowd and said: “And all of you who have helped him do evil, haven’t you also committed a crime against the country too?”

The crowd was stunned. Lin Feng was using the arguments, which Duan Tian Lang had used against Liu Cang Lan, but this time they were directed against Duan Tian Lang himself as well as the crowd. Lin Feng believed in justice and knew that he was right with what he was saying. Not the crowd or even Duan Tian Lang could deny what Lin Feng was saying.

Those who had committed crimes were accusing the innocent people of being guilty. Lin Feng had just brought about a radical change in the situation and was exposing the truth. His tongue was sharp as a sword.

If it was another location then Duan Tian Lang would have killed Lin Feng without hesitation. But that was the inauguration day of the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue in the Imperial City, so he had to be prudent and cautious about everything he did. People coming from everywhere in the country were paying attention to his words and behaviour. He couldn’t attack Liu Cang Lan except if Liu Cang Lan behaved like he did a moment before when he was ready to attack him. If Duan Tian Lang took the initiative to attack, then that would definitely be a rebellion against the country. If Liu Cang Lan took the initiative, then it’s blame would fall onto him.

“Why did you come to talk nonsense today? On the day of the inauguration ceremony? What evil intentions have brought you here?” Duan Tian Lang seemed like he had completely forgotten Liu Cang Lan and was now getting excessively angry at Lin Feng. Besides, he had changed the subject completely.

“How am I causing trouble? I just spoke a few truths, that’s all. If everybody thinks that everything that I said is unjustified and unreasonable, then I will leave.” said Lin Feng. Actually, he had come to the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue because he was really interested in disrupting the ceremony. Besides, he was hoping to be able to fight against some of its disciples for the sake of a achieving enlightenment.

But reality had been different because Liu Cang Lan had appeared unexpectedly. How could Lin Feng let him carry out a suicide attack in the name of justice when his action would have had nothing to do with justice? Lin Feng found out that his words gave Duan Tian Lang the impression that he was being slapped in the face. Lin Feng was quite satisfied even if he thought that it was not near enough punishment for him.

“General, in this world, justice can be protected if you are powerful but for that you need to be alive. So please take care of yourself and at the right moment, you will be able to fight for justice.” said Lin Feng to Liu Cang Lan who was surprised.

“Remember to keep growing stronger. Take care of yourself… only then you can fight for justice…” Only those who could understand such things could be really free in the world.

Liu Cang Lan had come on that day to show that Duan Tian Lang had unfairly destroyed the Yun Hai Sect. Because of his past in the Yun Hai Sect, he felt like he had to avenge it. He thought that it was the right thing to do. However, in Lin Feng’s eyes, Liu Cang Lan’s behaviour was just blind devotion and nothing more.

If Liu Cang Lan acted recklessly and caused his own death then wouldn’t that make the enemy happy? How could that avenge those who unfairly died at their hands?

He was just acting like a desperate man with no other course of action.

“General, just leave.” said Lin Feng. At that moment, Liu Cang Lan slightly nodded.

“Would you like to come with me for a walk?” asked Liu Cang Lan to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was surprised and then said: “Alright.”

“After all the trouble you caused today, do you think that you can leave that easily?” said Duan Tian Lang who looked furious. They had humiliated him and the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue.

“I’m taking him for a walk. Who will dare and oppose me!” said Liu Cang Lan while glancing at Duan Tian Lang. At that moment, Liu Cang Lan looked like the real Divine Arrow Liu Cang Lan.

At the beginning, Liu Cang Lan wanted to fight but hadn’t yet initiated a full blown conflict. Since Liu Cang Lan wasn’t provoking him anymore and hadn’t committed any offense, Duan Tian Lang couldn’t do anything.

“Liu Cang Lan, you came here without permission and on top of that caused trouble, don’t forget that these are serious offenses.” said Duan Tian Lang coldly.

“What makes you qualified to proclaim my faults? If His Majesty said that I had committed crimes and wanted to dismiss me then I would accept his decision, you however are not qualified to speak against me.” said Liu Cang Lan indifferently. Duan Tian Lang pulled a long face.

Dismiss him? Liu Cang Lan was a very famous General with a great history on the battlefield. He had accomplished many wonderful things for the country.

“Give him a Chi Xue horse.” said Liu Cang Lan to one of his troops to his side. Immediately after A soldier jumped down from his horse and climbed onto the same horse as one of the other soldiers while Lin Feng took his horse.

“Let’s go.” said Liu Cang Lan to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was sitting on the Chi Xie armored horse. Before leaving, he nodded at Meng Qing and the others. Lin Feng felt reassured because Meng Qing was there to protect them.

At that moment, Lin Feng passed near Lin Ba Dao and Lin Rui. He looked at them though his bronze mask. They were surprised and didn’t understand why that masked man was looking so deeply at them.

But at that moment Lin Feng and the other Chi Xie armored horses all left. Lin Ba Dao and Lin Rui who were confused just stared at these silhouettes while frowning. Their facial expression remained in an intense frown for a long time.

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