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PMG Chapter 1215: Dragon Shapes

PMG Chapter 1215: Dragon Shapes

“Slash, slash…” destructive purple thunders engulfed the sky and then powerful lightning struck the dragon’s mouth. The dragon’s mouth exploded and turned to void.

Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword seemed like it could cut through anything like it was cutting through butter. It continued moving towards Long Teng while releasing purple lighting at him. Long Teng’s face became rigid. How come that sword was so powerful?

“Round Dragon Shield!” shouted Long Teng furiously. An ancient shield appeared in front of him and there was an ancient dragon drawn on it. Crackling and explosions sounded sounded in the air. The Tian Ji Sword crashed onto the shield and stopped, however, it continued releasing energies which pushed the shield back. Long Teng firmly held his shield, but he looked exhausted, his face was turning deathly pale.

“You have such a strong physical body, surprisingly, Tian Long Divine Castle also gave you a high level holy weapon. Were they that scared that I could hurt you?” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword was floating above him.

With the Round Dragon Shield, Tian Long Divine Castle proved that they were not that confident that Long Teng could easily defeat Lin Feng. Long Teng’s physical strength was already astonishing, and with that shield, they were almost certain that Long Teng wouldn’t die.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed his Tian Ji Sword. Sword Qi condensed and then dashed to the skies. Lin Feng continued moving forwards. The ground was shaking with each step he took.

“No matter what holy weapon you possess, I will kill you today.” said Lin Feng coldly. His sword seemed like it was dancing in the sky. Thunderous energies were rolling in waves. It seemed like those sword lights could destroy mountains and even oceans. It descended from the sky towards Long Teng’s shield. Suddenly, it was as if the Round Dragon Shield had come to life. It rose up towards the sword lights to block them.

Rumbling sounds spread in the air and the crowd heard a dragon chant. Long Teng’s  arm felt numb. However, at that moment, an incredibly sharp Qi surrounded Long Teng. Lin Feng was moving like the wind as he released more sword Qi and used his Desolate Ksana skill to annihilate everything in his path.

The Tian Ji Sword was alive and possessed multiple souls. His Desolate Ksana skill was much more powerful with his Tian Ji Sword in-hand than when he did it without.

“Argh!” Lin Feng’s sword descended from the sky. Dragon illusions moved to block it, but the sword destroyed everything in its path.

Long Teng’s arm grew larger as he moved his fist towards the sword lights to block it, but blood splashed. Long Teng’s entire body crackled and his real arm appeared. He was seriously wounded. Long Teng immediately used his blood strength to heal.

Lin Feng didn’t give him much time to recover though. He used his Desolate Ksana skill again. Long Teng’s Round Dragon Shield was extremely solid, it was as if a real dragon was imbued inside it. However, Lin Feng’s Desolate Ksana skill also seemed indestructible for it had the same power as a high-level holy weapon.

Long Teng coughed. Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword had wounded his spirit, which was now a part of his blood strength. His soul had been injured too. He couldn’t completely heal and fight at the same time.

“Kacha!” terrifying thunders blasted, Long Teng sensed thunderous energies piercing through his Round Dragon Shield and moving towards him. Then, the lightning struck him and he felt paralyzed.

“Blood transformation, bestial metamorphosis!” shouted Long Teng whoses eyes were almost completely red now. He released blood Qi which dashed to the skies. Long Teng was turning into a red dragon and now, two dragons were staring down at Lin Feng: the Round Dragon Shield and Long Teng.

“If the list of the ten strongest cultivators doesn’t change, Long Teng will surely become one of them.” thought the crowd. Long Teng had already changed a lot, in fact, he was completely different than before. If Long Teng hadn’t changed, then Lin Feng would have killed him in one sword strike.

“Nothing will happen to Uncle Lin Feng!” said Xiao Chen in the small village. He looked nervous. Uncle Lin Feng was fighting against a dragon!

“He will be fine. That’s not a real dragon, that’s just a transformation!” said Ye Xue who understood a little about cultivation.

Long Teng had successfully transformed into a dragon and he was holding his Round Dragon Shield in front of him. He looked at Lin Feng in a disdainful way and said, “I will crush you to mush and eat you!”

Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword stabbed the ground, Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the dragon. After composing himself, he took out his sword from the ground and slowly walked forwards.

The dragon was looking at Lin Feng in a despising way, but Lin Feng looked calm. Long Teng suddenly felt cold.

“I have a dragon body, my blood abstruse energies and my absorbing abstruse energies fused together with it. Even if you’re strong, you don’t stand a chance. I’ll eat you alive when I’m done with you.” said Long Teng. Then, he roared and threw himself at Lin Feng again. Blood-red lights illuminated the area and Lin Feng could feel just how incredibly oppressive they were.

“He’s going to eat Lin Feng alive, I can sense the energies!” thought the crowd shivering. Long Teng had turned into a dragon and wanted to eat Lin Feng alive like an animal. At that moment, the crowd couldn’t see Lin Feng anymore for he was enveloped in those red lights.

Lin Feng stopped and raised his head. Sword lights emerged from his eyes which seemed like they could pierce through anything. The dragon’s eyes suddenly felt sore.

“I will cut your head and spit it out!” said Long Teng ferociously. Lin Feng was wrapped up in his blood energies now.

“Is that so?” whispered Lin Feng. He put his sword in the ground again and said coldly, “Desolate Explosion!”

“Slash, slash…” in a flash, the ground started crackling, thunderous energies invaded the skies, fire and destructive desolate energies came from below. They fused together in Lin Feng’s sword and moved in all directions.

“Slash!” those blood-lights slowly cracked. If anyone could see the dragon’s eyes right then, they would know that he was in pain.

“Die!” shouted Long Teng furiously. Blood energies moved ahead, but Lin Feng still looked calm and serene. Long Teng didn’t feel safe when Lin Feng looked that way.

“Empty Space Bestial Illusion Technique!” said Lin Feng. Empty space energy surrounded them, sealing both of them inside. Long Teng was surprised. Lin Feng had confined both of them inside an empty space, was he that confident that he could kill him?

“Frenzy!” shouted Long Teng. At the same time, Lin Feng said, “Blood curse!”

At that moment, Long Teng was petrified. His dragon blood became cursed as it gradually dried up and corroded. Lin Feng wasn’t controlling his Tian Ji Sword anymore, it was releasing its desolate energies on its own, unceasingly. Coupled with the cursing energies, the dragon body was starting to crack under the pressure.

“No… Argh…” Long Teng started shaking violently. How come? How could Lin Feng curse his blood so effectively?

Lin Feng raised his head, he looked calm and serene. Long Teng’s facial muscles twitched as if he understood what Lin Feng wanted to do. Lin Feng said coldly, “Even though my sword attacks are extremely powerful, I am not just an expert at using swords.”

“I told you, that today, even though you’ve broken through to the Zun Qi layer, I will kill you!”

Lin Feng grabbed his Tian Ji Sword again and jumped towards the dragon’s head.

“No…” shouted Long Teng hoarsely. A wound appeared on Long Teng’s throat and blood spilled out. Lin Feng rose up in the air, this time he wanted to destroy Long Teng.

“Slash…” However, at that moment, form in the dragon’s third eye, a dazzling light appeared and moved towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng ran back as fast as he could.

“Godly awareness palace!” Lights emerged from Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng sensed a terrifying strength crash onto his Godly awareness palace, making seem like it was going to break.

“Boom!” Rumbling sounds spread in the air again. Lin Feng sensed someone else’s godly awareness along with Long Teng’s. Someone had attacked at the most crucial moment.


Lin Feng sensed his soul shake violently. Tian Long Divine Castle was so shameless. They interfered to help Long Teng. They wouldn’t let Long Teng die!

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