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PMG Chapter 1221: Assassination in the Ancient Town

PMG Chapter 1221: Assassination in the Ancient Town

Apart from the Qi Clan, other people from the other three largest cities of central Ba Huang had also arrived.

Si Kong Xiao was there, the expression in his eyes looked unfathomable and enigmatic. He was walking on the main road with quite a few people behind him.

“Si Kong from the Si Kong Clan is here. I thought he usually acted alone. He must have changed. He’s now surrounded by extremely strong Zun cultivators.” thought some people surprised.

“He’s not the one one who came.”

“What do you mean? Is it because its Grandfather Wen’s birthday?” said that person shaking their head and smiling. “Your views are too simplistic. That’s only an excuse for them to go to the Wen Clan. Have you forgotten that there was a teleportation portal at the Wen Clan not that long ago?”

The other person was surprised after thinking about and asked, “You’re talking about the Tian Xu Ancient Portal?”

“Some people say that it can teleport people to Jiu You.”

Apart from Si Kong Xiao, Jian Wu Bei also arrived in Tian Xu Town.

People from the Magic World, Heavenly Palace and the Godly Xiao Yao Sect also arrived. Strong cultivators from central Ba Huang also arrived.

The four ancient cities of central Ba Huang had a very long history. Each town had their own teleportation portals. First there was Emperor Wu Tian Jian in Sword City in Jiange. Later, Jiange had fallen and the Godly Xiao Yao Sect came from abroad to invade their territory. They were the second most influential group of the region at the time, but they still hadn’t managed to wipe Jiange off the map.

The Godly Xiao Yao Sect used to be one of the most terrifying influential groups in the Holy City for Emperor Xiao Yao was a great emperor. Later, he had offended an extremely strong cultivator and was forced to leave the Holy City. Afterwards, he traveled to central Ba Huang and established his sect there. It was a bit mysterious with how they lived in harmony with the other influential groups while they only oppressed Jiange.

He used to go to Tian Xu Town using the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal. It could teleport people anywhere in the continent as long as they set the geographical coordinates properly. Recently, the teleportation portal had been used a lot, nobody could keep it a secret when they used it.

That teleportation portal more incredible than those found in below the Huang Sea. It could teleport people anywhere and it didn’t need much time to teleport them either.

Many people wondered where the Wen Clan was sending their people.

The other thing which angered people  was that Bai Qiu Luo had said he’d fight Qiu Yue Xin in Tian Xu Town, however, the fight hadn’t started still. People thought that Bai Qiu Luo was avoiding the battle.

But Bai Qiu Luo didn’t mind. It really seemed like he was hiding. Some people even thought that he’d said that on purpose, but instead, he actually left town already.

“It doesn’t look like Sword City at all, but at least it appears simple. It contains lots of energies, and it seems perfect for practicing cultivation and studying abstruse energies.” whispered Lin Feng while studying the energies of the city.
“The Wen Clan is the most powerful clan in Tian Xu Town because they know some deadly abstruse energies, don’t they use empty space energies?” thought Lin Feng. Wen Tian Ge was a genius from the Wen Clan. He was a real killer who understood speed abstruse energies, but did he also know empty space abstruse energies too?

Besides, the Wen Clan was a very old clan in the town. Like the Qi Clan from eastern Ba Huang and the Si Kong Clan from central Ba Huang, those kinds of clans were terrifying.

“Sister Mei, guess what that cultivator’s cultivation level is?” said a girl pointing at Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. It’s almost as if he didn’t practice cultivation. He gives people a strong impression that he’s using the human-Earth fusion though. Maybe he’s at the top of the Tian Qi layer.” replied a beautiful girl. Lin Feng looked like an ordinary cultivator to most people because he didn’t show off any Qi. But in Tian Xu Town, there weren’t any ordinary people.

“Maybe.” said the other girl smiling. “We won’t know for sure unless you go and ask him.”

“Slash…” when she finished talking, a terrifying Qi invaded the area and moved towards the young man they were talking about. The young man immediately released empty space and sword energies. In a flash, blood splashed and a body fell to the ground.

“An assassin!” those people who were laughing and talking were instantly speechless. What a powerful sword attack! They didn’t even have time to see what happened. He had unsheathed his sword, then the assassin died.

Lin Feng remained calm afterward. He continued walking ahead, leaving the corpse behind him as if nothing had ever happened.

“Sister Mei, his attack had the power of the Zun Qi layer. He’s so young and he has probably already broken through to the Zun Qi layer. The strongest young cultivator from the family is far from being that strong, don’t you think?” said one of the girls.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the people who were looking at him. Instead, he continued walking ahead on the main road. His steps were soft and he didn’t make any sounds. He released his godly awareness and separated it into many threads to scout the area.

“Slash…” a dazzling sword light appeared. It wasn’t Lin Feng’s sword, but it was moving towards Lin Feng.

The attacker was a young man who could easily kill a cultivator at the top of the Tian Qi layer. However, Lin Feng wasn’t an ordinary cultivator at the top of the Tian Qi layer.

Lin Feng sensed everything going around him with his godly awareness. Lin Feng raised his hand, just like he had done a moment before, and sword lights appeared. He moved like the wind and then there were very subtle sounds. The attacker’s sword energies were destroyed and blood dripped from his body as he fell down from the sky.

“Was I right?” thought Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He continued walking forwards still inspecting the surroundings with his godly awareness.

If Bai Qiu Luo was really an assassin from the Imperial Assassin Union, then it would explain a lot. It would mean that the Imperial Assassin Union had already started expanding in Tian Xu Town. For people like Lin Feng, that was bad news because Qiu Yue Xin had come alone and was on a killing frenzy.

Lin Feng continued walking and he continued to kill seven more people. Each time he killed someone, it attracted him even more attention. Those assassins were incredibly strong, but that young man had managed to kill them each time with only one sword strike.

“Slash…” another dazzling light appeared, but this time, it wasn’t just one sword, there were seven sword lights moving towards Lin Feng.

“Empty Space, Change!” said Lin Feng. The space around him undulated and then Lin Feng disappeared. Soon enough, he reappeared above those seven people.

The crowd saw dazzling lights containing thunderous energies as a destructive sword came out!

Seven sword lights, seven corpses. They hadn’t even seen it coming as they fell down from the sky.

“Slash…” As the crowd was amazed by Lin Feng’s swordsmanship, another dazzling sword light appeared and was aimed at Lin Feng’s throat.

“Abstruse strength, speed abstruse energies!”

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