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PMG Chapter 1222: Great Battle Against Zun Cultivators

PMG Chapter 1222: Great Battle Against Zun Cultivators

In the cultivation world, apart from physical strength, there were other factors which mattered like reaction times, stealth, and speed. If a cultivator possessed all those things, he could appear even stronger than others at his level. In that same regard, those who had these skills could kill in one shot and could be considered excellent assassins.

“Slash…” the sword dug into Lin Feng’s body. The crowd was astonished. Was he dead?

There was no blood. Suddenly, they realized that the sword had actually pierced through nothing, just void. Lin Feng had disappeared to a different space.

As Lin Feng reappeared, he used his Desolate Ksana attack. The opponent had loosened their guard because he thought that he had just killed Lin Feng, but instead Lin Feng’s sword now threatened his life.

Blood splashed as Lin Feng beheaded the enemy. The strong assassin failed to kill Lin Feng again.
“That guy was a strong assassin of the Zun Qi layer and that young man still killed him!” thought the crowd shivering. Lin Feng looked so calm and he could teleport in a split second!

Actually, Lin Feng wasn’t as strong as the crowd was thinking. He was sweating and nervous too. If he hadn’t had his Empty space robe, even if he hadn’t died, he would have been badly injured. Just how many of those assassins were there?

Lin Feng continued dispersing his godly awareness in the surroundings. He was worried for Qiu Yue Xin too. Maybe they had tried to kill her too.

There was a large empty space in front of Lin Feng. Because of all those people he had killed, the crowd was making space for him. They didn’t want to upset him, nor did they want to be caught up in any future sneak attacks.

A dozen people were floating in the sky on both sides of the road. They quickly surrounded Lin Feng.

“They’re all Zun cultivators!” thought the crowd. More than a dozen cultivators and their blood strength was incredible.

“Just who’s that young man? How come so many assassins want to kill him? There are so many Zun cultivators now, it seems difficult to kill him!” thought the crowd. That strong cultivator looked like he was only twenty years old. Even the ten strongest cultivators of the province didn’t attract so much attention.

Lin Feng sensed all those energies. He remained calm as he whispered, “Tian Long Divine Castle’s people!”

A moment before, those who had tried to kill him were from the Imperial Assassin Union, but now the people blocking his way were from Tian Long Divine Castle.

“If Bai Qiu Luo organized all of this, he’s even more terrifying than I thought.” thought Lin Feng. He hadn’t even arrived in the city center of Tian Xu Town and he was already being attacked. It was as if they had known that he would come.

“Lin Feng, you’ll die today.” said a strong cultivator coldly. The crowd in the distance finally understood.

Lin Feng, that was Lin Feng!

They had imagined him to be exactly that way, young, long fair, clean clothes, an ancient sword on his back.

“I’m used to Tian Long Divine Castle’s slyness. Come and fight!” said Lin Feng in a deep voice. Then, he rose up in the air while releasing whistling energies. A terrifying sword Qi reached up to Heavens. The dozen Zun cultivators remained fearless.

“Alright, since you want to die, we’ll help you achieve your goal. Dragon Bite, die!” said the cultivator in a cold way. Dragons appeared in the sky and their Dragon Qi was palpable. Then they moved towards Lin Feng.

“Desolate Explosion!”

A sword light pierced through the dragon energies. Dazzling flames illuminated the sky, and a black destructive strength appeared.

“Argh!” a dragon threw itself at Lin Feng. If it managed to grab Lin Feng, he would die.

“Slash!” Lin Feng unsheathed his Tian Ji Sword, and in a flash, the ferocious dragons roared in pain. The first Zun cultivator collapsed. First, he was stabbed by the sword and then his body exploded when he was struck by lightning.

“Bzzz…” the space shook as Lin Feng disappeared. The place where Lin Feng was standing a moment before exploded and was now riddled with gaping wounds.

“Desolate Ksana!” Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword stabbed a Zun cultivator. At the same time, several more dragons attacked Lin Feng again.


A gigantic cauldron appeared and the dragons fell into it. Ebullition sounds were quickly followed by horrible shrieks.

“Burn and die!” Lin Feng attacked the dragons in his cauldron and explosions sounded. The golden crow fire emerged. Two Zun cultivators flew as fast as they could, but they were stuck in the golden crow fire and gave horrible shrieks as they burned alive.

“Argh!” A gigantic dragon descended from the sky and moved towards Lin Feng, Lin Feng didn’t even look at it as he said, “So Close Yet So Far!”

The dragon continued moving towards Lin Feng, but it couldn’t get any closer.

“Break!” shouted the cultivator stuck in the So Close Yet So Far empty space spell. While he was stuck, he was also being attacked by the empty space energies. Lin Feng raised his hand just as the cultivator escaped the spell, releasing thunderous sword energies which instantly struck that cultivator.

“Five Zun cultivators have been killed!” the crowd was amazed. Those Zun cultivators could destroy entire mountain ranges by simply punching them. However, Lin Feng had already killed five of them.
“Even though those Zun cultivators are not incredibly strong, they are Zun level disciples from Tian Long Divine Castle after all. The strongest one has already broken through to the third Zun Qi layer, but Lin Feng seemed to be killing them so easily” thought people in the crowd.

The crowd observed the abstruse energies and realized there were a few types of abstruse energies. Some of them were already level two! His sword seemed like it acted as a medium, allowing different abstruse energies to fuse together.

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