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PMG Chapter 1225: Yan Di’s Stupid Ideas

PMG Chapter 1225: Yan Di’s Stupid Ideas

“You’re using your own life to threaten yourself?” said a cold voice.

“So what? I’m warning you, if you kill him, I’ll definitely kill myself.” said Qiu Yue Xin again.

Lin Feng was astonished. What the hell was going on!

If that had been body capture, the former Qiu Yue Xin wouldn’t exist anymore, she would have been completely replaced, but it definitely seemed like there were two people in one body. Lin Feng didn’t understand. How? Why?

“Don’t forget that you’re practicing mercilessness cultivation, if you stop now, how will you become a peerless cultivator?”

“I never wanted to practice mercilessness cultivation, you forced me! I can promise to continue practicing mercilessness cultivation, but you can’t kill him!”

Since Lin Feng had discovered what was going on, the two personalities talked without any restraint.

“Alright, if you continue practicing mercilessness cultivation, I won’t kill him, but if he touches my body again, I’ll have to teach him a lesson.” said Qiu Yue Xin. She looked normal again as she looked at Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, leave now!”

“Tell me what’s going on?” insisted Lin Feng.

“Don’t ask, please.” said Qiu Yue Xin. She looked like she was in pain.

Lin Feng remained silent and nodded. He sighed and said, “Can you control her?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine!” said Qiu Yue Xin smiling indifferently. Lin Feng needed to think about what he could do for her.

He left, but Qiu Yue Xin looked at leaving him with pain, with a deep-rooted love. She didn’t want to let him go actually.

“Unfortunately.” sighed Qiu Yue Xin.

“Unfortunately? You probably think that if I continue practicing mercilessness cultivation you will eventually take full control of my body and in the end you will kill him, right?”

“Stop thinking about that. Practice cultivation and you’ll become a peerless cultivator.” whispered Qiu Yue Xin, seemingly chatting to herself.

After that, everything went silent.


After Lin Feng left, Qiu Yue Xin sat down on a bamboo chair. She couldn’t control her emotions anymore.. Lin Feng was soon surprised by a voice above him, it was Qiong Qi!

“Good Heavens!” said the Taoist monk as he descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.

“Do you know what’s going on?” asked Lin Feng. He had almost forgotten about him. He probably knew about Qiu Yue Xin’s condition.

“I am omniscient. There’s nothing that I don’t know.” said Yan Di proudly, looking at Lin Feng in a disdainful way.

“Is it body capture technique or something else?” asked Lin Feng. Even though he knew it wasn’t, he still had to ask.

“Of course it’s not, otherwise you’d be dead.”

“Well what is it then? Why is she changing?”

“Do you believe in the afterlife or in reincarnation?” asked Yan Di narrowing his eyes.

“Just tell me.” said Lin Feng.

“I don’t believe in the afterlife or in reincarnation, but imagine if your little sweetheart was the reincarnation of a strong cultivator.” said Yan Di, narrowing his eyes.

“If she was the reincarnation of a strong cultivator, she’d be a strong cultivator. How could she have become like that?”

“What if she were suddenly aware of her previous life?” said Qiong Qi using telepathy.

Lin Feng looked surprised and sad, but Yan Di smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not so sure. I told you, I don’t believe in the afterlife or in reincarnation, but you can still try to understand it that way. After all, some peerless cultivators have incredible powers which they can use to come back to life.”

Lin Feng stared at him. Qiong Qi was hiding something.

“Can you be any clearer?” said Lin Feng.

“I can tell you how to rescue your little sweetheart.” said Yan Di smiling.


Yan Di narrowed his eyes. He now had a strange expression.

“She practices mercilessness cultivation which pushes her towards emotionless. Maybe the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion skill from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace can help you control her.” said Yan Di smiling and giggling.

“…” Lin Feng rolled his eyes.

“I’m telling you, she will continue to become even more emotionless, and when she becomes entirely emotionless, she won’t be your little sweetheart anymore. If you want to prevent that, you will have to force emotions into her, thus forcing her to give up practicing mercilessness cultivation.”

“How can I cast the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion spell?” asked Lin Feng angrily.

“Hehe, I thought that the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion spell was a good choice for her too.” said Qiong Qi smiling.

“But, if you want to make her give up mercilessness and emotionlessness, you must capture her other self, no matter what cost. The best scenario would be if you could impregnate her, then she’d give birth to a child and she couldn’t remain emotionless anymore.” said Yan Di smiling. Lin Feng was speechless, that suggestion was beyond his expectations.

“Are you sure you’re not trying to fool me?” said Lin Feng.

“I’m a great emperor, why would I?” said Yan Di putting his hand on his heart.

Lin Feng was perturbed. He had never tried to force Qiu Yue Xin to do anything, he had always been honest with her.

“Do you want to save her or not? That’s your own decision. But soon, she won’t be herself anymore, and when you battle to the death, don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. Anyways, I’m off. I need a rest.” said Yan Di in a serious way. Then, he turned around and went to a room.

Yan Di smiled in an evil way once he entered the room. He was in a good moon as he whispered to himself, “That’d be extremely funny if they had a baby!”

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t know what Qiong Qi was thinking. He was seated on a chair, looking at the ceiling. It was getting dark outside and the moon was rising.

Lin Feng released his godly awareness and explored the courtyard. Qiu Yue Xin was doing the same as him, she was seated outside, looking rather sad.

“Who!” Qiu Yue Xin sensed something and saw Lin Feng arrive. She smiled indifferently. The moon was shining down on her, making her look even more beautiful. Lin Feng remembered Xin Ye back in the imperial palace, they looked so similar!

“Since we’re lovers, how could she be emotionless!” whispered Lin Feng. He sat down next to her. She shivered, if she was emotionless, how could she be in love!

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    Thanks for the chap.
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