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PMG Chapter 1226: Godly Awareness Killing

PMG Chapter 1226: Godly Awareness Killing

Qiu Yue Xin raised her head and said, “Let’s say I’m unlucky. But on the brightside, practicing mercilessness cultivation is not that bad. From now on, nobody can stop me in Ba Huang.”

“You’re lying.” said Lin Feng before adding, “If you were emotionless and merciless, even if you killed all your enemies, how could you ever lose that smile?”

“I’m not lying. Maybe I’ll continue failing, but I will continue concentrating on my cultivation, and in the future I won’t be conflicted anymore.” said Qiu Yue Xin as if she were trying to convince herself, but she didn’t really believe what she was saying.

“Why are you trying to lie to yourself?” whispered Lin Feng. He put his hand on her hand, she tried to move, but he didn’t let her go, so she stopped struggling.

“I promised you I’d come to the Qiu Clan to ask for permission to marry you, how come you started practicing mercilessness cultivation?” said Lin Feng. She looked at the sky, she seemed to be muttering to herself.

Qiu Yue Xin shivered, moved her hand, but she couldn’t.

“I will never go back to the Qiu Clan, so there’s no need to go back there and ask for their permission to marry me.” said Qiu Yue Xin turning her head. She looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “I’ll practice mercilessness cultivation to kill all your enemies. I’ll protect you, isn’t that good enough?”

“That’s why you killed sixty-eight disciples from Tian Long Divine Castle and chased Bai Qiu Luo?” asked Lin Feng. Her eyes were so beautiful, but she lowered her head. She couldn’t look Lin Feng’s in eyes.

“Silly girl.” said Lin Feng caressing her. Qiu Yue Xin shivered, her head was getting too close to Lin Feng’s.

“I have my own way. I’m walking my own path. How can I become stronger if you kill my enemies?” said Lin Feng gently. “I don’t need you to protect me. I just want you to be with me.”

Tears appeared in Qiu Yue Xin’s eyes, she looked sad and moved away.

“Lin Feng, no matter what, I’ll just concentrate on cultivation and I’ll never hurt you.” said Qiu Yue Xin smiling. Qiu Yue Xin blushed.

Lin Feng approached her and kissed her cold lips. Qiu Yue Xin shuddered, she felt like she was suffocating.

Finally, Qiu Yue Xin put her arms around Lin Feng and hugged him. It felt warm to be against him. At the same time, a terrible coldness invaded her body. Coldness and warmth were fighting inside her body.

Lin Feng sensed mercilessness Qi and said gently, “Yue Xin, I know you have two personalities right now, but you can fight her!”
“Right.” said Qiu Yue Xin nodding. She tried to control herself. She suddenly looked cold, then she looked warm again and smiled at Lin Feng.

“Yue Xin, give up mercilessness cultivation, otherwise you won’t be able to control that side anymore.” Lin Feng was still hugging her.

“Lin Feng, I don’t want to practice mercilessness cultivation, it’s my other personality who wants to. Do you understand?” said Qiu Yue Xin. She couldn’t explain exactly how she felt.

“I understand.” said Lin Feng nodding. She finally admitted that nobody had cast a body capture spell on her, that instead she had two personalities.

“No wonder Qiong Qi told me to use the Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion spell on her.” thought Lin Feng. Even though Qiong Qi’s suggestion was stupid, it wasn’t groundless. If Qiu Yue Xin practiced a spell which was antagonist to her merciless and emotionless side, her merciless side would weaken. That way, she would be able to control incredible mercilessness spells herself.

“It seems like I need to use a powerful spell to help her.” thought Lin Feng. How could he let her deteriorate?

“From now on, you’ll always stay with me.” said Lin Feng holding Qiu Yue Xin’s hand. Qiu Yue Xin nodded.

“Who’s that?” at that moment, Lin Feng’s godly awareness found someone, so he instantly grabbed them.

“Let me go!” shouted a girl.

“Who are you? Why are you spying on us?” said Lin Feng coldly.

“Hmph! I don’t need to justify myself, let me go otherwise I’ll get violent.” said the girl proudly.

“You want to die!” said Lin Feng as his godly awareness palace attacked a thread of her godly awareness.

“If you dare attack my godly awareness, I’ll crush you and your girl.” said that girl arrogantly and aggressively.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned coldly. He condensed his godly awareness and destroyed most of her godly awareness. How could she act so aggressively?

“Ah…” a horrible shriek sounded and some people heard that inside their rooms.

“Miss!” silhouettes flickered and landed in the courtyard. Those people were extremely strong cultivators. Some of them were even Zun cultivators.

“Jiao Jiao, what’s wrong?” asked a young man walking to the young girl.

“Brother, that bastard Lin Feng attacked my godly awareness, kill him!” that girl was Qi Jiao Jiao. She had also released her godly awareness and found Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin. Lin Feng had destroyed a part of her godly awareness and nobody had ever done that to her before. Besides, she still wanted to get revenge for what Lin Feng had done to her in Fortune City.

“Lin Feng!”

“Jiao Jiao, have a good rest. We’ll see what happens after the Wen Clan’s event.” said Qi Tian Sheng before leaving.

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