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PMG Chapter 1232: Unanswerable Discussion

PMG Chapter 1232: Unanswerable Discussion

“Lin Feng, you’re guests here, so do as you wish. The alcohol here is mixed with dragon saliva juice, you should try it!” said Wen Tian Ge smiling. Then, he gave Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin two glasses.

“Thank you so much!” said Lin Feng raising his glass. Then, they downed their drinks. In a flash, Lin Feng sensed the alcohol reaching his organs, making his blood boil. The Wen Clan was an imperial clan, so it wasn’t surprising that they had incredible things like this alcohol.

“It’s so tasty!” said Lin Feng smiling. Wen Tian Ge smiled and said, “You can only drink that alcohol in the main hall! Brother Lin Feng, you now have broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and you defeated Long Teng in Qi Tian Shan. You have an undeserved reputation, it proves that the ranking of the ten best cultivators of the province is meaningless.”

“Brother Wen, you don’t mind talking about that ranking list either it seems.” said Lin Feng politely. At that moment, Mister Chu walked into the palace and looked for a place to sit. He looked rather unhappy. He had been stuck in an embarrassing situation because of Lin Feng and then Wen Tian Ge had come to rescue Lin Feng, so how could Mister Chu be happy? He was a strong Zun cultivator. Even though Lin Feng was talented, becoming as strong as Mister Chu was difficult and Lin Feng had offended him!

“Brother Lin Feng, don’t take it to heart, but be careful. He could find ways to deal with you.” said Wen Tian Ge to Lin Feng using telepathy. If the old man wanted to harm Lin Feng, he could find ways.

“Alright.” said Lin Feng nodding. Wen Tian Ge was attempting to gain favor with Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin Feng, many people here are incredible cultivators from the central part of Ba Huang. Over there, next to my great grandfather is a man from the Yan Clan from Tian Xu Town, he has also broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer. Over there, that middle-aged man is a cultivator from central Ba Huang, from the Zi Clan. He has broken through to the ninth Zun Qi layer too. He has a purple eye which is the second best eye to have after the celestial eyes.” said Wen Tian Ge.

It was extremely rare to see such people, but this time, they were all together in the same room because they all liked Grandfather Wen.

Lin Feng looked at those people and sighed. So many strong cultivators came from everywhere in the region to celebrate Grandfather Wen’s birthday. There were many incredible high-level Zun cultivators in the province, so many people were close to becoming emperors, but hadn’t yet. Apart from emperors, not many people knew those cultivators of the ninth Zun Qi layer.

“In Tiantai, I have a fellow disciple who has purple eyes, is he related to him?” asked Lin Feng.

“He is from the Zi Clan.” said Wen Tian Ge smiling and nodding. Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “If he’s from the Zi Clan, why did he leave central Ba Huang? And why did he join Tiantai?”

“In central Ba Huang, there are four ancient cities with influential imperial groups in each of them. My clan, the Wen Clan or the Si Kong Clan for example, are influential clans. Many people are not willing to become disciples in clans, after all, if they don’t have imperial blood so it would be difficult to learn from an emperor.” said Wen Tian Ge honestly. “And the Magic World, Heavenly Palace only accepts people who practice illusion magic. Besides, Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu had nine disciples and three of them have amazed the entire province. Therefore, I don’t think it is strange to want to join Tiantai!”

“Cultivators still have to rely on their own skills most of the time though. If those three people from Tiantai have amazed the entire province, it’s because they have an indomitable will and they worked hard for it.” said Qi Tian Sheng indifferently, he was walking towards them. It was basically saying that he has an indomitable will.

“Indeed, it’s not like some people who solely rely on their clan and act arrogantly because of it. You should teach her that.” said Lin Feng glancing at Qi Tian Sheng impolitely.

He was obviously talking about Qi Jiao Jiao. Why did Qi Tian Sheng get involved in Wen Tian Ge and Lin Feng’s conversation anyway? Especially seeing how he sounded like he was lecturing them. Lin Feng couldn’t stand that behaviour.

“At least some people have a clan to rely on, not like others who act arrogant, but are actually tiny insects who could die instantly if they fought.” said Qi Tian Sheng calmly.

“Long Teng wasn’t even considered one of the ten strongest cultivators, there’s nothing exceptional about defeating him.”

Lin Feng and Qi Tian Sheng’s argument attracted many people’s attention. The very strong Zun cultivators were smiling. The purple-eyed Zun cultivator smiled and said, “Geniuses are rising, they’re impulsive and passionate, that’s the spirit! That’s the only way to become a strong cultivator. Destroying people who stand in your way, it’s a very honorable path.”

“Hehe, Brother Zi is right. Geniuses are rising. Brother Wen, who do you think will rise and stand out in the younger generation?” asked another high level Zun cultivator smiling.

“Sometimes, grand talents mature slowly, but all in all, the most important thing is determination. Those who persevere will amaze everyone. There’s no specific rule to say who will stand out or not.” said Grandfather Wen.

He didn’t want to say whom he thought highly of. He kept his thoughts to himself, that was good enough. Besides, nobody could predict anything. Even the Diviner said it was impossible.

“I can’t wait to see Wen Tian Ge reach the clouds!” said the other Zun cultivator smiling. Grandfather Wen looked happy and said, “I hope he will. He needs more experience though. I will teach him some things and then I will send him to some battlefields and show him that there are many extremely powerful cultivators in this world.”

“What you mean is…” the crowd was surprised. Did the Wen Clan want to send Wen Tian Ge to war to experience life and death?

“If he doesn’t face life and death experiences, he will never be strong. In the Ba Huang Province, maybe there are many strong people, but they don’t know what it feels like to be in real danger.” said the old man sighing. Indeed, if a young man like Wen Tian Ge didn’t go to war to experience life and death, who would dare touch him in the Ba Huang Province?
“Wen Tian Ge is extremely talented and he has an incredible grandfather, he will certainly amaze the whole province soon. And the ten strongest cultivators of the province are also amazing and incredibly talented, they will each reign over the region sooner or later.” said Mister Chu trying to imply that Lin Feng couldn’t compete with the ten strongest cultivators.

“You can’t say that for things can change quickly. On the path of cultivation, nothing is impossible. A list of cultivators is the same, it changes quickly.” said Mister Wen smiling indifferently.

“You’re right, even amongst the ten strongest cultivators of the region, there are stronger people than them.” said someone at that moment. The crowd saw a young man walk into the main hall, he was smiling indifferently yet slightly evilly. “The Abyss of Sufferings congratulates Mister Wen on his six hundredth birthday. Besides, there are so many strong, old Zun cultivators and heroic young people, why not organize some battles? I’m sure Mister Wen would love to watch!”

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