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PMG Chapter 1233: Let the Battles Start

PMG Chapter 1233: Let the Battles Start

The crowd looked at the young man from the Abyss of Sufferings. He was one of the ten strongest cultivators and he kept staring at Wen Tian Ge in a meaningful way.

The Abyss of Sufferings taught their disciples how to be real killers, they didn’t care about anything besides blood and violence. That young man’s eyes were bloodshot. Surely, he had killed many people in his life.

He had also practiced cultivation very hard and had now broken through to the Zun Qi layer, so now he had come to challenge Wen Tian Ge.

Wen Tian Ge understood deadly abstruse energies and liked to use swords to kill. Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings was a killer too, he was even a disciple of the assassin emperor. Both of them were in the top ten strongest cultivators of the region, so it seemed like they had to prove who the strongest assassin was. Now, it was the old man’s birthday so why not fight for a show?

“Hehe, I was supposed to fight someone too, so why not organize a few fights!” said Bai Qiu Luo smiling. He was talking about Qiu Yue Xin.

Many Zun cultivators smiled, they were excited. They also wanted to see how strong those young people were, but they had to wait for Mister Wen to give them permission.

“You want to fight against Tian Ge?” asked Mister Wen to Wu Tian. He was smiling indifferently.

“If he doesn’t dare fight, I can fight someone else. There are many people here today. Si Kong Xiao, Bai Qiu Luo.. Anyone is fine.” said Wu Tian.

Mister Wen laughed and looked at Wen Tian Ge. Wen Tian Ge was smiling in a resplendent way and sipping his drink. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Very good, I’ve wanted to offer gift for my grandpa for his birthday.”

“Nice!” said Lin Feng smiling indifferently. Wen Tian Ge suggested that if he defeated Wu Tian, that would be the greatest gift for his grandfather.

People were surprised when they saw Wen Tian Ge smile.

“Hehe, since you want to fight, I don’t mind. Wu Tian, have a sit first and when we’re done with the ceremony, we’ll set up the fighting stage. Those who want to fight can give it a try. Indeed, that’s a beautiful gift for my birthday.” said Mister Wen proudly. Everybody understood that Mister Wen had faith in Wen Tian Ge.

“As you wish, Sir!” said Wu Tian. He was smiling evilly after Wen Tian Ge had accepted his challenge.

The news that battles were going to take place spread throughout the palaces. Wu Tian and Wen Tian Ge, two of the ten strongest young cultivators of the region were going to fight, finally. Besides, many geniuses were there too and the old man had said that if they wanted to fight, they could.

The atmosphere was still calm in main hall as people continued to chat. Wu Tian would glance at Qi Tian Sheng and Lin Feng from time to time.

“I hope some people won’t run away and will instead fight this time.” said Qi Tian Sheng glancing at Lin Feng. Qi Tian Sheng was challenging Lin Feng.

“Some people will be eliminated from the list of the ten strongest young cultivators!” said Lin Feng calmly. He had seemingly accepted the challenge with that statement.

“I hope you’re as good at fighting as you are at talking!” said Qi Tian Sheng violently slamming his glass on a table, almost breaking it.

“I’m just worried that when people fall, sometimes, they resort to evil and sly methods to kill their enemies.” said Lin Feng. Everybody heard him. The Zun cultivators were still smiling though. They all had their own opinions.

Qi Tian Sheng had been one of the ten strongest young cultivators for a long time, he was from the Qi Clan in the eastern part of Ba Huang, so he had many ways to deal with his enemies.

Lin Feng had just started rising, so he was still a newcomer. Would he be able to do the same as his three other fellow disciples who had never been defeated?

But those ten strongest young cultivators didn’t have an undeserved reputation. Qi Tian Sheng was a Zun cultivator while Lin Feng had only broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer. Defeating Qi Tian Sheng wouldn’t be easy.

Many of the older Zun cultivators actually didn’t think highly of Lin Feng. He had defeated Long Teng, so they admitted that he was talented. Maybe if Lin Feng had broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer, his chances of winning would have been higher, but with the strength of the eighth Tian Qi layer, it wouldn’t be so easy. After all, Qi Tian Sheng was from an imperial clan, so he had inherited a strong blood. Could Lin Feng compete with him?

“You have more pressure than me.” said Wen Tian Ge to Lin Feng while smiling and raising his glass.

Three battles were already planned: Wen Tian Ge against Wu Tian, Qiu Yue Xin against Bai Qiu Luo and Qi Tian Sheng against Lin Feng.

The old man had already received lots of gifts and he had many guests. Lin Feng offered a low level holy weapon to Mister Wen. Mister Wen didn’t really care about such presents, the intention behind the gift is what counted.

“Alright, I’m satisfied, the ceremony was great. Let’s see how strong the younger generation has become!” said Mister Wen while smiling indifferently. Everybody looked as Mister Wen stood up.

“Let the battles start!” said Mister Wen. He didn’t talk loudly, but his voice spread all throughout the palaces and courtyards. Very quickly, people looked in the direction of the courtyard where the battle stage was.

They gazed into the distance impatiently. Some of the strongest cultivators of the region were going to fight.

“Everybody, follow me to the fighting stage!” said Mister Wen.

Mister Wen and the others rose up in the air and the crowd followed.

It was gigantic, it was as large as a castle. It contained an incredible strength, even if strong cultivators fought on it, they could hardly scratch it. That battle stage had been constructed by experts!

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