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PMG Chapter 1234: Wen Tian Ge VS. Wu Tian!

PMG Chapter 1234: Wen Tian Ge VS. Wu Tian!

“Bzzz!” a terrifying strength rolled in waves on the stage. The crowd didn’t sense the energies so much since the stage was well insulated, but they could still imagine it.

At that moment, there was a myriad of people around the stage and Mister Wen was standing on a turret.

“Today is my birthday and I am honored to host some battles. I hope that you will all give me face by not killing your opponents!” said Mister Wen loudly. The crowd already figured that killing their opponents was impossible on the day of Mister Wen’s birthday.

“Bzzz!” At that moment, a silhouette rose up in the air and jumped onto the stage. It was Wu Tian from the Abyss of Sufferings.

“Wen Tian Ge, come and fight!” said Wu Tian indifferently. His eyes looked sharp and his energies dashed to the skies.

In Fortune City, the Diviner had told him he wasn’t necessarily as strong as Wen Tian Ge, so Wu Tian had felt terribly humiliated. Now, he wanted to prove that the Diviner was wrong. Nobody could compare to him in assassination.

Wen Tian Ge rose up in the air. His clothes were fluttering in the wind, he looked elegant, confident and at ease.

Wen Tian Ge landed on the stage and proudly glanced at Wu Tian. His Qi was different from back in the main hall. His goal was to show that Wu Tian couldn’t compete with him. To be called a beast, a monster and be one of the ten strongest cultivators of the province, cultivators had to have a lofty and unyielding character. Therefore, Wu Tian had traveled a long way from the Abyss of Sufferings to challenge Wen Tian Ge.

They both looked proud, as a strong wind was blowing.

They hadn’t even moved yet, but their Qi was dashing to the skies. Wen Tian Ge released terrifying energies and a sanguinary demon appeared behind Wu Tian.

Wen Tian Ge’s sword appeared and it was a meter long, white as snow. Wen Tian Ge’s Qi changed once his sword appeared. He didn’t look indifferent anymore, he looked like a killer.

Energies whistled. Finally, after what seemed like a long time, the two cultivators moved. However, the crowd only saw a red and white shadow as the ran about.

“Boom!” The two cultivators collided over and over again. The crowd didn’t see how many times Wu Tian and Wen Tian Ge collided. Silhouettes kept appearing and then disappearing.

“Speed abstruse energies, deadly energies. I wonder what I’d do if I were fighting against one of them.” thought Lin Feng trying to imagine what it’d be like to fight one of them.

“Boom boom!” powerful energies rolled in waves. There was a distance between them for the first time. Their battle was so explosive and so fast that it made people shiver.

“Slash, slash…” the atmosphere crackled as white and red lights appeared between them.

“If I were in the middle, I would already be dead.” though many of the low level Zun cultivators in the crowd.

“Abyss of Sufferings, Sanguinary Death!” said Wu Tian as red destructive energies emerged from his body and moved towards Wen Tian Ge. Very quickly, Wen Tian Ge was surrounded by scary energies. Those energies sounded like wailing ghosts, seemingly creating its own hell.

Wen Tian Ge was holding his sword as he fused together with it. Threads of Qi emerged as he started running towards the Abyss of Sufferings. Deadly strength moved in all directions, attempting to destroy that cage from hell.

Cracking sounds appeared, as a hole appeared in the Abyss of Sufferings cage. Wu Tian then entered the cage. He looked like a demon king as he said, “Destructive Abyss of Sufferings, who can escape!”

“Boom!” terrifying energies surrounded Wen Tian Ge again. Even if a million people were in the cage, they’d all have to die for it was Wu Tian’s territory, he was the king of hell!

“He mixed abstruse energies with his Abyss of Sufferings cage. When he reaches the top of the Zun Qi layer, even if there are millions of people in his cage, nobody would be able to break it.” said the purple-eyed Zun cultivator next to Mister Wen. The Abyss of Sufferings were experts at practicing assassination cultivation.

“Even though Wu Tian is strong, he’s far from being as strong as an assassin emperor. Tian Ge understands strength and destruction abstruse energies better than Wu Tian.” whispered Mister Wen. He sounded worried about Wen Tian Ge who was stuck in the cage though.

After that, Wen Tian Ge moved his sword again as white lights appeared all around him. The crowd couldn’t see Wen Tian Ge anymore, they only saw white sword lights.

“Slash, slash…” more cracking sounds appeared as the sword lights became more and more dazzling. The crowd looked nervous and clenched their fists. How terrifying. They couldn’t see Wen Tian Ge anymore, they could only see the Abyss of Sufferings cage slowly cracking.

“Deadly abstruse energies, nice, and that’s…” a few Zun cultivators were surprised. Wen Tian Ge disappeared, only his sword was moving. Was that the strength the Wen Clan had been hiding all this time?

Empty space abstruse energies were related to space. Tian Xu Town was a town know for its empty space cultivators, so the Wen Clan also practiced empty space cultivation. Wen Tian Ge didn’t mind showing off these powers of the Wen Clan.

The Abyss of Sufferings cage shook violently, it seemingly couldn’t oppress the white sword lights.

“Slash, slash…” the Abyss of Sufferings cage broke into a thousand pieces and the sword lights prevailed. A dazzling sword streaked across the sky and moved towards Wu Tian, but at the last second, he dodged it and the sword passed right next to him. Then, he moved ran back with incredible speed. Another beam of light moved towards him though.

Wen Tian Ge reappeared, but the crowd could only see a shadow. Wen Tian Ge condensed dazzling white lights which contained deadly abstruse energies again. The crowd then looked at Wu Tian as a gigantic word appeared above him: DIE.

Wu Tian couldn’t dodge anymore for he was in the middle of it. Deadly abstruse energies were going to explode and destroy the area around him.

“You’re not the only one who understands that kind of strength, don’t forget that I’m also a Zun cultivator now!” said Wen Tian Ge proudly putting his sword away again. The battle was over.

“Wen Tian Ge, you’re much stronger than most people think. Maybe that amongst the ten strongest young cultivators, you’re in the top three!” said Wu Tian sighing. He had lost.

“Top three? Is Wen Tian Ge that strong?” thought the crowd shivering. Wen Tian Ge looked indifferent as his abstruse energies disappeared.

That battle was already over.

“I lost but it doesn’t matter. You’re stronger than me, so I will have to continue studying, fighting against stronger people makes me stronger. I hope we can fight again the next time we meet!” said Wu Tian. He then rose up in the air.

“Wen Tian Ge, I can’t wait to fight you again!” Then, Wu Tian left. He had lost, but it didn’t make him feel dispirited. On the contrary, it made him feel even more determined!

“I’ll wait for you!” said Wen Tian Ge watching as Wu Tian disappear. He knew that even though he had won this time, he still could lose the next time. Nobody could predict the future. Things changed quickly in the cultivation world. The next time they’d battle, Wu Tian would certainly be much stronger and even more terrifying, but Wen Tian Ge wouldn’t waste time either!

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