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PMG Chapter 1235: Lin Feng, Fight!

PMG Chapter 1235: Lin Feng, Fight!

“Now that the ten strongest young cultivators are gradually breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, they’re becoming even more terrifying. Those two didn’t even use their full strength, but their abstruse energies are already so powerful. Wen Tian Ge and Wu Tian’s abstruse energies are already level three.” thought the crowd sighing. Amongst low level Zun cultivators, they now had few opponents.

Besides, Wu Tian had even said that Wu Tian could be considered as one of the three strongest cultivators of the province, how amazing was that?

“Who wants to try this time? Let’s battle happily today!” said Mister Wen. He was satisfied that Wen Tian Ge had won the first battle so he was smiling in a resplendent way. However, in front of so many extremely strong Zun cultivators, who would be willing to fight? Apart from the ten strongest cultivators of the province, the others would probably be scared.

At that moment, a silhouette flickered and someone landed on stage.

“Bai Qiu Luo, another one of the ten strongest young cultivators!” the crowd was staring at him. Wen Tian Ge and Wu Tian were both amongst the ten strongest young cultivators of the province. Now, Bai Qiu Luo had jumped on stage which meant that the girl who had chased him was probably there too.

“What are you waiting for?” said Bai Qiu Luo in a provocative way to Qiu Yue Xin. That girl had chased him all the way from western Ba Huang to central Ba Huang. He had taken great efforts, but hadn’t managed to get rid himself of her. Since it was that way, she would fall there.

“Be careful!” said Lin Feng to Qiu Yue Xin. Bai Qiu Luo was one of the ten strongest young cultivators, so it was safe to say that he was very strong. Besides, he was probably one of the seven assassins. When he didn’t kill people secretly, he had to find other ways to do it openly.

“I will!” said Qiu Yue Xin nodding. She then jumped onto the stage. A protective layer then appeared around the stage as usual. The fighters wouldn’t need to worry about overdoing themselves.

“Bai Qiu Luo is one of the ten strongest young cultivators, he shouldn’t lose!”

“Not necessarily. Qiu Yue Xin practices mercilessness and emotionlessness cultivation, she has terrifying powers. She rose up in a very short time, less than a year actually. She even cut off one of his arms.”

“Right, but even if you lose an arm when you’re a Zun cultivator, you can always heal and grow a new one. With medicine, the process is even more straightforward. Bai Qiu Luo’s arm is now intact again, so he can battle without any hindrance.”
“Slash!” At that moment, a silver light appeared and a sharp sword appeared in Bai Qiu Luo’s hand, quickly approaching Qiu Yue Xin with incredibly speed. He didn’t waste anytime.

Qiu Yue Xin raised her hand and a moon appeared. She pushed it forwards to block the sword attack.

The sword was spinning as incredibly terrifying golden lights appeared and illuminated the stage. The moon broke under that pressure.

“The Sunset Pavilion know skills which enables them to transform abstruse energies into a million forms. If they learn illusion abstruse energies and have basic understanding of another form of abstruse energies, they can cast incredible illusion spells. They can only cast illusion spells using one type of abstruse energies at a time though. However, Bai Qiu Luo understands more than one sort of abstruse energies, plus illusion abstruse energies. Therefore, he can easily use illusion abstruse energies and mix them with other types as he wishes.” said Mister Wen. He enjoyed watching people from the Sunset Pavilion fight.

“I heard that the girl practices mercilessness cultivation, let’s see how it goes.” said another older Zun cultivator. Life was too short, who was willing to give up emotions? Very few people were willing to become emotionless and merciless.

Qiu Yue Xin moved back, however, Bai Qiu Luo’s sword moved even faster towards her throat.

“Bzzz!” A moon emerged from Qiu Yue Xin’s body, emitting crackling sounds as it moved towards Bai Qiu Luo.

“Die!” said Bai Qiu Luo. In a flash, a terrifying strength emerged from his body and the moon broke into pieces.

“Look at me!” shouted Bai Qiu Luo furiously. His eyes suddenly became dark, like the eyes of demon. Qiu Yue Xin looked at him and suddenly felt dizzy, as if she was becoming the prisoner of an illusion.

“Emotionlessness!” said Qiu Yue Xin. Two moons appeared in her eyes, she could clearly see that she was in an illusion now. Bai Qiu Luo  was chanting incantations. If you love someone, how can you practice emotionlessness cultivation!

“This is not good!” Lin Feng had influenced her so her emotionlessness cultivation had been damaged.

“It seems like Yue Xin needs to learn some other skills. No matter whether she can control her emotionless side or not, she needs skills which allow her to battle even when she can feel emotions.” though Lin Feng. If Bai Qiu Luo had the opportunity, he wouldn’t let her off.

“Sharp Moon!” said Qiu Yue Xin. Two moons appeared and broken the illusion, but Bai Qiu Luo’s sword was approaching. He didn’t give Qiu Yue Xin any chances to act.

“How come Bai Qiu Luo gives me the impression that his blood and spirit contain assassin strength?” whispered Mister Wen. Bai Qiu Luo looked like a real murderer. “That girl doesn’t seem emotionless to me, she has been affected by someone or something.” thought all the older Zun cultivators.

“Moon Condensation, Freeze!” said Qiu Yue Xin coldly. She blocked the sword, but at that moment, Bai Qiu Luo moved his left hand and threw some powder in the air. Qiu Yue Xin suddenly panicked and moved backwards quickly, but she still inhaled the powder.

“Bastard!” thought Lin Feng. What was that powder which Bai Qiu Luo had just thrown?

The crowd was also astonished. That wasn’t supposed to be a battle to death. The powder Bai Qiu Luo had used in front of everyone could probably make people sick. Since he did that in front of everyone else, it meant that he didn’t care if other people saw him, as long as he achieved his goal.

“I wouldn’t have thought that Bai Qiu Luo could be so sly and cruel!” said Mister Wen as if he had suddenly understood what kind of person Bai Qiu Luo was.

“Your emotions control your life, you can’t be emotionless. Look at me, I’ll tell you how to control your life!” said Bai Qiu Luo casting an illusion spell. Qiu Yue Xin couldn’t see clearly anymore. Her thoughts were being corroded by the illusion.

“It seems like that powder helps him control people, they are more impressionable under the effect of that powder.” though the crowd. Qiu Yue Xin was in mortal danger.

Bai Qiu Luo didn’t move, he was just standing there, staring at Qiu Yue Xin.

“Mister, he used some special powder, please open the curtain!” said Lin Feng to Mister Wen. He hadn’t thought that Qiu Yue Xin would be weakened because of him and that Bai Qiu Luo would resort to sly methods to fight her. He had no choice but to get involved.

“The battle is not over, besides, who said he couldn’t use the powder?” said Qi Tian Sheng.

At that moment, Mister Wen looked at Lin Feng and saw that he was glancing at Qi Tian Sheng in a cold way. Lin Feng continued, “Mister, although there are no rules which say we can’t use special methods, Bai Qiu Luo did. So I have nothing to say against that then, but nothing forbids other people from joining the battle either, right? So please open the curtain and let me join in.”

“Ridiculous, the battle is not over!” said Qi Tian Sheng.

“You shut the hell up!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Sharp sword energies emerged from his eyes and moved towards Qi Tian Sheng.

“If you don’t mind, let’s do a double battle, Qiu Yue Xin and me against you and him!” said Lin Feng. Then looked at the old man and said, “Please open the curtain!”

“Alright, there are no rules, since he used some special powder, I guess you can go!” said the old man nodding. “I’m not closing the curtain anymore, low level Zun cultivators can all join if they want. If some people can’t stand the energies, you can move back.”

Lin Feng immediately jumped onto the stage.

“Let’s see who will save her!” thought Qi Tian Sheng. Then, he said, “Your opponent is me!”

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