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PMG Chapter 1239: Kill him

PMG Chapter 1239: Kill him

However, Lin Feng didn’t manage to kill Qi Tian Sheng and now he was surrounded by cultivators of the Zun Qi layer.

“The Qi Clan is impressive!” said Lin Feng mockingly. He glanced at the people who were protecting Qi Tian Sheng, then he looked at Qi Tian Sheng and said mockingly, “You were considered the strongest young cultivator of the Qi Clan, a beast. But no matter what, from today on, you’re just a joke. You need people to protect you, how ridiculous!”

Lin Feng’s mocking tone resonated in Qi Tian Sheng’s brain and his heart twitched.

“Kill him!” said Qi Tian Sheng coldly. The crowd was astonished. Qi Tian Sheng had lost and now he wanted people to help him kill Lin Feng. No matter what, Qi Tian Sheng couldn’t be considered one of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province anymore.

Lin Feng looked at Qiu Yue Xin, she was still fighting against Bai Qiu Luo. Qiu Yue Xin was slowly releasing more and more terrifying energies. Lin Feng didn’t need to worry about her anymore.

Terrifying energies whistled as well as rumbling sounds. His Tian Ji Sword moved towards Qi Tian Sheng as sword Qi dashed to the skies once more.

“Die!” the Qi Clan’s guards threw themselves at Lin Feng. Mister Wen had said it before, low level Zun cultivators could all enter the stage.

“Demon skill, celestial demonic territory!” said Lin Feng darkly. The Earth and sky trembled as everything became dark and a dark space appeared. That space contained terrifying demonic energies and moved towards those cultivators of the Zun Qi layer.

“A territory!” the crowd shivered. Lin Feng was trying to imprison those cultivators in his own territory.

“Surprisingly, he can create a real territory filled with demonic energies, how terrifying!” whispered Mister Wen. He looked amazed. Lin Feng’s attack was remarkable in two ways, first he could create a territory, and second he could fill it with demonic energies. It was no wonder that he knew how to curse people too.

At that moment, at the foot of the stage, a young man from the Celestial Land of Alchemists looked surprised, his facial muscles were twitching.

“I heard before that Lin Feng had defeated Baguio in Sword City!” He looked amazed. Maybe Lin Feng had learnt those skills in Tiantai?

It was very important to know skills and to understand them well. As a cultivator progressed, their skills would become more powerful too. If a cultivator knew skills, but not well enough, then it was impossible for him to level up.

Lin Feng’s Celestial Demon Territory and his Demon Curse were the same, they were skills and techniques learnt from the three-lives Buddha-Demon skillset. Usually, only Zun cultivators could practice such skills, but since Lin Feng had become much stronger recently, he had been able to practice them.

The Celestial Demon Territory was a territory filled with demonic energies, it was a bit like a small world in which he could imprison his enemies, Once inside, their attacks were weakened.

“Soul cursing!” Lin Feng took out his scepter and cursing energies invaded the space. He cursed them all and their souls were shaking, they kept wailing and shouting.

“Slash!” Dazzling lights appeared as he took out his Empty space robe and moved towards the demonic territory. Blood quickly ensured, some more low level Zun cultivators had died.

“Annihilate!” said Lin Feng. More demonic Qi invaded the celestial demonic territory. Once the energies eventually dispersed, the crowd was astonished. There were so many corpses on the stages.

“From the moment when Lin Feng cast his celestial demon territory spell and now, only a few minutes have passed. He killed so many Zun cultivators in such a short time!” the crowd was astonished. Their hearts were pounding.

Those people were Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan, even though they were low level Zun cultivators, they were extremely strong. How had Lin Feng killed so many of them so quickly?

How could they know that Lin Feng’s robe contained incredible empty space energies and that his scepter contained such terrifying cursing energies? Coupled with his Tian Ji Sword, his attacks were impossible to block.

Qi Tian Sheng was sitting on the edge of the stage healing. His face turned deathly pale. Even though his body had been cut in half, with such a strong blood strength, he was able to grow new body parts again. It wasn’t surprising that Zun cultivators could live hundreds of years and could transmit their strong blood to their descendants.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards Qi Tian Sheng, his facial expression was ice-cold. He looked like a madman. But a cultivator had to be insane to become extremely strong. To become the strongest, cultivators had to eliminate anyone who stood in their way.

“Do you know who you are facing!” said two cultivators at that moment. They immediately landed on Qi Tian Sheng’s left and right. They both looked majestic and domineering. They were medium level Zun cultivators in charge of protecting Qi Tian Sheng.

“A pathetic person who calls himself a genius!” said Lin Feng. “Only low level Zun cultivators are allowed on the stage, you broke the rule!”

Indeed, Mister Wen had said that only low level Zun cultivators could get on the stage. Those two were too strong, but they couldn’t let Lin Feng kill Qi Tian Sheng.

“It was also forbidden to kill people and you did!” said one of the old men.

“Are you blind?” said Lin Feng, “He’s been trying to kill me this entire time and now you’re saying we can’t kill each other? You’re ridiculous!”

The two strong cultivators released terrifying energies. If they attacked, Lin Feng would be doomed. He certainly couldn’t compete with medium level Zun cultivators.

Many people looked at Mister Wen. The old man looked indifferent though. He didn’t try to prevent them from doing anything.

“Mister Wen can’t say that the Qi Clan violated the rules, otherwise it’d mean he’s on Lin Feng’s side, then they would become the Qi Clan’s enemies.” everybody was trying to understand the situation.

“Those young cultivators are incredible. It seems like we got old.” said Mister Wen indifferently before adding, “Alright, since Lin Feng won, we can stop here.”

“As expected!” Mister Wen had found a solution the situation. He didn’t allow Lin Feng to kill Qi Tian Sheng and he didn’t allow the old men to kill Lin Feng.

“Boom boom!”

At that moment, an explosion sounded and the ground was shaking.

“Such terrifying energies, what’s going on?” The crowd turned around and saw a terrifying energy emerge from the governmental buildings of the Wen Clan.

“Some people are attacking the Wen Clan!” the crowd was astonished. It seemed like strong cultivators were fighting in the distance.

“What’s going? Someone is attacking the Wen Clan!” the crowd was shaking. Horrible shrieks spread in the air.

“Boom boom boom!” Qi rose up in the air. Mister Wen’s eyes twinkled with ice-cold lights. He gazed into the distance in the direction of the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal.

“The secret has been revealed?” Mister Wen rose up in the air. Some people were willingly spreading chaos!

Qi Tian Sheng opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way, “Kill him!”

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