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PMG Chapter 1244: Going Back

PMG Chapter 1244: Going Back

News spread quickly in Ba Huang. Everybody already knew what had happened on Mister Wen’s birthday.

Sword City and Tian Xu Town were both towns in central Ba Huang so news spread quickly. In a small bar of Sword City, everybody was already talking about the images diffused in Tian Xu Town and Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword. The Wen Clan had activated the teleportation portal to send strong cultivators to other places, maybe there were precious treasures there.

More news spread in the region, Lin Feng had become Jiange’s Young master and he could control Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword. Many people thought that there was something secret going on between Lin Feng and Jiange. What kind of secret though? In any case, he had been able to kill older Zun cultivators with that sword and he had also killed Bai Qiu Luo and Qi Tian Sheng who had an imperial heritage.

Even Jiange was surprised. Since the sword had taken control of Lin Feng, it did whatever it wished. It was no wonder that the sword didn’t want them to follow. It could do anything it wanted.

Besides, the emperor’s sword had defeated Qi Tian Sheng, but so what? It had to go abroad and kill even more people, it had to bring back glory to Jiange.

Lin Feng arrived outside of Jiange.

He didn’t go in, but some strong cultivators from Jiange came out and bowed before him.

“Young master, please come in!” said the old man leading the group. He was a terrifying older Zun sword cultivator.

“No need, I came to ask you something.” said Lin Feng calmly yet aggressively. He had to be arrogant and aggressive in front of them, because to them he wasn’t Lin Feng, he was Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword.

“Please tell us, Young master.” said the leader.

“I will give you some geographical coordinates, it is in the Xue Yu Region, in a country called Xue Yue. The Wen Clan is going there. Send some of the strongest cultivators there, but be discreet, don’t attract other people’s attention. Once there, unless I give you the order to do so or unless your life is in danger, don’t kill anyone.”

The Zun cultivator’s eyes were twinkling. He understood what Lin Feng was saying, but he didn’t know what Lin Feng’s motives were. Besides, how did he know what the place of the apparition was?

“Young master, I understand!” even though he had so many questions, he didn’t question anything he was told.

“I’ll transmit the geographical coordinates and map through your godly awareness!” said Lin Feng indifferently. His godly awareness turned into a small sword and he transmitted those things to the old man’s third eye. He had obtained a map of Shen Gong in the past and on that map was Ba Huang Province. However, on maps made in Ba Huang Province, there weren’t places like Gan Yu or Xue Yu for they were too small. With Lin Feng’s transmissions, the strong cultivators of Jiange would easily be able to find Xue Yue.

“Alright, hurry up and go. And wait for my instructions once you’re there.” said Lin Feng. Then, he rose up in the air flew towards northern Ba Huang.

Before going back to Xue Yue, he had to go back to northern Ba Huang and then cross the Huang Sea.

“Yue Xin, I’m going far away, to my homeland, are you coming with me or staying here?” asked Lin Feng.

Qiu Yue Xin’s eyes twinkled and she said, “I’ll stay here, I’ll go back to the Qiu Clan.”

“Alright, stay with your parents so that your merciless and emotionless side doesn’t take control of your body. And don’t practice mercilessness cultivation anymore.” said Lin Feng smiling in a gentle way. He was caressing her cheeks while talking to her. Going to Xue Yue wasn’t something easily done, it took time for they had to cross the Huang Sea. Besides, there would probably be many strong cultivators in Xue Yue. She would be better off with her parents in a loving and stable environment.

Lin Feng took her back to the Qiu Clan and then went to Tiantai.

Lin Feng arrived in Tiantai, opened the gate at the top of the flight of stairs and sensed some pleasant celestial Qi which was also quite cold.

In the sky above the palaces, there were dazzling marks which could help cultivators practice cultivation faster. Meng Qing was in his palace, sitting cross-legged in a golden lotus. It kept changing, reminding people of the impermanence of life.

“Meng Qing has reached a crucial point of her cultivation!” thought Lin Feng. Meng Qing was about to break through to the Zun Qi layer.

He looked at her and smiled warmly. He slowly walked out of the palace and closed the door behind him.

“Maybe that when I come back from Xue Yue, she will have broken through to the Zun Qi layer.” thought Lin Feng smiling. He really wanted to wake her up and talk to her. Everything she was doing was for him, so Lin Feng loved her more than anything.

“When I’m done in Xue Yue, I’ll come back.” whispered Lin Feng. Then, he rose up in the air and jumped onto his sword.

Qi Jiao Jiao was on the sword still, but she didn’t say anything. She was always staring at Lin Feng in a cold way, but Lin Feng ignored her. Qi Jiao Jiao posed no threat to him because she wasn’t strong enough.

“Xue Yue, so you’re from Xue Yue. Your friends and family members must be there too.” said Qi Jiao Jiao.

Lin Feng glanced at her calmly and serenely before saying, “What do you want to say?”

“You’re taking me there, but you don’t dare kill me. If you killed me, the Qi Clan would immediately know about it. But if you take me there, I will know all your secrets, where your friends and family members are, you will regret it…” said Qi Jiao Jiao threatening him.

Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent way, he looked extremely amused as he said, “Do you think you will ever have the opportunity to leave me?”

“You…” Lin Feng was insane! Did he want to keep her with him their entire life?

Qi Jiao Jiao’s thoughts were chaotic. She couldn’t imagine being an enemy’s prisoner for dozens or even hundreds of years.

“After I destroy your clan, you’ll stay with me to take care of me!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Qi Jiao Jiao looked at him furiously. Take care of him?

“Of course, if you don’t like that, I have some animal cages that I can put you inside of instead.”

Qi Jiao Jiao looked at him with the utmost hatred, an animal cage?

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    Thank you!

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    Linfeng.!! Slavery at it’s finest

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    Add Qi Jiao Jiao to his list of wives ?

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      He’d better not, she’s detestable! I hope he uses her as a shield against a fatal attack, at least she’ll find a use for herself in this lifetime.

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      its more like she is pretty and Killing her its :

      A waste
      Keeping her this way its a long term punishiment when you die you don’t suffer anymore people forget it
      Its Humiliating for her Clan

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