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PMG Chapter 1245: Tian Chi Snowy Peaks

PMG Chapter 1245: Tian Chi Snowy Peaks

Qi Jiao Jiao was surprised when they arrived above the Huang Sea, she had thought Lin Feng would use a boat, but no, he stayed on his sword and the desolate Qi assaulted them.

Qi Jiao Jiao¨looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng was calmly sitting on his sword and absorbing Desolate Qi. He was even using it to practice cultivation.

“Go inside.” said Lin Feng taking out a golden tower. That was Qi Tian Sheng’s golden tower, but he owned it now.

“No need!” said Qi Jiao Jiao in a cold way.

“I’m going under the water, if you’re not afraid to die, then you can come with me.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Qi Jiao Jiao was stupefied. Underwater?

“Do you think I believe you!” said Qi Jiao Jiao. Then, Lin Feng’s sword descended from the sky. Her face suddenly became deathly pale, she hastily went inside the tower.

“Slash…” His sword dived into the sea. The golden tower was still on the sword so Qi Jiao Jiao was looking out of the window and could see everything clearly. Lin Feng was really under the water! He was swallowing the desolate Qi!

“Surprisingly, some people can even use Desolate Qi to practice cultivation!” Qi Jiao Jiao was incredulous. Poor her. Because of her social status, she had always thought she was amazing, but she had never really tried to understand who Lin Feng was because she had always believed she was better than him.

Of course, having remorse was useless now. The Qi Clan and Lin Feng were now enemies. They had threatened his family and friends so Lin Feng couldn’t let her off. He would maybe let her off someday, but only after destroying her clan though.

Qi Jiao Jiao had never left Ba Huang Province for it was a vast province.

After crossing the sea, they soon saw land again. Castles, palaces, mountain range, but they were moving with incredible speed so Qi Jiao Jiao couldn’t see the landscapes clearly. The sun was rising, setting, rising and setting again.

Many people saw Lin Feng in the sky and his terrifying sword.

Lin Feng was calmly practicing cultivation on his sword. Unconsciously, he traveled for twenty days before he began to recognize the landscapes.

Lin Feng soon arrived in Gan Yu. It made him remember Tian Chi. Without Tian Chi, Lin Feng would have never become who he was today.

Tian Chi was vast and snowflakes were floating in the air. In the Tian Chi Empire, many young men who lived at the foot of the mountains could only dream of going to the holy part of Tian Chi and become a disciple there. Tian Chi was rising as there were more and more Zun cultivators appearing there.

There was a legend in Tian Chi that a few years before, a genius had risen and thanks to him, Tian Chi had started rising again. Before he left, he had cast a protection spell on six of the snowy peaks of Tian Chi and had turned them into holy places.

Then, Lin Feng had set the Xiao Yao Sect on fire and everybody had made fun of them in the Gan Yu region.

Now, the influential groups of Gan Yu had continued joining hands to attack Tian Chi. They took every opportunity they could to kill Tian Chi’s disciples, however, Tian Chi was becoming too strong.

“I wonder where Lin Feng is now.” thought some people in the valleys of the Tian Chi Empire.

“Boom boom boom!” a sonic boom sounded as a strong wind blew by. Sword lights appeared and incredible Qi rolled in the air.

“What a scary sword!” thought many people inside the valleys of the Tian Chi Empire. They hadn’t even seen the sword clearly, it was too fast.

“What a handsome young man!” at that moment, someone noticed a young man riding the sword.

That young man glanced at the people in the valleys and smiled indifferently. Then, he put his sword away and descended from the sky.

“Nobody can go to the holy place of Tian Chi as they wish!” Two young men immediately rose up in the air and blocked Lin Feng. However, they sensed a wind brush against their skin and the young man disappeared.

They were both astonished.

“Let’s go, we need to inform the masters!” said one of the young men. And then they left.

At the peak of Tian Xuan, Mister Bai had been practicing cultivation for a long time now. He was outside a palace, wearing his snowy robe and smiling.

Two disciples had come back, a girl and a boy. The boy looked handsome and the girl looked pure and holy like snow. One of them was Han Qiu Yu and the other was the former holy girl of Tian Chi, Tian Chi Xue!

“You’ve been away for a few years. Now Han Qiu Yu and you are a couple, nice!” said Mister Bai. Han Qiu Yu and Tian Chi Xue used to be very talented disciples in Tian Chi. Then, Lin Feng and his friends had joined Tian Chi and surpassed them. After all that they had gone travelling.

“You’ve already broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, not bad, you’ll break through to the Zun Qi layer sooner or later.” said the fire Zun cultivator. Many of Tian Chi’s cultivators went traveling to practice cultivation. Some people died, but sometimes they came back after a few years, and each time they did, Tian Chi was happy to see their progress.

“Teacher, is Lin Feng here?” asked Tian Chi Xue. She had mixed feelings when it came to Lin Feng. In the mysterious world, he had shown her how scary he was, then there was the whole thing with Huang Fu Long. Now she had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, she could even defeat people of the seventh Tian Qi layer. Lin Feng was probably the same as her!

“Lin Feng!” The teachers glanced at each other, they looked nostalgic. They had taken Lin Feng as their own disciple, then they had made him leave for his own good so that he could progress. They too were wondering how he was doing.

“Lin Feng!” Mister Bai turned around and looked at a very beautiful girl behind him.

“Shi Yun, you know Lin Feng?” asked Mister Bai.

Huo Shi Yun’s lips twitched. Then, she smiled and said, “I’ve been in Tian Chi for more than a year now, how could I not know him!”

“Haha, Shi Yun, if you meet him, you’ll instantly fall in love.” said the fire Zun cultivator jokingly, making her blush.

“I haven’t seen him for a while, so I wonder how he’s doing.” said the sword Zun cultivator next to him sighing. I wonder how strong he’s become.

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