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PMG Chapter 1246: Amazed Teachers

PMG Chapter 1246: Amazed Teachers

“I also want to see him.” said Tian Chi Xue. She actually wanted to compare herself and see if she was stronger or not.

“If Lin Feng comes back, I hope we can all exchange views on cultivation.” said Tian Chi Xue. The older men looked at her smiling. She used to be the strongest cultivator of Tian Xuan, so the fact that she wanted to fight Lin Feng was absolutely normal. Ever since Lin Feng had joined Tian Chi, she had taken great efforts to become stronger.

“No problem, if Lin Feng comes back, you can battle him.” said Mister Bai smiling. He was sure Tian Chi Xue wouldn’t be able to resist Lin Feng if he came back, but he couldn’t say that out loud.

“Qiu Yu, does she fight against you all the time?” said the fire Zun cultivator smiling. Han Qiu Yu smiled, but said nothing.

“Haha. Anyways, Tian Ji Zi and I agreed to make the young disciples of the seven snowy peaks gather in seven days. What a coincidence that Tian Chi Xue and Han Qiu Yu came back today though, so we should organize the meeting today instead. It’s not a big event anyway, it’s just a small meeting to discuss cultivation matters.”

“Alright, where?” asked the fire Zun cultivator smiling.

“On Tian Xuan, nobody minds doing it here anyways.” the three Zun cultivators smiled. After what had happened in Tian Chi, everybody had realized how strong Mister Bai was. Besides, Tian Shu Zi had died so people in Tian Chi were even closer now. Nobody went against the philosophy and rules of Tian Chi.

The snow Zun cultivator shouted loudly, “Tian Xuan is calling all the leaders and their disciples to come here.”

His voice rolled over the mountain range. What was going on? People started heading towards Tian Xuan.

Lin Feng was still flying through the valleys and mountains ranges when he heard his teacher’s voice. Hearing his teacher’s voice brought back positive memories.

“Maybe he knows I’m back?” whispered Lin Feng and then he smiled in a resplendent way.

“Teacher!” shouted Lin Feng.

Mister Bai was about to go back to the ground after shouting, but when he heard that voice, he stopped moving. That was… Lin Feng’s voice!

The fire and sword Zun cultivators were also surprised and then they smiled, “He’s back too!”

“The little madman came back!” thought the Zun cultivators.

“Lin Feng!” Tian Chi Xue was excited.

“Lin Feng!” Huo Shi Yun’s eyes twinkled too. She blushed and shivered. Was she going to see him again?

Many people looked surprised but then they looked calm again.

“He’s back, so he must have become stronger.” thought the three Zun cultivators smiling when they saw Lin Feng arrive.

“Teacher!” Lin Feng landed in front of his three teachers and smiled.

“Eighth Tian Qi layer, not bad!” said Mister Bai tapping Lin Feng’s shoulder. “Let’s go and have a chat!”

Lin Feng smiled and nodded at Tian Chi Xue and Han Qiu Yu. Even though they weren’t friends in the past, they were all members of Tian Chi and had to be friends now. Besides, Lin Feng had become more mature, so such small things didn’t matter so much.

Tian Chi Xue also smiled and nodded at Lin Feng. Before seeing him, she had thought of their battle, but now Lin Feng seemed so friendly and natural.

Lin Feng looked at Huo Shi Yun, he had met her in Dragon Mountain and she was just as beautiful as before. She blushed when Lin Feng looked at her.

“Lin Feng…” said Huo Shi Yun.

“Shi Yun, long time no see!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Lin Feng, you know each other?” asked the fire Zun cultivator. A moment before, he had said that if Shi Yun knew Lin Feng, she would fall in love with him. He didn’t know that they already knew each other.

“We do. I met her in Dragon Mountain.” said Lin Feng smiling.

The fire Zun cultivator smiled and said, “Ah, good, good.”

He smiled in a deep and meaningful way, making Huo Shi Yun blush even more. She was very shy.

“Little Lin Feng, did you go to Ba Huang Province after leaving?” the fire Zun cultivator asked.

“I just came back from the Ba Huang Province.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“How’s Ba Huang Province? Are there many strong cultivators there?” asked the fire Zun cultivator. He was curious. Even though he had broken through to the Zun Qi layer, he had never left that part of the world.

“Ba Huang Province is gigantic. There are some emperors, a dozen, there are also many high level Zun cultivators. In fact, Zun cultivators are normal there. A small region in the Ba Huang Province is larger than all of Gan Yu.” replied Lin Feng smiling. The snow Zun cultivator’s eyes were twinkling. He also wanted to go and travel.

There were many Zun cultivators, like him, how incredible!

“It’s no wonder you’ve already broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer then. You must still be quite weak in Ba Huang Province though…” thought Tian Chi Xue.

“Lin Feng, have you tried to become an imperial cultivation disciple?” asked the fire Zun cultivator. Hou Qing Lin had come for that reason back then.

“I did.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“And?” asked the three Zun cultivators at the same time.

Lin Feng looked at his three teachers smiling and said, “I succeeded.”


“Very good, not bad!” they were all pleasantly surprised. Their disciples had become an imperial cultivation disciple.

Tian Chi Xue and Han Qiu Yu were stupefied.

Huo Shi Yun smiled and clenched her fists, she was excited for Lin Feng.

“Teachers, not only did I become an imperial cultivation disciple, but I also met the emperor personally.” said Lin Feng. “I’m the emperors’ direct disciple now.”

“Boom!” the three Zun cultivators were speechless. Emperors were astonishing in their eyes, so that was incredible news!

Lin Feng laughed when he saw their facial expressions, how would they react if they knew who the emperor he met was?

“Teachers, I need to see Teacher Tian Ji, I need to tell you something!”

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    Thank you very much!

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    what chapter linfen meet huoshiyun 1st time ?

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      Chapter 538

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      I don’t remember the chapter but she was the one he met in a market and she bought something lin feng wanted to buy for qi meng. He ended up going to her place and saved her from the ice in her body. Hope this is a clue.

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      Meng qing*
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