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PMG Chapter 1247: Defeating Tian Chi Xue

PMG Chapter 1247: Defeating Tian Chi Xue

“You want him to be here to talk to us?” Mister Bai seemed surprised.

“He’ll come here soon, Little Lin Feng. Now that you’ve become the emperors’ direct disciple, what a surprise, cherish this opportunity and don’t end up like us. A bright future awaits you.” said Mister Bai. Becoming an emperor’s direct disciple was something extraordinary. With such a great disciple, the future of Tian Chi was going to be bright as well.

“Indeed. Little Lin Feng, leaving Gan Yu was the right thing to do.” said the fire Zun cultivator smiling.

“Nonsense!” said the sword Zun cultivator.

“Lin Feng, show us everything you learnt!” said the snow Zun cultivator, making the two other Zun cultivators laugh. They also wanted to know what Lin Feng had learnt abroad.

Tian Chi Xue was staring at Lin Feng too. She was astonished, Lin Feng had become the emperors’ direct disciple. Would she ever be able to catch up with Lin Feng? She hadn’t thought that there would be such a great difference between them.

“Lin Feng, I want to try and have a battle with you.” said Tian Chi Xue. She had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer and could easily defeat ordinary cultivators of the seventh Tian Qi layer. Even though she knew she couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, she still wanted to try. She wanted to see the difference between them, so that she could remain motivated in the future.

Lin Feng looked at her and smiled, but he shook his head. How could they fight? He was too much stronger. How could he fight her?

“You despise me?” said Tian Chi Xue, then she said, “Lin Feng, even though you’re stronger than me, I will do my best to fight you. Even if you win, it’s no problem!”

She slowly approached Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. The snow Zun cultivator smiled and nodded.

“Teacher, you mean…” said Lin Feng using telepathy.

“Go, show her how strong you are. It will motivate her to become stronger.” said the snow Zun cultivator. Lin Feng slightly nodded. If Tian Chi Xue couldn’t stand losing, she wouldn’t be able to progress. Defeating her was a good way to make her feel even more determined.

“I will use all my strength and you should too, don’t show any mercy.” said Tian Chi Xue rising up in the air and snowflakes started floating around her. Tian Chi Xue had broken through to the sixth Tian Qi layer, so now her snow intent was level seven already.

“Snow Explosion!” said Tian Chi Xue. The atmosphere was suddenly filled with snowflakes which started exploding around Lin Feng. She also threw herself at Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng was standing there motionless. Ice energies surrounded him and continuously assaulted him. Just as she had said, no mercy, so she used her full strength from the start.

However, she was astonished, it was as if she had been attacking a golden statue, Lin Feng was motionless.

Tian Chi Xue started punching Lin Feng violently, but nothing happened. Was the difference between them that big?

“You’re so weak!” said Lin Feng. Tian Chi Xue’s heart heart beat faster, too weak?

“Freeze!” Tian Chi Xue released ice intent. The Earth and sky seemed like they were going to freeze, but once they neared Lin Feng, they simply disappeared.

“You’ve been practicing cultivation for such a long time and yet you’re still so weak!” said Lin Feng cruelly. He wanted to upset her.

“You’re as strong as an insect, you made no progress at all, how can you call yourself a cultivator!” said Lin Feng, continuing to criticize her. Han Qiu Yu’s silhouette flickered and he shouted furiously, “Let me try!”

He released his book spirit, but Lin Feng turned around and shouted furiously, “Piss off now!”

The soundwave emitted by his voice contained thunderous energies. Lin Feng’s voice immediately propelled Han Qiu Yu away and blood splashed from his mouth.

“Qiu Yu!” Tian Chi Xue moved towards Han Qiu Yu, her face was deathly pale. It felt like a dream. She hadn’t seen Lin Feng for a while and now there was such a large difference between them.

Tian Chi Xue turned and looked at Lin Feng. She felt ridiculous.

“Show me your real strength!” said Tian Chi Xue, her face was red.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he stretched his hand and condensed thunder energies. Very quickly, his entire body was surrounded by thunderous energies. Lin Feng suddenly looked like a thunder god.

“Kaboom!” A lightning struck Tian Chi Xue, she closed her eyes and her face turned deathly pale. She thought she was going to die, but then she opened her eyes again and saw Lin Feng. He was still standing there.

Tian Chi Xue’s face was extremely pale but suddenly she laughed, she was making fun of herself. She wanted to try and fight against Lin Feng?

No wonder Lin Feng had refused. There was such an incredible difference between them.

Even Lin Feng’s three teachers were astonished. Lin Feng could control thunder abstruse energies.

“Emperor’s imperial disciple!” thought the three teachers. Was it easy to become an emperor’s direct disciple?

“We can’t even see how strong he is anymore.” sighed Mister Bai. The three teachers were smiling.

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg, there are many people like me in the Ba Huang province, so that’s nothing exceptional. Don’t feel too proud.” said Lin Feng indifferently. Tian Chi Xue was astonished. The tip of the iceberg?

She hadn’t seen much of the world.

“Thank you!” said Tian Chi Xue suddenly smiling. Now, Han Qiu Yu and Tian Chi Xue wanted to go to Ba Huang Province themselves.

Lin Feng smiled, but said nothing more.

“Lin Feng is back!” said someone in the distance. Lin Feng turned around and saw Tian Ji Zi. Lin Feng smiled and said, “Teacher!”

“Long time no see, you’ve already broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, not bad!” said Tian Ji Zi smiling.

“Haha, I was wondering who had come to Tian Chi, it sounded like a thousand horses!” said the leader of Yao Guang peak.

“Lin Feng!” The leader of Yu Hang also arrived. Quickly, the leaders arrived one after the other, except Tian Shu Zi. Lin Feng greeted all of them politely.

“I thought you had organized the meeting because Lin Feng had come back.” said the leader of Yao Guang.

“If Little Lin Feng attacks today, there’s no need to organize any battles at all.” said the snow Zun cultivator smiling.

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