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PMG Chapter 1248: Teachings

PMG Chapter 1248: Teachings

“He’s right, Lin Feng is very strong. A moment ago, Mister Bai called everyone before he knew Lin Feng was coming.” the fire Zun cultivator was smiling.

“Stop it with the suspense.” said Tian Ji Zi. “Let’s host the battles another day, Little Lin Feng should give us some lessons.”

“Alright, Little Lin Feng should teach his fellow disciples and help them become stronger.” said the snow Zun cultivator smiling.

“Eh…” Lin Feng was speechless. He? Teach other people? He didn’t know how to teach to other people.

“Teacher!” said Lin Feng smiling wryly. The snow Zun cultivator smiled and said, “Don’t you want to teach us what you learnt in Ba Huang Province?”

Lin Feng looked at the old man scratching his beard and smiled wryly.

Ba Huang, Jiu You, the Holy City, those places were in the central part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. No wonder the Zun cultivators were happy to see him, they even looked proud.

“If you have nothing to teach, then just attack, no need to be polite!” said Jian Feng Zi smiling. People rolled their eyes. Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer. Tian Chi was rising, so there were other cultivators of the top of the Tian Qi layer in Tian Chi. Some of them had already broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer, so many of them wanted to compare themselves with Lin Feng.

“Little Feng, go ahead!” said Mister Bai. Lin Feng smiled wryly and walked to the center of the crowd. He had nothing to teach so as Jian Feng Zi had said, they could just proceed with the battles.

The other leaders looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Cultivators could learn a lot when they battled each other.

Many disciples looked excited when they saw Lin Feng walk to the center of the crowd.

“I’ll try first!”

“Me first!”

“Please let’s exchange views on cultivation!” everybody started talking at the same time. The teachers looked delighted.

“Bzzz!” some wind started blowing as a silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. He smiled and shook hands with Lin Feng, “Please let’s exchange views on cultivation, brother!”

That cultivator had broken through to the seventh Tian Qi layer and understood wind intent.

Lin Feng nodded. His opponent started releasing wind energies as a hurricane appeared and rolled towards Lin Feng.

“Boom!” the hurricane immediately bombarded Lin Feng’s body. The crowd was surprised, was Lin Feng that slow?

But then they saw Lin Feng disappear. He had moved using wind energies, so they couldn’t keep track of him.

“Eh?” his opponent kept attacking and snowflakes were moving chaotically around. However, none of the attacks reached Lin Feng.

“Wind, he’s using wind energies too!” the crowd was surprised. Lin Feng was using the wind as well. Lin Feng’s wind intent was too powerful.

“Go!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, his opponent felt like he was caught in a tornado and was propelled back to his original position.

“Practicing wind cultivation doesn’t mean that you borrow the wind around you only, it means that you must understand it and fuse together with it. Only then can you feel confident and at ease using it.” said Lin Feng while moving around like the wind.

“Boom boom!” Suddenly, Lin Feng landed on the ground, the snowy ground broke and cracked from under his feet.

“How strong!” the others were surprised. Lin Feng’s understanding of the wind was incredible.

When the wind disappeared, that disciple’s eyes twinkled and he bowed before Lin Feng while saying, “Thank you for your instructions!”

The old men smiled, especially the three Zun cultivators of Tian Xuan. They had noticed Lin Feng from the first time he appeared in Tiantai.

“My turn!” shouted someone else. That person’s voice was loud and made the Earth and sky shake.

“That’s Wang Ling, she understands the force of the Earth and sky. She has already broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer like Lin Feng, so maybe she can compete with him.” thought the crowd. Wang Ling was a genius from Yao Guang Peak.

“Please let’s exchange views on cultivation, brother Lin Feng!” said Wang Ling walking towards Lin Feng. The ground was cracking as Wang Ling released energies.

“Boom!” She took another step and many people felt like they were suffocating.

Lin Feng looked extremely calm and serene though. It was difficult to know what he was thinking.

“If Wang Ling’s attacks don’t affect Lin Feng at all, then Lin Feng really is qualified to teach us things.” thought the crowd. Wang Ling was still releasing incredible energies. Even though she had broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, her Qi was as strong as someone who had broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer.

“Wang Ling is a real genius in Tian Chi.” thought many people sighing. Lin Feng finally moved with little step, and then another.

“Kaboom!” Then, he moved with incredible speed and the air around him whistled. Wang Ling was surprised, her Qi had suddenly broken.

Lin Feng took another step and more rumbling sounds appeared.

Wang Ling groaned as a terrifying force emerged. Each of Lin Feng’s steps made her heart pound.
“Boom!” a cloud rose up in the air and the ground shook violently. Wang Ling groaned again, she fell down to her knees and blood splashed out of her mouth. Her face had turned deathly pale.

Lin Feng hadn’t even released Qi, he simply looked like an ordinary person.

Wang Ling stood up, she calmly looked at Lin Feng and bowed. As if she had been talking to a teacher, she said, “Thank you very much for your instructions!”

“Alright, alright!” The leader of Yao Guang said to his disciples, “Go and learn from him!”

Lin Feng then fought many more cultivators who were at a similar cultivation level and Lin Feng defeated them using the same methods they used against him.

Many people lost, but the Zun cultivators kept laughing and smiling. They were delighted and satisfied, especially Mister Bai and the two others. They were proud of their young disciple. They had been right to accept him in Tian Chi.

Lin Feng taught every single disciple something and all within two hours. Everybody looked at him with admiration, nobody was envious. The difference between Lin Feng and them was incredible, they could only look upon him and hope that they’d become as strong as him someday.

“Please let’s exchange views on cultivation, brother!” said someone at that moment. It was the beautiful Huo Shi Yun.

“Come on Shi Yun, don’t.” said Lin Feng shaking his head.

“Why don’t you want to teach me anything?” said Huo Shi Yun looking angry.

“Shi Yun, you practice the nine suns skill, so I’ll teach you the cosmos-burning sun technique that I use all the time!” Lin Feng opened his third eye and transmitted the technique to Huo Shi Yun. She closed her eyes and received the technique. Everybody was gasping with amazement.

Lin Feng took out some rings and gave them to the leaders of the snowy peaks: “Teachers, I have lots of skills and techniques that I took from Zun cultivators, I also have plenty of abstruse crystals and holy weapons. Please feel free to take them, if you have the opportunity, distribute them out to outstanding disciples!”

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