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PMG Chapter 125: When They Met!

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Outside of the Celestial Academy, two horses had appeared. At that moment, the recruitment procedure had already finished.

A crowd formed and started getting bigger and bigger. People were staring at these two Chi Xie armored horses and the two people who were on top of them. They were particularly interested in Liu Fei.

“The Celestial Academy!” said Liu Fei looking at the large gate. She then asked Lin Feng: “Why the hell did you bring me here?”

“To practice cultivation, obviously.” replied Lin Feng and then added: “Let’s go inside.”

“I don’t have a recommendation letter… besides, I will not join the Celestial Academy.” said Liu Fei and then continued: “And you shouldn’t either, are you forgetting about the Yun Hai Sect.”

Liu Fei was Liu Cang Lan’s daughter so she obviously knew about the Celestial Academy.

“I haven’t joined it either and I can bring you in without a letter of recommendation.” said Lin Feng while shaking his head. He knew what Liu Fei meant. After so many people had sacrificed their lives to save him including some elders, studying in another place would be a kind of betrayal to the Yun Hai Sect.

“Don’t forget that your father told you to listen to me.” said Lin Feng. When he saw that Liu Fei wasn’t reacting, he urged the horse forwards and went into the academy.

Liu Fei looked at Lin Feng’s silhouette and then galloped behind him. She was shocked by the fact that nobody prevented her from entering in the academy.

“How did you do that?” asked Liu Fei. She clearly knew that the academy didn’t allow anybody to penetrate into the territory of the academy. She didn’t know why they would make an exception for her. How could it be that easy to enter? The only explanation was Lin Feng. Besides, he had said it himself a moment before, that she didn’t need a letter of recommendation to enter.

“Well, it’s nothing extraordinary considering who my girlfriend is.” Lin Feng said with a smile.

Liu Fei angrily stared at him.

“What are you looking like that for? I didn’t say that you’re my girlfriend. I’m sorry but it seems like your love for me is not reciprocated.” said Lin Feng while arrogantly looking at Liu Fei. That girl thought too much.

When she heard Lin Feng’s words, she started shaking in anger. That damn bastard!

It was the first time that Liu Fei went to the Celestial Academy. She found that the scenery was majestic and imposing.

Lin Feng and Liu Fei had arrived outside of the palace where the students’ rooms were located. He looked at Liu Fei and asked: “I guess you already know about the three different categories of cultivators that are studying at the academy.”

“I know that it produced army officers, government officials and assassins. In Duan Ren City, my father’s army is composed of many people who studied at the Celestial Academy. They are all very strong individuals. Many cultivators who studied here became strong Chi Xie Protectors.”

Lin Feng looked surprised, looked at Liu Fei and said: “Chi Xie Protectors? Uncle Liu lets them become protectors that easily?”

The Chi Xie Protectors were Liu Cang Lan’s closest troops. Besides, Lin Feng had asked himself before about the status of the people who graduated from the Celestial Academy. If they could become such prestigious cultivators, didn’t it mean that the Imperial City had to be supporting it?

Liu Fei was looking at Lin Feng as if she was looking at an idiot: “Do you think that my father is that kind of person?”

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Indeed. Liu Cang Lan could easily recognize people with high abilities. He wouldn’t let anyone become a Chi Xie protector.

“Here is the place where those who study military skills stay. Even though we are not students of the academy, we have the right to live here. We can study about military skills and techniques.”

Liu Fei was astonished. She was really wondering how Lin Feng had achieved such a thing. She had asked him already but he didn’t reply. She didn’t feel like asking him again so she just nodded her head.

When they arrived in Lin Feng’s living quarters, Yuan Shan and Duan Feng were chatting. When they saw Lin Feng and Liu Fei, they were pleasantly surprised.

“Lin Feng, big brother!”

“Lin Feng, my friend!”

The two of them happily said Lin Feng’s name in unison. Immediately after, they looked at Liu Fei. Yuan Shan looked at Liu Fei in an ambiguous way.

“Lin Feng, big brother, who is she?” asked Duan Feng while looking at Liu Fei in such a way that gave the impression he was worshiping her. Meng Qing and Lin Feng had already decided to live together. How could Lin Feng go out and come back with a new amazingly beautiful girl?

“Liu Fei!” said a voice behind Duan Feng. Jing Yun walked towards them. When she saw that Lin Feng and Liu Fei were together, she made a strange face.

In the Yun Hai Sect, Liu Fei was considered as the most beautiful girl. A countless number of men were courting her. Since the Yun Hai Sect had been destroyed, Jing Yun had thought that Liu Fei had died like the others. She wouldn’t have thought she would see her again, especially with Lin Feng…………… Besides… on that day at the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue, hadn’t Lin Feng left with Liu Cang Lan?

“Liu Fei, the girl who possesses the Divine Arrow spirit.” said Lin Feng. Duan Feng and Yuan Shan were stunned.

That exceptionally beautiful girl was Liu Cang Lan’s daughter… No wonder Lin Feng was with her. Jing Yun was even more astonished. She didn’t know that she was Liu Cang Lan’s daughter until that moment.

“Hello.” said Yuan Shan whose expression had slightly changed. His eyes were suddenly filled with respect. Liu Cang Lan was one of the people whom Yuan Shan respected the most. Too bad that on the other day, he had only seen him from far away and hadn’t been able to talk to him. He wished he could have followed Lin Feng and Liu Cang Lan. Yuan Shan wasn’t the only person who was like that. Many disciples who were studying military skills also idolized Liu Cang Lan.

Who was a great general? Who could kill people from very far away with incredible accuracy using his arrows? Liu Cang Lan! Many boys were very excited even if they only heard Liu Cang Lan’s name.

And Liu Fei was his daughter. When Liu Fei noticed Yuan Shan’s fanaticism, her heart was filled with sorrow. Everybody knew how heroic and great Liu Cang Lan was but nobody knew how difficult the situation was for him. Nobody knew that some people in the country wanted to eliminate him and take all of the power for themselves.

“Lin Feng, I would like to rest.” said Liu Fei calmly. Lin Feng sighed. He noticed that Liu Fei hadn’t completely recovered.

“Here or do you want to choose your own place? There are many free apartments. Choose one for yourself.” said Lin Feng.

“No need. I’m going to rest in your room.” said Liu Fei calmly. Everyone was stunned.

Lin Feng was even more stupefied. He was speechless. At that moment, he thought that the most complicated thing to understand in the world was women’s logic.

Lin Feng scratched his head and said: “It’s not very convenient. You should definitely find your own place.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t mind. Why would you?” said Liu Fei and continued: “Where is your place?”

“That one.” said Lin Feng who had no alternative while pointing towards his own room.

At that moment, Yuan Shan quickly moved in front of Lin Feng’s door and said while shaking his head: “You should choose another place.”

When Lin Feng saw that Yuan Shan was obstructing the way to his room, he was surprised. Everybody had a suspicious expression on their face. Then, Duan Feng and Jing Yun nodded their heads indicating that they didn’t approve Liu Fei staying in Lin Feng’s room either.

Nothing worked though. They hadn’t managed to convince Liu Fei.

“No need. I’ll rest here.” Liu Fei moved closer to Yuan Shan. Yuan Shan then said: “Lin Feng, my friend, you should get in there first.”

“Alright.” nodded Lin Feng. He moved towards the big stone door, opened it and entered his room. Liu Fei followed him.

“Who’s that?!”

“What a terrifying strength.” thought Lin Feng.

At that moment, an extremely strong Qi came out and crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. He almost fell down. At that moment, Lin Feng understood why Yuan Shan had told him to enter first. How kind!

“It’s me.” shouted Lin Feng. Suddenly, the Qi disappeared.

Liu Fei was standing behind Lin Feng and shaking from head to toe. That oppressive Qi a moment ago had almost made her collapse. What a powerful strength!

Yuan Shan was outside of the room and had a wry smile on his face. Fortunately, he had asked Lin Feng to enter first. That rumbling sound emitted by the release of that strong Qi had resonated in the entire palace. His heart was still fluttering with fear. That girl was terrifyingly strong.

“How come you didn’t come back earlier?” asked Meng Qing coldly from the back of the room.

Meng Qing was still wearing a fine veil on her face as well as her beautiful white robes. She looked so divine, as if she was above the material things of this world.

She still looked extremely beautiful.

When Liu Fei saw Meng Qing, it seemed her eyes were about to pop from their sockets.

At the same time, when Meng Qing saw Liu Fei, her eyes shook for a second and suddenly her eyebrows seemed to indicate that she was extremely unhappy!

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