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PMG Chapter 1251: Xue Yue’s Zun cultivators

PMG Chapter 1251: Xue Yue’s Zun cultivators

Xue Yue was a small country under the jurisdiction of a low level empire called Dragon Mountain. Lin Feng had been there before, but he thought of it differently than he had in the past.

“In that direction is Duan Ren Border, Duan Ren City.” thought Lin Feng gazing into the distance. He remembered that place, the border between Xue Yue and Mo Yue.

“Xue Yue, I’m back!” thought Lin Feng smiling. His sword streaked across the sky in the direction of Duan Ren Border. As soon as he crossed the border, some guards raised their heads and looked at the sword flying overhead.

“There aren’t so many people. Fei Yang is the prince of Mo Yue, so there shouldn’t be problems between Mo Yue and Xue Yue anymore.” thought Lin Feng. He looked at the buildings which he had set on fire.

On the city gate tower, there was a solider wearing an armor. It was a Chi Xie soldier.

“Who are you?” the crowd raised their heads and saw a young man wearing white clothes and riding a sword.

“What a terrifying young man. Even though Xue Yue is as strong as a low level empire now, I don’t think there are any young people as strong as him here.” thought the crowd. The young man in the sky looked incredible.

At the very front of the city gate tower, there was a girl who had a red and gold armor.

“Such beautiful eyes!” thought Lin Feng after he saw her. He had a familiar feeling.

The girl took off her helmet and her long black hair fell to her shoulders. She was smiling up at him.

Lin Feng smiled back at her. He descended onto the city gate tower.

“Cling cling…” everybody suddenly raised their spears behind him.

“Put them down!” said a middle-aged man furiously, his voice was extremely loud. The soldiers immediately put their spears down.

“You’re back!” said Liu Fei in a gentle voice. Her Qi was heroic, she looked beautiful, domineering, confident. She had changed a lot since he last saw her, she didn’t look sad anymore.

Lin Feng nodded, “What are you doing here?”

“I have many memories here, my father, a few uncles, you.” said Liu Fei smiling. Lin Feng was the symbol of Xue Yue and the monarch. As a member of the army, nobody could prevent her from doing what she wanted.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and stretched his hand towards her, saying in a gentle voice, “Come back with me.”

Liu Fei lowered her head shyly and smiled, “Alright!” she said in a fragile voice. She raised her head again and looked at Lin Feng.

He took her hand and invited her onto his giant sword.

“General!” shouted the soldiers in unison.

“Kacha!” The middle-aged man knelt down in front of the two silhouettes and shouted, “Kneel down, soldiers!” they all obeyed and knelt down.

“General Lin Feng will take good care of General Liu!” whispered the middle-aged man who was the vice-general.

General Lin Feng, the legendary cultivator of Xue Yue!

“No wonder she followed him without resisting. That was General Lin Feng. He’s as young as in the legends and just as handsome!” thought the crowd watching as the two silhouettes disappeared. They hadn’t even greeted their General!

Lin Feng and Liu Fei were flying on the sword. Liu Fei took off her armor and Lin Feng couldn’t help but steal a glance. She no longer had a bad temper as when Lin Feng had first met her.

“Fei Fei, you have an incredible figure!” said Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way.

Liu Fei looked at him and smiled, “Do you remember the first time we met?”

“How could I forget? You almost killed me with an arrow!” said Lin Feng shrugging. Luckily, he was quick back then.

“Well, it’s your fault! You were perverted, you were spying on me while I was bathing.” said Liu Fei indifferently. They used to be so pure back then.

“When did I spy? I was just walking, but you were practicing cultivation. You were in the water anyway, so could I see anything?” said Lin Feng.

“Hmph, what about the second time? Would you swear that you didn’t look at me then?” said Liu Fei.

“You’re mine now anyways, so it doesn’t matter anymore.” said Lin Feng shamelessly.

“What? Who is yours?” said Liu Fei trying to sound angry, but actually she was feeling shy. She even blushed.

“Are you not?” asked Lin Feng, smiling and looking at her. She just lowered her head.

“You bastard!” said Liu Fei kicking his leg.

“Can you cope with me?” said Lin Feng laughing and putting his arms around Liu Fei. Liu Fei looked at him as if she were angry, but yet, she blushed. She struggled to get away, but she couldn’t. After a short time, she rested her head on his shoulders. It had been such a long time, it comforting to be in Lin Feng’s arms again.

“I’m here now.” said Lin Feng gently caressing her back. Uncle Liu had told Lin Feng to take care of Liu Fei and he had left her alone for a few years instead. He felt guilty. Besides, she even liked him, so Lin Feng had to take care of her.

Lin Feng’s sword streaked across the sky. Lin Feng was seated and Liu Fei was in his arms.

Liu Fei was smiling. How many days had she lived without sensing that warmth in her heart? She had thought that Lin Feng had forgotten about her or that he hadn’t taken to heart what her father asked of him. After all, who was she to him?

If Lin Feng hadn’t said anything, she would have kept her distance. Maybe, she would have stayed in Duan Ren forever, doing the same as her father. She had thought a lot about those things.

However, Lin Feng hugged her and now she couldn’t calm herself down. She felt warm.

“The former imperial city!” Liu Fei looked down at the ancient imperial city. It looked beautiful, but it wasn’t as majestic as before.

“Eh?” at that moment, Lin Feng frowned. Some people rose up in the air and their Qi was quite powerful.

“Zun cultivators!” Lin Feng was amazed and asked Liu Fei, “Fei Fei, since when are there Zun cultivators in Xue Yue?”

“What? Zun cultivators?” Liu Fei looked scared.

“I’ve been in Duan Ren for a year so I don’t know, but there shouldn’t be any Zun cultivators. If there are any, it would only be in Yangzhou City.” replied Liu Fei.

Lin Feng nodded and his sword moved towards those people.

One of the Zun cultivators raised his head and looked at that gigantic sword approaching him.

“How quick!” was his first thought. Then, he looked at Lin Feng and Liu Fei, a cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer and a trivial cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer.

“Sir, how did you come to Xue Yue?” said Lin Feng indifferently. Liu Fei looked over at him, she was astonished that Lin Feng was so simply talking to a Zun cultivator.

“Are you talking to me?” said that Zun cultivator smiling in a cold way. Xue Yue was a small country and there weren’t that many Tian level cultivators, but Zun cultivators were even less common so he had to respect him.

“Stop talking shit!” said Lin Feng.

“How audacious! You piss off, give me your ring, the sword and the girl!” said the Zun cultivator releasing terrifying energies. Liu Fei almost fell down.

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