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PMG Chapter 1252: Pressure from Ba Huang

PMG Chapter 1252: Pressure from Ba Huang

Lin Feng looked at him in a cold way.

“You want to die!” said Lin Feng. A dazzling sword appeared in his hand and flew towards that cultivator.

That person was surprised, he wanted to block the attack, but his arm was immediately cut off.

“Boom!” Liu Fei was shaking. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

She was still lying in Lin Feng’s arms. Lin Feng had just moved one hand, while still seated, and he had cut off a Zun cultivator’s arm!

Lin Feng could fight against Zun cultivators now!

The Zun cultivator’s face turned deathly pale. His blood circulated throughout his body, he wanted to heal back his arm again.

“You’re Lin Feng!” said the Zun cultivator.

“Eh?” Lin Feng said, “Someone from the Ba Huang Province!”

Only people from Ba Huang Province could recognize him that quickly.

“I offended you, so I hope you can forgive me.” said that person, his face was still deathly pale. He even seemed a little scared. After all, Lin Feng had killed Qi Tian Sheng and some Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan. That guy was only a low level Zun cultivator, so he was quite weak compared to Lin Feng.

“What’s going on?” asked someone loudly. More people rose up in the air and they were all Zun cultivators. They saw that their friend’s arm was cut off, so they were staring at Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, we didn’t know it was you, please forgive us.” said that person again, scared that his friends could offend Lin Feng. He had to warn them, otherwise, they might make the same mistake.

“Lin Feng!”

“He’s Lin Feng!” the Zun cultivators were all surprised. Just like in the legends, he was young and handsome, he had also only broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer, but he could already killed low level Zun cultivators easily. He didn’t even need Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword.

“Slap yourself!” Lin Feng didn’t understand why there were Zun cultivators in Xue Yue. Were those people from the Wen Clan?

That Zun cultivator was surprised. Lin Feng was asking a Zun cultivator to slap his own face?

“You have three seconds.” said Lin Feng.

“Slap!” The Zun cultivator slapped his own face. If he wanted to live on, he could only lose face for now.

Lin Feng was still calmly sitting on his sword with Liu Fei in his arms. Lin Feng was fearless even though he was facing a group of people who could easily destroy mountains.

Liu Fei lowered her head and smiled. Lin Feng had become so strong already, even Zun cultivators feared him. A few more years and then how strong would he be?

She was already very excited.

“Are you from the Wen Clan?” asked Lin Feng.

“No.” said his interlocutor shaking his head.

“Apart from the Wen Clan, who here could be from the Ba Huang Province? How did you come here?” asked Lin Feng in a cold way.

“After the apparition above the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal appeared, some people said that the place in that image possessed incredible treasures. So, several powerful groups oppressed the Wen Clan to activate the teleportation portal for themselves.” replied the Zun cultivator. Lin Feng was amazed. Oppressed the Wen Clan?

What treasure was there in Xue Yue? What could make influential groups force the Wen Clan to activate the teleportation portal? After Lin Feng left Ba Huang Province, it seemed like even more things had happened, but just what exactly was happening behind the scenes?

“Can everybody use the teleportation portal now?” asked Lin Feng.

“Yes, temporarily at least, but people have to pay with abstruse crystal. The Wen Clan can’t let people use their things for free!”

“Piss off. If you dare attack ordinary people in Xue Yue, I’ll kill you!” said Lin Feng. The Zun cultivators descended from the sky.

After they left, Lin Feng smiled wryly. Had he known, he wouldn’t have crossed the entire continent like he had, he would have used the teleportation portal instead.

Of course, he couldn’t know that. He couldn’t know that other powerful groups would put so much pressure on the Wen Clan.

“What treasures are there in the Yun Hai mountain range?” thought Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought things would progress so fast. Now, too many people could use the teleportation portal. Soon, there would probably be even more strong cultivators in Xue Yue.

“Let’s go.” said Lin Feng. His sword streaked across the sky in the direction of Yangzhou City.

Liu Fei, who was still in Lin Feng’s arms, turned her head and asked, “Where is the Ba Huang Province?”

“In the central part of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. There’s a town called the Holy City, and outside of the Holy City, there is the Ba Huang Province and Jiu You.” explained Lin Feng.

“In the central part of the continent, there are probably many strong cultivators!” whispered Liu Fei. No wonder all those people were Zun cultivators.

“Right, there are also many cultivation emperors, so Zun cultivators are normal there.”

“Cultivation emperors!” Liu Fei was amazed. She couldn’t imagine what cultivation emperors were like. She had only heard of such people in legends. Even Zun cultivators were incredible for her.

“Those guys seemed to be scared of you, are you really that strong?” said Liu Fei laughing.

“If I weren’t strong, how could I hug such a beautiful girl?” said Lin Feng jokingly. Liu Fei rolled her eyes, “You’ve become so strong and yet, you still say such indecent things.”

“Indecent?” Lin Feng shrugged. Lin Feng moved his hand inside Liu Fei’s clothes and started moving it up. She blushed and moved even closer to him, she was feeling extremely shy.

“That’s how we handle things.” thought Lin Feng smiling in a resplendent way. He could still remember her, naked, in the water. He had just arrived in that world back then, he was a pure young boy. From that moment on, he had been constantly changing, until the destruction of the Yun Hai Sect and so on.

“You bastard, you’re indecent!” said Liu Fei shyly. She tapped his hand gently.

“You used to be such a rambunctious girl, how come you’ve become shy now? In the future, I think I’ll act even more indecently.” said Lin Feng giggling. Liu Fei was speechless, she didn’t dare look at him anymore.

Xue Yue, Yangzhou City, the new imperial city.
After arriving in Yangzhou City, Lin Feng and Liu Fei jumped off the sword and went to the central part of the town. Lin Feng released his godly awareness and inspected the town. As he had expected, there were many Zun cultivators in Yangzhou City as well.

“As expected, there are Zun cultivators everywhere here.” thought Lin Feng. There were people from all of the Ba Huang Province.

Luckily, those people had come with a precise goal, without the intention to annoy ordinary people. Otherwise, they could have destroyed the country already.

However, were there people who had tried to go to the imperial palace? After all, it wasn’t an ordinary place.

When Lin Feng thought about it, he dragged Liu Fei and flew towards the palace. Some people sensed a strong wind brush against their bodies, but they didn’t notice anything in particular.

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