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PMG Chapter 1253: I’m Back

PMG Chapter 1253: I’m Back

Yangzhou City was now Xue Yue’s imperial city. There were plenty of strong cultivators there now. Many of whom had already broken through to the Tian Qi layer.

Back when, Duan Ren Huang had astonished the country because he had broken through to the Tian Qi layer. He had no enemies then, but now, Tian level cultivators were the norm. Inside the imperial palace, there were at least ten people who had become quite strong. Xue Yue could now be considered a low level empire even!

However, many people had realized that Tian level cultivators were seemingly weak compared to all the strong cultivators that had arrived of late. Tian level cultivators were nothing compared to Zun cultivators and there were so many Zun cultivators in Yangzhou City now.

“We’ve all made such great improvements to become strong and now we are still too weak. We’re really cursed.” said someone outside the imperial palace.

“What can we do? The deployment spell could kill Zun cultivators, but now if they teleport inside, they won’t act friendly with everyone inside.” said someone else sighing.

“Unfortunately, King Lin Feng is not here. Otherwise, I wonder what would happen. Maybe he would be able to face them.”

“Last time, he killed people of the Tian Qi layer and even cast a protection spell which could kill Zun cultivators! I wonder how strong he is now.”

“No use. Even though King Lin Feng is strong, he’s still young. How could he compete with such incredible beings as Zun cultivators. Besides, this time, there aren’t only one or two, there are countless Zun cultivators.” some people were chatting and sighing.

They didn’t know that Lin Feng could hear what they were saying.

Lin Feng and Liu Fei appeared outside of the palace. Some people really wanted to attack the palace?

The palace was his emblem, his symbol, if those strong cultivators wanted to invade it, they could. They could also see that the deployment spell wasn’t incredible.

“I hope everyone’s fine!” thought Lin Feng. He entered the palace and found guards in red armors inside, they looked solemn and respectful. Their eyes looked bright and piercing, they were imperial Chi Xie soldiers, the elite forces of Xue Yue.

Ordinary soldiers were not allowed to guard that prestigious place, only Chi Xie soldiers had that honor.

They immediately recognized Liu Fei and her stunning figure. And the young man next to her, he was quite handsome.

Metallic clanging sounds echoed as they put their spears down and knelt down. Surprisingly, the army of Xue Yue was kneeling down before a young man and a young girl.

“Your Majesty the King!” said the soldiers in unison. They all looked excited.

“Your Majesty the King!”

“Lin Feng!” suddenly, some people thought about something, , King Lin Feng!
King Lin Feng had come back!

“Get up.” said Lin Feng in a gentle way, smiling. He looked friendly and easy-going.

Lin Feng dragged Liu Fei with him and entered the palace.

“Cling cling…” the metallic sound of the spears continued sounding as Lin Feng went further inside the palace. General Lin Feng was back! He was going to solve all their problems!

Lin Feng inspected the palace with his godly awareness. His mother Yue Meng He and his father were in a pavilion, they were both frowning and looked unhappy.

Xin Ye still looked pure and beautiful. She didn’t seem to have grown any older, she was in her own courtyard painting. On her side, there were a few girls who looked slender and elegant, pretty and charming.

“Mister Chi and Mister Huo are still concocting potions!” thought Lin Feng laughing.

For Lin Feng, as long as everybody was alive, he was happy. For everything else, he was there, he could deal with it himself!

Lin Feng raised his head, looked at the sky, smiled, took a deep breath and said, “I’m back!”

“I’m back… I’m back!”

His voice invaded the entire palace and echoed about.

Lin Hai and Yue Meng He immediately stopped talking. They suddenly turned around and ran in the direction of the voice.

“Is that Little Lin Feng’s voice?” whispered Yue Meng He. She had tears in her eyes. Parents were always extremely worried about their children. How many nights were filled with nightmares, thinking the worst of things had happened to their son. They didn’t care how strong Lin Feng was, they just wanted him to be alive and happy, he was still their baby!

Xin Ye’s paint brush fell to the ground, she turned around and gazed into the distance. Suddenly, she also had tears in her eyes.

Xiao Ya’s eyes twinkled as she rose up in the air and shouted excitedly, “Brother!”

“Lin Feng!” whispered Yun Xi. She smiled in a resplendent way and gazed into the distance.

“Boom boom!” the alchemy room exploded. The two old men glanced at each other and laughed, their faces were all black.

Everybody started running around excitedly.

King Lin Feng was back! Everything was going to be fine!

The first person to make it to Lin Feng was Xiao Ya. She descended from the sky and smiled at Lin Feng. Then, she ran towards him and hugged him.

“Brother, finally, you’re back.”

Lin Feng hugged her too and made a face, did she want to oppress him with her energies?

“You’re a grown girl now, you’re not so shy anymore!” said Lin Feng hugging Xiao Ya. Xiao Ya had become slender and elegant, she was almost as tall as him.

“Well, who told you not to come back more often? I missed you so much!” said Xiao Ya blushing. Lin Feng and Liu Fei glanced at each other and laughed, Xiao Ya was also shy.

“Don’t make fun of me!” said Xiao Ya.

“Alright, we’re not.” said Lin Feng while he caressed Xiao Ya’s hair. Then, he saw two more people arrive behind her. Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent way and said, “Dad, mom!”

“You’re back, you’re back…” Yue Meng He wiped off her tears and smiled.

“Little boy, you came back to see your old parents!” said Lin Hai. Lin Feng smiled, everybody was happy and smiling.

Someone else came out and she was beautiful, but had tears in her eyes.

Duan Xin Ye stopped and looked at Lin Feng, she wanted to talk, she wanted to say something for she had millions of things to tell Lin Feng, but in the end nothing came out.

Lin Feng walked towards her and wiped off her tears, but she ended up crying even more.

Xin Ye fell in Lin Feng’s arms and cried frantically!

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