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PMG Chapter 1255: Peaceful Times

PMG Chapter 1255: Peaceful Times

Lin Hai and the others looked at Lin Feng in a strange way, was he that strong?

“Little Lin Feng, after Fortune City, did anything happen?” asked Lin Hai curiously.

“Long story made short, a lot happened in Fortune City and I became stronger. Besides that, there’s no need to mention the details, otherwise I could talk for days and days.” said Lin Feng laughing. Suddenly, his facial expression became very serious. Then he asked, “Dad, I heard some people wanted to attack our palace?”

Lin Feng had wanted to ask the entire time, but everybody was so happy that he didn’t want to ruin such a precious moment.

Lin Hai remained silent for a few seconds, nodded and said, “Lin Feng, in Yangzhou City, many strong cultivators have appeared. Many Zun cultivators are in the villages and there are three powerful group who want to invade our palace. They gave us three days to leave, otherwise they’d kill us.”

“Kill them?” Lin Feng looked furious.

“Besides, they couldn’t do that thanks to the deployment spell in the first place, otherwise, they would have already invaded the palace. They even killed a few Chi Xie soldiers.” said Lin Hai. When Lin Feng was there, Lin Hai dealt with the affairs of the country, he had faced those strong cultivators and felt weak in front of them. He could only depend on the deployment spell.

“If we leave, we won’t have the deployment spell anymore, so they can’t decide what they want to do.” said Lin Feng.

“I was wondering if having as many people as possible come into the area of the deployment spell, but if a strong cultivator manages to break it, then they’ll kill us all, and even if they didn’t manage to break it, we can’t stay in there forever.” said Lin Hai.

“That’s a dilemma.” said Mister Huo sighing. They were weak so they were stuck.

“Three days you said?” said Lin Feng.

“Little Lin Feng, you can’t fight!” said Yue Meng He in a fragile voice, “There are so many Zun cultivators, even though you’re strong and can defeat a few Zun cultivators, you can’t deal with Zun cultivators from three monumental influential groups. We can only hide and try to find another solution.”

“If nothing works, we’ll have to hide in the area of the deployment spell and see how long they will stay in Yangzhou City.” said Lin Hai. He also hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t fight.

“You need to become stronger, Lin Feng.” said Mister Chi. Lin Feng smiled, he knew everybody was worried about him.

“Besides, I sent some people around to scout the country, they’re not only in Yangzhou City, they’re everywhere in the country. The strongest cultivators, surprisingly, are where you used to study, in the Yun Hai mountain range. I don’t know how they go there though.”

“They’re from the Ba Huang Province, like me.” said Lin Feng smiling.

“No wonder they’re so strong. They from Ba Huang.”

“Little Lin Feng, don’t fight, alright? You need time. First things first, are we staying or are we leaving? We’ll listen to you.” Lin Hai was terribly worried.

“Dad, I understand.” said Lin Feng nodding. He didn’t explain much because his parents were too worried anyways.

“Alright, Little Lin Feng, you came all the way from Ba Huang Province, so you’ve had a long trip and must be tired. Stay with Xin Ye.” Yue Meng He said smiling. Feng had his own way of doing things, she had told her son her opinion, so now Lin Feng could decide what he wanted to do.

“Little Lin Feng, Meng Qing, Xin Ye and Fei Fei are all happy to have you in their life, you have to be a responsible man.” she said, this time using telepathy. Her son had so many beautiful women, she was happy and proud, but she also hoped he was a responsible husband. Lin Hai and her had been separated for a long time, so she didn’t hope the same would happen to Lin Feng and the women who loved him.

“Mom, I understand.” said Lin Feng. Yue Meng He glanced at him and smiled. Then, she said to Xin Ye and Liu Fei, “Xin Ye, Fei Fei, enjoy your time with Little Lin Feng.”

Then, they left. Mister Chi and Mister Huo smiled and left Lin Feng alone with the girls.

Xin Ye and Liu Fei looked at Yue Meng He in a shy way. Lin Feng looked at Xin Ye, “Xin Ye, you’ve gone through so much.”

Xin Ye put her hand on Lin Feng’s mouth and said, “You’re back, I’m so happy. Let’s go, there!”

Xin Ye dragged Lin Feng to make him stand up and then walked to Liu Fei and grabbed her hand. “Fei Fei, you’re going to live with me too, right!”

Liu Fei used to live in the General’s headquarters, but now, it was best for her to move on from those sad things.

“Thank you.” said Liu Fei to Xin Ye.

“We’re a family, don’t say thank you. We’re sisters now so let’s go.” the two girls were holding hands and had almost forgot about Lin Feng, making him smile wryly.

“Brother, I’m still the best for you!” said Xiao Ya jumping on Lin Feng’s back.

“Right, you’re the best.” said Lin Feng. She looked so slender and elegant and at the same time she also acted like a kid, that was strange.

Xin Ye liked silence and elegance, so the place she had settled inside the palace had a river, a cave, some stones, and trees. Xiao Ya and Yun Xi also lived with Xin Ye. A few girls together, living a happy life and not thinking about any of the sad things.

“No hot spring!” said Lin Feng smiling, making Xin Ye’s face turn red.

“Tonight, Fei Fei and I will share a bed, you can sleep in the bamboo forest!” said Xin Ye.

“Eh…” Lin Feng smiled. He had just come back, so why was she so cruel?

“There should be space for a third person!” whispered Lin Feng. Xin Ye gulped down and said, “You’re so indecent!”

“Fei Fei, come with me and just ignore him!” Xin Ye and Liu Fei walked towards the gave and left Lin Feng behind. Like in the past, when Xin Ye and Meng Qing were together, they ignored him.

“Master, you can sleep in my bed and I can share a bed with Yun Xi!” said Yi Xue. She couldn’t help it when she saw Lin Feng smile wryly.

Lin Feng looked at the sky and nodded, “Alright, thank you Yi Xue!”

“Don’t say thank you, you’re the master and I’m your servant. I’ll clean the room for you even.” said Yi Xue running ahead, followed by Yun Xi. Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya and asked, “Xiao Ya, do you miss your grandpa?”

Xiao Ya remained silent and nodded.

“We’ll go and see him together, sooner or later.” said Lin Feng caressing her head.

“Yep, we have to become even stronger first. There are many powerful cultivators in the Holy City. Until you go there, you won’t understand what a powerful place it is. It’s even more incredible than the Ba Huang Province.” said Xiao Ya giggling.

“Xiao Ya, you should become stronger too, good luck!” said Lin Feng smiling. Lin Feng was becoming stronger and stronger, so he knew even more things. Back then, Mister Xiao had given him a talisman, it wasn’t complete but it contained a thread of godly awareness, and even though it was only a thread, Mister Xiao had terrified a Zun cultivator. Mister Xiao’s strength must be unfathomable.

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