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PMG Chapter 1256: Xin Ye’s Path

PMG Chapter 1256: Xin Ye’s Path

Lin Feng was lying on a bed that night, his eyes were open and he was enjoying the calmness of the night.

Unfortunately, those next several days weren’t going to be peaceful, especially in the Yun Hai mountain range. So for the time being, he wanted to enjoy the calmness and peacefulness of being with his friends and family.

Lin Feng heard the door, smiled and closed his eyes.

Xin Ye’s head poked in. She slowly walked towards him and lied down next to Lin Feng.

However, Lin Feng acted as if he was sound asleep.

“You’re pretending!” said Xin Ye unhappily and then she shook Lin Feng. Lin Feng burst into laughter, he grabbed her head and dragged her to him.

“What, you missed me?” said Lin Feng holding her tight. She turned red and nodded.

“And you’re sleeping here happily, but you didn’t even come to look for me.” said Xin Ye unhappily.

“I was afraid to be indecent!” said Lin Feng.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng pulled her face to his and kissed her lips. Xin Ye became petrified, her eyes were suddenly filled with endless love and passion.

Lin Feng put his hands on her face and said, “Xin Ye, how come you’ve become so strong?”

Lin Feng thought that the strongest cultivator of the palace was neither his father, his mother, Mister Chi nor Mister Huo, but Xin Ye!

She had already broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, a few more levels and she’d start scaring Xue Yue with her cultivation level alone. How come though? After all, in the past, she didn’t like practicing cultivation that much.

Xin Ye looked at him in a strange way as if she wasn’t sure either, “I don’t know either. Suddenly, it was as if someone had taught me cultivation, and suddenly my skills were getting even better.”

Lin Feng was surprised. How strange.

Xin Ye and Yue Xin had so many things in common and they looked exactly the same.

“Lin Feng, what’s wrong?” Xin Ye asked because Lin Feng had suddenly looked strange.

“I’m alright.” said Lin Feng in a gentle way. Xin Ye just smiled in a gentle way.

“Lin Feng, Fei Fei is still in my room, I’ll sleep here, you go and join her.” said Xin Ye pushing Lin Feng.

Lin Feng shook his head, smiled and said, “You came here, do you want to escape from the devil now? Mwahaha!”

Xin Ye’s face turned completely red when she heard him. Lin Feng’s hand slid into her clothes.

Xin Ye turned her head and she didn’t look at him, her face was extremely red.

Lin Feng was terribly aroused. He was moving slowly as he grabbed her head and made her turn around. Then he kissed her passionately. At the same time, he put his hand on her perfect breasts and touched her gently, making her moan. Xin Ye put her arms around Lin Feng, slowly getting into the mood.

Lin Feng slowly took her clothes off, they took each other in the arms and became one.

“Xin Ye!” said Lin Feng while he was on top of Xin Ye.

Xin Ye opened her eyes and looked at Lin Feng.

“Xin Ye, no matter what happens, you must remember that I love you deeply, you’re my beloved wife!” said Lin Feng, while continuing to make love with her.

“Alright! I know!” said Xin Ye dragging Lin Feng close to her again. She only loved Lin Feng. He was the closest person she had in her life.

Xin Ye didn’t try to hide her moaning, her voice was loud and could be heard all around, even outside of the room.

“Lin Feng, that’s my world, make love to me like a beast!” said Xin Ye. She was terribly aroused, her voice incredibly arousing too. Lin Feng then made love to her with even more passion.

After a long time, they stopped and snuggled, it all felt like a dream. Xin Ye was in Lin Feng’s arm, she was sweating, and her face was red. She felt shy after finishing and didn’t dare look at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just held Xin Ye in his arms and caressed her. A moment before, while they were making love, it seemed like they had ended up in another world. Xin Ye seemed like she had learnt how to create a parallel world. Lin Feng had also learnt how to cast territorial spells when he had broken through to the fifth Tian Qi layer, but he didn’t ask her about that. Instead, he just held her tight, as if he were scared that she would leave him.

“Humans belong to the Earth, the Earth belongs to the sky, the sky follows Taoism, and Taoism follows nature. Nothing controls anything, nature takes its course, the heart and the mind, feelings and desires, let us awake to the truth and attain enlightenment!” said Xin Ye raising her head and looking at Lin Feng.

Nature didn’t oppress the heart and the mind, it didn’t oppress desires and feelings, everything was natural, the ten thousand things of creation were part of nature.

No wonder Xin Ye had become so strong, her ways of thinking had changed completely. She had already started walking on the path of enlightenment.

“You’ve become so strong, my little Xin Ye!” said Lin Feng smiling. Xin Ye smiled, she was still very pure,  she was in love, and Lin Feng acknowledging her!

“My silly girl!” said Lin Feng cuddling with Xin Ye. Then, they fell asleep, relaxed and happy. Nothing could pollute their thoughts.

That night, Lin Feng slept great. When he woke up, Xin Ye was already dressed and sitting next to him, she was caressing his hair and looking at him.

“Xin Ye, I want to do it again!” said Lin Feng jokingly. Xin Ye blushed and rolled her eyes, “Hurry up and get out of bed. I need to clean the room, it’s Yi Xue’s room!”

“Eh…” Lin Feng smiled wryly and got up. He had forgotten it was Yi Xue’s room.

After a short while, they finished cleaning the room and got out.

“Brother!” said Xiao Ya as if she had been waiting outside for a while. She then looked at Xin Ye, her eyes were twinkling as she said, “Xin Ye, the clothes you put on today look really nice!”

Xin Ye blushed when she heard that. Xiao Ya laughed and walked towards Lin Feng, she grabbed his hand and said, “Brother, yesterday evening, you had your fun with Xin Ye, so today, you have to stay with me because we rarely do things together.”

“Alright, we can spend some time together.” said Lin Feng caressing her head.

“And Yun Xi and Yi Xue also want to come.” said Xiao Ya giggling.

“Alright, altogether!” said Lin Feng nodding. He hadn’t had any time to walk around in Yangzhou City yet. Lin Feng was happy to walk around, explore, see his city. After two days, he would start taking care of personal matters again. He was wondering what it looked like inside the Yun Hai mountain range. There were still strong cultivators in Yangzhou City though, he had to see what he could do about that. If something happened in Yangzhou City, the whole country would be in trouble.

Early in the morning, inside Yangzhou City, it was particularly calm and peaceful. They were walking on the main road, the breeze was brushing against their bodies.

“What a beautiful girl, who is that young man man? He looks extraordinary and rich!” thought some people. A man and a few beautiful girls walking on the street, how could people not notice that? Besides, they seemed quite close. Amongst the two most beautiful girls, one looked natural and pure, the other looked hot and seducing. There was also a slender and elegant girl.

“Brother, look!” said Xiao Ya running towards a vendor’s booth. There were all sorts of things there, hairpins, toys, etc. In Yangzhou City, there were many stands with such things, but in the Ba Huang Province, such things were extremely rare.

Lin Feng felt calm and peaceful. People in Yangzhou City were stronger than they used to be. Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya and felt happy.

“Trot, trot, trot…” in the distance, there were horses sprinting.

The leaders were a young man and a young girl. The young man looked extraordinary while the girl looked heroic. She was wearing a fiery-red robe and she was beautiful, but looked indifferent.

“That’s Lin Qian, the beautiful girl from the Lin Clan, unfortunately, the Lin Clan expelled Lin Feng in the past, otherwise Yangzhou City would be theirs!” thought some people when they saw that girl. In the past, the Lin Clan had expelled Lin Feng and then he had started rising and ruling over Xue Yue, everybody knew that stuff. Everybody talked about the legendary Lin Feng when having a cup of tea or a meal with friends and family. Of course, sometimes people also thought about Lin Qian, apart from Lin Feng, she was the strongest cultivator of the Lin Clan.

Especially those days, since Lin Qian had come back to the Lin Clan, she had become quite strong!

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