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PMG Chapter 1258: Sharing the Imperial Palace

PMG Chapter 1258: Sharing the Imperial Palace

After Lin Feng went back to the governmental buildings, Lin Feng made everyone get inside the protection area, he didn’t want them to get injured or killed. After all, they couldn’t compete with Zun cultivators.

Three powerful groups with Zun cultivators, even though the people of Yangzhou City had accepted their presence for a while, they were scared that they could destroy the country.

“Little Feng, you’re going to do something, luckily, you gave us time to get prepared!” said Lin Hai, he sounded extremely worried.

Lin Feng smiled and said nothing. He took out a sword talisman. With Jiange’s speed, no matter who had arrived first, whether they had used the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal or not, everybody should be in Xue Yue now, including Jiange.

Dealing with three powerful groups shouldn’t be a problem, and after dealing with those people, he’d have to go to the Yun Hai mountain range. The palace wasn’t guarded by enough strong cultivators, so Lin Feng intended to make some strong cultivators from Jiange protect the palace of Yangzhou City and the valleys of Xue Yue.

“Plops!” Lin Feng broke the talisman and smiled. Invading his palace wouldn’t be that easy!

“If they want to attack, they can. We’ll just stay in the protected area, but I don’t think they’ll stay in Yangzhou City forever.” whispered Yue Meng He. Lin Hai nodded and said,“I wouldn’t have thought that a powerful group would stay at the Lin’s, I hope they’re not plotting something!”

Even though the Lin Clan despised Lin Hai, he had their blood after all.

“Get the hell out of there!”

“Get the hell out of there… get the hell out of there…” an extremely loud voice echoed, making the palace shake.

“They arrived quickly.” whispered Lin Hai.

The imperial guards were at the front of the protected area while Lin Hai and the others were on the edges. Between them, there was nothing. The first powerful group to arrive was the group which had stayed at the Lin’s. The young man whose cultivation had been crippled by Lin Feng was there too, but someone was helping him walk.

“Dad, that’s him. Help me destroy him!” said the young man. Lin Feng had crippled his cultivation, so there would  be no mercy.

At that moment, Lin Hai had activated the deployment spell and oppressive energies invaded the area. Even Zun cultivators couldn’t break that spell.

“Do you think that you can hide in that protection spell?” said the young man’s father. “Initially, I wanted to scare you away, but since you’re asking for it, I’ll kill you all regardless!”

“Dad, I want all those girls!” said the young man pointing at the beautiful women standing behind Lin Feng.

“Alright, I’ll give them all to you.” said that Zun cultivator.

“Are you done talking shit?” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“If you want to attack, can you hurry up, please?” said Lin Feng, further infuriating those people. The young man’s father turned around and said, “Let’s surround the protected area and set the walls on fire, we’ll slowly burn them to death like roasted pigs.”

“Alright. What a bunch of reckless insects!” said someone else. They couldn’t imagine that such a small country would dare offend them.

“Besides, they called that building an imperial palace, something belonging to a king. How can they be so ignorant.”

A second powerful group arrived.

“Remember, do not destroy the buildings, even though a bunch of insects live here, the buildings are extremely beautiful. In the future, this territory will be ours.” said one of the leaders.

“Bunch of ignorant insects, we gave you time and you still didn’t get the hell out of there!” said someone from the third powerful group, just now arriving. Someone from another of the two groups said, “How should we share that “imperial palace” after we’re done?”

“It’s big enough, we can divide it into three parts.” suggested someone else.

“Alright, I don’t mind. We can join hands to destroy the deployment spell and then, those who kill the most people can choose whatever part they want first. What do you think?” asked the young man’s father.

“Join hands to break the deployment spell!” people in the protected area looked terrified. Could so many strong cultivators break the deployment spell? Were they going to die?

The crowd outside of the governmental buildings and in the city center were also terrified.

“Alright, they’re only a bunch of insects. We gave them an opportunity and they let it slip, so let’s kill them!”

At that moment, Lin Qian and the Lin Clan arrived too, The government of Yangzhou City could be destroyed at any moment, so they had mixed feelings.

“I told you that you would regret what you did and now you’re going to die.” said Lin Qian. She wanted to fight on the young man’s side now, otherwise, his clan would be offended and they’d kill them.

Lin Feng looked at her and smiled indifferently, “Stop overthinking things.”

“Lin Feng was surprisingly remaining calm under this pressure, does he have that much faith in his deployment spell?” wondered many people outside of the palace.

“Last time King Lin Feng came back, he surprised all of us.” thought many people.

“You’re dull and stupid. You want to bring about your own destruction.” said Lin Qian.

But Lin Feng didn’t look at her, he just smiled indifferently. Jiange people had arrived already.

Lin Feng turned to the three powerful groups, rose up in the air and left the protected area.

“Little Lin Feng!” shouted Lin Hai, he didn’t understand what he was doing.

“Little Lin Feng, what are you doing?” asked Yue Meng He, she was also scared.

“Lin Feng!” shouted Xin Ye.

But Lin Feng turned around, smiled at them in a resplendent way and said, “Don’t worry, just leave them to me!”

His smile was full of confidence.

“He came out!” the crowd was surprised, also wondering what he was doing.

“He’s insane!”
“Tap, tap…” Lin Feng continued to walk in their direction.

“Father!” said the young man whose cultivation had been crippled. He couldn’t wait to see Lin Feng die.

“Who wants to have him? Don’t kill him, just cut off his arms and capture him.” said the young man’s father.

Lin Feng stopped and raised his head, looking at the three groups. Then, he said indifferently, “I hope you remember what you just said because I will.”

“Eh?” the enemies were surprised.

“What a naive guy.” thought some people. How could Lin Feng be so confident?

“How stupid!” A Zun cultivator came out and looked at Lin Feng in a disdainful way, “Little boy, you are just a frog in a well.”

He condensed fire energies in his hand and the temperature suddenly increased. Then, he threw a fireball and launched himself at Lin Feng.

“A Zun cultivator, according to legends, can destroy countless people in a single punch!” thought the crowd.

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