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PMG Chapter 126: Meng Qing’s Pain!

Special thanks to Michael M for sponsoring this chapter. What you didn’t know is when I took my break earlier…there was no break….just pure translation…Do I look like someone who needs a break from such a puny queue?

Enjoy xoxo

But very quickly, Meng Qing stopped looking at Liu Fei and calmly looked at Lin Feng. Right after that, she went into a small room of the living quarters and closed the door.

Meng Qing’s reaction made Lin Feng smile wryly. From Meng Qing’s cold and detached reaction, Lin Feng couldn’t guess what she was thinking. He had no idea what she was feeling in her heart.

“Lin Feng… you’re a real bastard…..” Liu Fei was biting on her lips and looked at Lin Feng with her eyes filled with sadness. She then immediately left the living quarters.


Lin Feng was puzzled. Millions of questions passed through his mind. Wasn’t she a bit moody? How could she look at him with such eyes? She looked completely heartbroken. Could it be that she really liked him?

Lin Feng was lost and didn’t understand anything anymore so he was just smiling wryly. Women’s hearts were really incomprehensible for him.

Of course Lin Feng didn’t understand Liu Fei’s inner-thoughts. When Liu Cang Lan had asked Lin Feng to take of Liu Fei, his purpose was to make them more intimate by spending longer periods of time with each other.

Liu Cang Lan didn’t know how long he would be able to stay alive. He was in great danger after all. The only person Liu Fei could rely on if he died was Lin Feng. Even though they didn’t like each other at the beginning because of a few misunderstandings, afterwards Lin Feng had shown that he was the kind of person that she could believe in. He had displayed outstanding physical abilities and was very enlightened on spiritual matters. While getting to know Lin Feng, Liu Fei had gradually forgotten about all of the bad things she thought about Lin Feng originally. Especially, when he left the Yun Hai Sect on the day of the bloodbath, she only had only thought positive things about Lin Feng.

Liu Fei already had feelings for Lin Feng which is why she had accepted to listen to her father and follow Lin Feng. Besides, deep in her heart, she was starting to get used to being together with Lin Feng. Therefore, she found it very normal to live alone with Lin Feng.

But when Liu Fei opened the door of Lin Feng’s living quarters, the first thing she was a girl and on top of that, an incredibly beautiful girl. She felt like her heart was broken which is why she had rushed out of the living quarters. She couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Lin Feng, whom are you going to comfort first? The one inside? Or are you going to chase the other one outside?” asked Yuan Shan who was standing outside. Lin Feng frowned after hearing his words.

“I should go and talk to Liu Fei first.” thought Lin Feng. Liu Fei was still particularly vulnerable because of all the things that had happened, including those with her father. Lin Feng was really worried about her.

Lin Feng went out, jumped through the air and tried to catch up with Liu Fei. She was heading towards the exit. She seemed like she was really angry and wasn’t even saying a word.

Lin Feng followed her and finally caught up with her. At that moment, they were already outside of the ancient palace.

“Why are you doing this to me?” asked Liu Fei to Lin Feng. She looked at him with an ice cold glare. Lin Feng clearly noticed that she was jealous.

Lin Feng was feeling weird deep in his heart. He had never felt in love during his lifetime so he didn’t know what it felt like but at that moment, delicate and subtle emotions filled his heart.

Lin Feng remained speechless and was just fixedly staring at Liu Fei while walking with her.

“I asked you a question.” said Liu Fei glaring at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was still staring at her. Liu Fei was stupefied. What the hell was he looking at?!

“Do… you like me?” said Lin Feng in a small and weak voice while scratching his head.

Liu Fei was startled with surprise and almost fell down. She turned around, blinked and looked at Lin Feng. Suddenly, she started laughing loudly.

“Me? Like you? In your dreams!” replied Liu Fei coldly. She then turned around and walked at a faster pace. She had never had such feelings and emotions before. Her heart was pounding extremely fast.

“Really?” said Lin Feng surprised. Could it be that he had just imagined it?

“Liu Fei, stop walking away please.” shouted Lin Feng to Liu Fei who was moving farther and farther away. Liu Fei suddenly stopped walking.

“Don’t forget what you promised to your father! You must listen to me.” said Lin Feng impolitely.

Liu Fei obviously found it hard to turn around. She gnashed her teeth while furiously looking at Lin Feng. That bastard was using her promise to her dad as an excuse!

But at that moment, Lin Feng walked up to her. When he arrived next to her, his hand grabbed Liu Fei’s hand and he said: “Let’s go back, alright?”

Lin Feng was holding her hand so tightly that she couldn’t get away from him. That bastard was using strength against her. As she couldn’t break her hand free from his, she just angrily glared at him.

“Relax now.” Lin Feng was proud of himself. Coping with women wasn’t an easy thing but Liu Fei was being docile at that moment.

Of course, He wouldn’t be able to do the same thing with Meng Qing. If he tried to use force against her, she would probably attack him and in the blink of an eye he would be sent flying.

A short time after, Yuan Shan and Duan Feng saw Lin Feng and Liu Fei coming back hand in hand. When they saw that Liu Fei wasn’t struggling and was holding his hand too, they were astonished. They looked at Lin Feng in a way which looked like they were worshiping his prowess with women. What a truly talented young man!

“There are many rooms in my living quarters, you can choose one and stay there. If you don’t agree, you can live with Jing Yun.” said Lin Feng releasing Liu Fei’s hand.

“Who would want to live in the living quarters of a bastard like you?” said Liu Fei looking at Lin Feng with cruel eyes. Lin Feng suddenly felt relieved though and had the feeling that Liu Fei had returned to her usual self.

Uncle Liu had asked him to take care of her. It seemed like better days would be in the future because today he felt terrible.

Lin Feng shook his head and went back into his apartment. He moved towards the room in which Meng Qing was and softly knocked at her door.

There was no reply for a few seconds and then Lin Feng heard Meng Qing’s voice from behind the door say: “I want to have a rest. Go and have fun with her.”

“Eh….” Lin Feng was smiling wryly. Could it be that the divine and spiritual Meng Qing was jealous?

But Lin Feng quickly refuted the idea that she could be jealous. Meng Qing always gave the impression that she had a stone cold heart. Lin Feng never knew what she was thinking.

“I said that I wanted to rest. Leave now.” shouted Meng Qing from inside the room. Lin Feng was stupefied.

What was going on? What was wrong with her?

Men Qing had always sounded cold and detached. Her mood seemed to never really change but at that moment, she almost sounded angry.

“Meng Qing……” said Lin Feng again but Meng Qing immediately interrupted him and said: “Go away!”

Something was wrong.

A light twinkled in Lin Feng’s eyes. There was obviously something wrong!

Lin Feng resolutely pushed the door of her room but… it didn’t open. It seemed to be locked from inside.

Lin Feng pushed the door with all his strength and eventually managed to open it. He then immediately entered the room.

Lin Feng just felt an extremely strong and cold Qi starting to oppress his body. How scary! The scariest was that Qi filled the entire room.

Lin Feng’s pupils shrank. He glanced at the room and then at the simple bed.

Meng Qing was sitting on her bed. Lin Feng was stunned when he saw her. Meng Qing was shivering and her body was covered with a layer of frost.

Meng Qing’s beautiful hair was entirely white as it was covered with frost.

“What’s wrong?” cried out Lin Feng in alarm. Meng Qing raised her head. Maybe that she was just too cold from the frost. She moved her lips but no words came out of her mouth.

“Meng Qing, are you alright? Tell me what’s wrong!” said Lin Feng while walking towards the bed. Lin Feng felt even colder as if his entire body was going to freeze.

It was too cold but the coldness didn’t come from outside, it came from Meng Qing’s body.

“Go away. Don’t come here.” said Meng Qing with a shaking voice.

Lin Feng sensed a strong pain in her words. He recalled the strong and cold Qi that had fallen onto his body a moment before when he had entered the room.

At that moment, Meng Qing’s body was releasing some ice-cold Qi but as always, she was trying to act as if nothing had happened.

Meng Qing didn’t want to tell Lin Feng what was going on.

Lin Feng took a few steps towards her bed and finally reached the edge of it. Suddenly, frost started spreading from his hands and started to cover his whole body. In the blink of an eye, he looked exactly like Meng Qing, covered with frost. He had also started to shiver.

…But he looked determined as ever!

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