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PMG Chapter 1262: The Great Emperor’s Historical Remains!

PMG Chapter 1262: The Great Emperor’s Historical Remains!

Lin Feng landed on a small hill and sat down cross-legged to observe the crowd.

“The Wen Clan!” A thousand meters to his left, someone smiled and nodded at Lin Feng. It was Wen Tian Ge. Only the strongest people from Ba Huang Province could go there.

“Eh?” Lin Feng sensed that someone was looking at him in a cold way. Ten thousand meters away, there were people from the Qi Clan. Lin Feng noticed a particular young man glaring at him.

“Where’s my sister?” asked the young man. The lights emerged from his eyes which made the ground shake. He was one one of the three heroic young cultivators of the Qi Clan, Qi Tian Xu, Qi Jiao Jiao and Qi Tian Sheng’s big brother. When he was younger, he was also one of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province.

Amongst those three heroes, Qi Tian Sheng and Qi Tian Xu were incredible, Qi Jiao Jiao was slightly weaker, but since she was also one of the four most beautiful girls from the Ba Huang Province, she was also considered one of the three heroes.

Unfortunately, amongst the three heroes of the Qi Clan, Qi Tian Sheng had died and his sister was held captive by Lin Feng. As a big brother, he hated Lin Feng. If Lin Feng didn’t have Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, he would fearlessly attack Lin Feng right now and kill him.

“She’s alive!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Lin Feng had heard of the three heroes from the Qi Clan so he knew that Qi Tian Xu existed.

“I will definitely kill you someday!” said Qi Tian Xu before turning around.

Lin Feng ignored him and sat down again and closed his eyes. There were people from so many powerful groups, all except Tiantai. Tiantai didn’t have the same recognition as the other powerful groups yet.

Lin Feng also realized that apart from those he had killed already, Qi Tian Sheng and Bai Qiu Luo, the other eight strongest young cultivators from Ba Huang were all there as well. After Fortune City, they had all broken through to the Zun Qi layer already. Of course, they still needed to travel around to become stronger.

Apart from them, Lin Feng saw many other people he knew, for example: Feng Xuan, Xue Baguio, the thunderbird and others he knew from Fortune City. The thunderbird looked at Lin Feng, but he looked scared. Lin Feng had changed in Fortune City, so much so that the thunderbird couldn’t offend him anymore. Lin Feng had already defeated Long Teng and Qi Tian Sheng.

As far as the brutal part of Ba Huang was concerned, only Mo Peng the great oriental greenfinch roc from the Bestial Imperial Palace could challenge Lin Feng.

But Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to him. He opened his eyes, stood up and saw someone flying over to him. Lin Feng smiled and said, “You’re here too!”

“Hehe, so many of my friends are here, of course I had to come too.” said Yuan Fei smiling. “But, Jun Mo Xi didn’t come. I heard something horrible was happening in the palace of the immortals, the old emperor is about to die.”

“He’s going to die!” Lin Feng was astonished. Such incredibly bad news! If an emperor died and there was nobody to replace him, the situation could become dangerous for them.

There were no new emperors to replace him in the palace of the immortals, but at least the emperor had chosen Jun Mo Xi to replace him.

“Yes, luckily, all the powerful groups from the Ba Huang Province are here in this small country. If nobody had noticed that the Wen Clan was paying particular attention to this place, everybody would have waited for the palace of the immortals’ emperor to die.” said Yuan Fei.

“What is going on here?” asked Lin Feng. After leaving the Ba Huang Province, he didn’t know what had since.

“Some people say that there are some historical remains belonging to the three lives great emperor. Back in the antiquity, a great war happened between great emperors, so there could be some great treasures here.” explained Yuan Fei to Lin Feng. Some people had revealed it in the Ba Huang Province on purpose because they wanted to use the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal.

“The three lives great emperor!” Lin Feng was very surprised. He looked at the remaining hills and dunes. Was the strength of the Heruka from the three-lives Buddha-Demon skills a vestige left by the three lives great emperor?

Was it the three lives great emperor who had sealed the Flame Emperor, Yan Di, in that small world?

“A great war between great emperors?” whispered Lin Feng. Yangzhou City was a small town, but had a great war occurred there?

“If there are historical remains, why don’t we look for treasures then?” asked Lin Feng.

“Everybody’s waiting!” said Yuan Fei before adding, “You can try to dig there, but it’s extremely hard.”

“Eh?” Lin Feng frowned and released sharp sword energies.

“Slash, slash…” a hole appeared but after a dozen meters into the ground, the sword Qi stopped as if it had hit something solid.

Lin Feng frowned. He hadn’t thought that there could be something so hard in the Yun Hai mountain range.

“You’re not the only one. Even strong cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer couldn’t manage to pierce through it. However, many people are unwilling to do anything, instead preferring to wait for others to do all the work.”

Lin Feng laughed. Lin Feng couldn’t use his secret items in front of so many people, who dared?

“Some old cultivators are really patient!” said Lin Feng smiling.

“They’ve been practicing cultivation for over a hundred of years, of course they’re patient. The place won’t disappear anytime soon.” said Yuan Fei laughing. The old cultivators all had their eyes closed. For them, a few months were akin to a few hours.

“Lin Feng!” said someone else. Lin Feng turned around and saw someone in white clothes, a boy who looked as beautiful as a girl.

Lin Feng smiled in a resplendent way. What an incredible feeling to see an old friend!

It was a friend he had back when he was studying at the academy, his former disciple, Wen Ao Xue.

“Long time no see!” said Lin Feng. Wen Ao Xue was surprised before saying, “I wouldn’t have thought that I’d ever see you again. Since you left Xue Yue, you’ve become famous in Ba Huang!”

“I would have never thought that an old friend of mine was from a imperial clan in Ba Huang!” said Lin Feng.

“Orders from the clan, I can’t do anything but obey. I’ve been in Xue Yue for a few years already!” said Wen Ao Xue smiling.

They chatted for a few minutes and then Wen Ao Xue went back to his family.

“Are you not happy?” asked Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng shook his head with mixed feelings. Now that he had seen Wen Ao Xue again and knew that he was from the Wen Clan, he suddenly understood a lot. Even though he used to be very good friends with Wen Ao Xue in the past, it felt strange to know that he was from the Wen Clan. Everybody had hidden motives. Where was he when Yan Yu Ping Sheng had died?

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t blame Wen Ao Xue, it was just that the situation had changed. People from powerful groups were difficult to make friends with, but Yuan Fei was an exception!

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      Afaik, There were only 2 escapee from that fire world,1 the black flag zun who linfeng eventually killed, and flame emperor turned qiong qi.

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