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PMG Chapter 1263: Demoniac Marks

PMG Chapter 1263: Demoniac Marks

“Yuan Fei, who did you come with?” asked Lin Feng. There were so many powerful groups in Xue Yue and all of them had brought cultivators of the top of the Zun Qi layer. Even the strongest young cultivators from the Ba Huang Province hadn’t come alone, it was too dangerous!

“My dad!” said Yuan Fei pointing at a big and muscular man. He looked as strong as Yuan Fei.

“My dad and a few old apes!” the middle-aged man looked at them, smiled and nodded at Lin Feng. Lin Feng waved at him. Yuan Fei’s father was probably a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer and the people he brought were also probably incredibly strong.

“Lin Feng, if we really find historical remains, you’ll have to be careful. All those people want some treasures. Initially, my family didn’t want to come, but I wanted to come and have some fun so they followed me.” warned Yuan Fei. Lin Feng was alone so even if someone killed him, who would protect him?

“I’ll hide far away.” said Lin Feng jokingly, but he took Yuan Fei’s words seriously. Having Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword didn’t mean he could do anything he wanted.

“Hehe, look how everybody is practicing cultivation. We should do the same.” said Yuan Fei sitting down on a small hill and closing his eyes.

Lin Feng closed his eyes too and practiced demonic cultivation and studied his eighty-one swords, holy marks pattern.

Lin Feng could only use three types of abstruse energies to create sword skills and techniques so far. He wanted to add a fourth one, but it was too difficult. However, pure abstruse energies alone didn’t have such an explosive power when compared to fusing them together.

Some time passed and still, nothing happened.

At that moment, an older Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan suddenly opened his eyes and walked towards the group of the Wen Clan and said, “The Wen Clan have been preparing for so many years, and you even sent people here first using the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal.”

An older Zun cultivator of the Wen Clan also opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the Qi Clan’s site. Back then, in Tian Xu Town when the images appeared in the sky above the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal, the Qi Clan was present. They had seen the historical remains and now they wanted to make things move along faster.

“You must have the Ancient Broken Space Mirror as well, right?” said the older Zun cultivator of the Wen Clan smiling coldly. The older Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan coldly stared at him, that bastard. Indeed, he had the Ancient Broken Space Mirror.

“The Ancient Broken Space Mirror is a peerless holy weapon, if the emperor doesn’t use it himself, with your strength, you still should be able to release half of its power and break that hard Earth easily!” said the older Zun cultivator from the Wen Clan.

“The older Zun cultivator from the Wen Clan is right, since the Qi Clan has brought the Ancient Broken Space Mirror, why hide it and make everybody wait!” said an older Zun cultivator of the Si Kong Clan.

“If the Qi Clan isn’t willing to use the Ancient Broken Space Mirror, I don’t mind pushing them a bit.” said a Zun level beast from the Bestial Imperial Palace.

“Please do use the Ancient Broken Space Mirror!” said the Zun cultivator of the Wen Clan smiling devilishly.

“Since it’s that way, why not!” said the Zun cultivator from the Qi Clan. Everybody was staring at him now, he had no choice but do something.

Everybody stood up, they were going to start!

The older Zun cultivator from the Qi Clan rose up in the air above the area which was impossible to pierce through, and an ancient mirror appeared in his hand. The space around the mirror instantly became distorted.

“Bzzz…” the sky shook violently as the mirror became gigantic. Its reflective side was facing the ground and energies emerged from it.

“Go!” shouted the older Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan. An incredible amount of abstruse energies surrounded the mirror and it became golden and dazzling.

“Slash, slash…” there were no explosions, only crackling sounds as a hole appeared in the ground. Nobody knew how deep it was, maybe a hundred meters while the diameter of the hole was a few dozen meters.


People rose up in the air and many people looked inside. What was inside?

Lin Feng rose up in the air too and looked at the hole. He didn’t use his godly awareness to inspect it because the Qi Clan’s Ancient Broken Space Mirror could destroy anything. Putting his godly awareness inside would have been suicidal.

“It’s just pitch-black!” thought Lin Feng, staring at the hole.

Yuan Fei’s facial expression looked strange and his eyes looked like fireballs. He was fixedly staring at the hole as some patterns appeared in his eyes.

“Those are demonic marks!” Yuan Fei’s fire-red eyes turned dark again.

The mirror released terrifying lights once again and another gigantic hole appeared.

The older Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan frowned, that ground was really hard. He had seemingly managed to make a small dent.

“Move!” shouted the cultivator furiously. The mirror rose up in the air and became even larger while releasing even more energies.

“Break!” shouted the older Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan. The hole which was a hundred meters deep became even larger.

“What’s that? Tungsten? Demonic marks?” the crowd was trying to identify the rock. A block of what seemed to be tungsten was uncovered. It was pitch-black but diffused golden lights. There were also some marks on it, black marks, which looked like demonic holy marks.

“Crrr, crrr, crrr…” the Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan continued attacking the ground with his mirror. The hole was becoming wider at quite a fast pace. It was now ten thousand meters wide.

“What’s that? An older Zun cultivator can’t even break it with his Ancient Broken Space Mirror!”

Lin Feng looked at the mirror, he was almost scared. It was terrifying to see an older Zun cultivator use a peerless weapon. If even part of those lights touched him, he would die instantly.

The older Zun cultivator from the Qi Clan stopped and put the Ancient Broken Space Mirror away, “You saw how terrifying that thing is. Now, should we all go inside together and break that thing?”

“No, really?!” then many silhouettes jumped down. They didn’t need the older Zun cultivator from the Qi Clan to tell them, they obviously all wanted to go down and see.

“Be careful!” said Yuan Fei to Lin Feng and then they both dived into the hole too. Then, a hundred meters later, they landed on the hard black substance.

Lin Feng struck the demonic marks with sword Qi, but it was pointless.

He touched them with his hands, it felt like a cold armor.

“What kind of metal is that? My sword can’t even scratch it. And the Ancient Broken Space Mirror can’t break it either.” said Lin Feng looking at Yuan Fei. He was wondering if Yuan Fei had already seen that.

But Yuan Fei didn’t know either.

“It’s not a metal, it’s a seal!” shouted someone.

Did such a terrifying sealing strength exist?

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