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PMG Chapter 1265: Syllogistic Deva-Mara Chains

PMG Chapter 1265: Syllogistic Deva-Mara Chains

“Emperors!” whispered Lin Feng. He didn’t look excited. Having Zun cultivators in Xue Yue was already a problem so emperors…

Besides, only emperors seemed capable of breaking that seal, which meant that whatever was inside would be problematic.

“The three-lives demon emperor has been here and Yan Di was sealed here. Now, another emperor as incredible as the three-lives demon emperor, the demon sealing emperor… Three great emperors appeared here in the past, what is inside?” thought Lin Feng worried.

“Everybody, move away from the seal and let’s seal the space!” said the older Zun cultivator from the Wen Clan indifferently. Everybody rose up in the air and moved away.

Lin Feng and Yuan Fei moved back to the edge of the crater as Yuan Fei said, “Lin Feng, the Qi Clan’s emperor will do something soon, so you should leave. There are so many strong cultivators, even if those historical remains contain incredible treasures, we won’t get anything.”

Lin Feng smiled, he understood what Yuan Fei meant. Emperors were incredible and even if Lin Feng had Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, he couldn’t deal with emperors still.

“Where could I escape to if an emperor wanted to kill me?” said Lin Feng laughing and shaking his head. Xue Yue was a tiny country and Lin Feng was only a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, if an emperor meant him harm, he wouldn’t have any say. Besides, the emperor of the Qi Clan would never attack Lin Feng because of Qi Tian Sheng, that would tarnish his reputation and also, emperors didn’t really care about weak cultivators.

Yuan Fei didn’t say anything more, indeed, Lin Feng posed no threat to the Qi Clan so the emperor of the Qi Clan wouldn’t do anything to him.

“Bzzz…” In the distance, a strong wind blew. The Earth and sky were shaking as a silhouette arrive. “How fast!” thought Lin Feng amazed.

“The Wen Clan’s emperor arrived quickly because the Tian Xu Teleportation Portal is in their territory!” Yuan Fei reminded Lin Feng. The members of the Wen Clan looked delighted. They all bowed before their emperor. Even though they were all from the same clan, he was their highest figure.

Lin Feng watched the emperor. The emperor walked to the center of the seal and a terrifying force assaulted it.

“Boom boom!” the ground shook violently.

Lin Feng groaned, he felt like his body was going to explode.

The seal shook a little.

The emperor from the Wen Clan rose up in the air and glanced at the gigantic pitch-black seal stone, he was surprised.

“The demon sealing great emperor must have done that!” whispered the emperor from the Wen Clan.

If they knew that Yan Di was also there and that his soul had almost been crushed to death, how would they feel?

But the emperor of the Wen Clan remained silent, he simply continued studying the seal.

As the emperor said nothing, the crowd didn’t dare talk either. The atmosphere was eerily silent.

In the distance, the wind emitted whistling sounds again. Many of them had to close their eyes because the enormous amount of dust brought by that wind. When the wind calmed down, they opened their eyes to find that someone else had arrived.

“Your Imperial Majesty!” all the strong cultivators of the Si Kong Clan, from central Ba Huang bowed before their emperor.

Emperor Si Kong’s facial expression looked strange, it was as if he was trying to understand what the situation was about. He too stared at the demonic marks.

“Boom!” After a short while, Emperor Si Kong groaned furiously and closed his eyes looking upset.

Emperor Si Kong had a celestial vision, like Si Kong Xiao. However, he had hurt his eyes when he used his celestial vision on the stone. What a terrifying seal stone!

“What did you see?” asked Emperor Wen to Emperor Si Kong.

Emperor Si Kong opened his eyes again and said, “3,681 demon sealing techniques, I used my celestial vision on the seal, but my eyes almost sealed themselves!”

In the distance, three silhouettes arrived at the same time, the emperors from the Magic World Heavenly Palace, the Qi Clan and the Godly Xiao Yao Sect. Their respective groups bowed before them.

However, as each of the three emperors arrived and tried to break the seal, they all failed as well.

“What do you think?” asked Emperor Wen to the emperors.

“We need to understand what kind of sealing strength that is to find its weakness. Otherwise, we won’t be able to break it.”

“Right, we need to understand what kind of sealing technique it is first.”

“If you don’t try, how can you know it won’t break?” said someone loudly in the distance. Someone was arriving and they were exuding golden lights which reached far and wide. That person’s speed was even scarier than his voice.

“Emperor Peng!” whispered the few emperors. Golden lights appeared in the sky as it looked like a gigantic, supernatural bird blotted out the sky.

“Emperor Peng, you want to break the seal using strength?” asked Emperor Wen indifferently. Emperor Peng from the Bestial Imperial Palace and Mo Peng, one of the ten strongest young cultivators, were the only two supernatural birds from the Ba Huang Province.

“If we don’t try, how can we know that we can’t break it?” asked Emperor Peng. He opened his golden wings and with the sun was reflecting on them, dazzling golden lights lit the area.

“Caw!” Emperor Peng cawed furiously and peaked down turning into a dazzling beam of light.

“Boom boom!” He crashed onto the seal stone and the gigantic stone shook in response. Some of the people watching groaned in pain and coughed up blood. How terrifying!

“Emperor Peng, even with your strength, you can’t break that sealing technique!” said Emperor Wen. Emperor Peng was now staring at the seal stone, what was that sorcery? It seemed like brute-force was not the solution.

“Good Heavens!” said a loud voice. The crowd turned around, surprised. What was that Taoist monk doing there?

“He’s here too!” thought Lin Feng. Back then, he was sealed in the Yun Hai mountain range, so maybe he knew what was going on.

“Dear emperors, I know what kind of sealing technique that is!” said the Taoist monk sounding confident and at ease. The emperors looked at him skeptically. That Zun level Taoist monk knew what sealing technique that was?

“Tell us then.” said Emperor Qi to Yan Di.

“You can look at the detailed demonic marks, if you divide them into eight parts, you’ll see eight gigantic doors. You don’t need to look at the whole pattern, just looked at one door!” said Yan Di. The emperors looked at the patterns again and very quickly, they were astonished. Indeed, they could see eight doors!

“What kind of sealing technique is that though?” asked Emperor Wen to Yan Di.

“Syllogistic Deva-Mara Seal, it is capable of sealing any demon!” said Yan Di calmly.

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