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PMG Chapter 1266: Yan Di Fooling Emperors

PMG Chapter 1266: Yan Di Fooling Emperors

“Syllogistic Deva-Mara Seal, it can seal any demon!” The emperors were trying to see through Yan Di. A trivial Zun cultivator knew what the Syllogistic Deva-Mara Sealing technique was.

They knew the sealing great emperor used it, but they had only heard of it though.

“How can we break it?” asked Emperor Peng to Yan Di.

“Forgive me for being straightforward, the demon sealing emperor used the Syllogistic Deva-Mara Sealing technique here, so there might be a terrifying demon underneath. You should think about giving up. If a demon came out, I fear that even emperors wouldn’t be able to deal with him. The consequences could be tragic.” said Yan Di in a very serious way.

However, Lin Feng was convinced. Yan Di was trying to admonish with well-meant words even if it was risky. Besides, if he didn’t wanted them to break the seal, did he need to tell them? They had been trying to break it for a while already without success. So why had he come now and tell them that?

“What is that bastard doing!” thought Lin Feng. Was Yan Di going to offend emperors?
“Eh?” The emperors were guessing that this guy knew something.

“If you know anything, then talk!” said Emperor Peng. His silhouette flickered and he landed before Yan Di. His hand turned into sharp claws as he grabbed Yan Di by the throat.

“The eight Syllogistic Deva-Mara Chains sealing technique has been cast on these eight doors. You can find the entrance amongst these doors, with the strength of eight emperors, by spilling a drop of blood on each door and it will activate the demonic marks. Then, you can use your strength to break the seals.” said Yan Di calmly. He didn’t look scared at all. Lin Feng started thinking that Yan Di was telling the truth.

“If you said even only one lie, I can guarantee you that the consequences will be tragic!” said Emperor Peng to Yan Di. His silhouette flickered and he landed on one of the eight doors. If a Zun cultivator actually lied to an emperor, he would die!

“We need two more people.” thought the emperors on their respective spots.

“We’re here too.” said two people in the distance. A strong wind began blowing again. One of them was wearing a fire robe. It was Emperor Yan from the Fire Mountain in western Ba Huang and the other one was Emperor Tian Long from Tian Long Divine Castle.

“Since you’re here, let’s start!” said Emperor Peng indifferently. Emperor Tian Long and Emperor Yan landed on their respective doors.

“Eight emperors and eight doors!” thought the crowd. Was that Taoist monk speaking the truth?

“If you lied, you’ll die!” threatened Emperor Tian Long to Yan Di aggressively.

At that moment, amongst the group of strong cultivators from Fire Mountain, Fu Hei frowned. He felt like something wrong. If it was someone else, he would have been convinced that they wouldn’t cheat an emperor, but maybe that specific Taoist monk would!

But in any case, he couldn’t say anything to the emperors, he was too weak to give his opinion.

“Don’t worry, Your Imperial Majesties, you are all incredibly strong. Just spill a drop of blood on the eight doors and with your strength, you’ll be able to break the Deva-Mara Seals!” said Yan Di calmly and serenely. All the emperors nodded and at the same time they released Qi which dashed to the skies.

Then, they gave up a drop of blood, imperial blood!

Their blood fell on the seals and instantly, the demonic marks seemed to come to life. The pitch-black demonic marks began moving and a terrifying strength emerged.

“The Deva-Mara Chains appeared!” the crowd could see chains appearing on the gigantic black sealing stones. It was as if an emperor had been holding those chains and had sealed a terrifying and peerless demon with them.

The chains suddenly ramped and clung to the eight emperors’ legs, constricting them.

“The Syllogistic Deva-Mara Chains which can seal terrifying godly demons.. That’s a demon sealing territory, so you can only blame yourselves for bringing about your own destruction!” said Yan Di, sounding aggressive and imposing now.

That Taoist monk had actually dared to fool those emperors!

“Roar!” At that moment, the Earth and sky started roaring and Qi dashed to the skies. The eight emperors were now stuck by the chains!

“You want to die!” shouted Emperor Peng, his body was quickly surrounded by golden lights which illuminated the atmosphere.

“Break! Break… Break!” shouted Emperor Peng. It almost seemed like he was about to break the chains, but they turned into pitch-black demonic marks and they constricted him even more.

“Die!” shouted the great oriental greenfinch roc at Yan Di. He released dazzling sword energies which moved towards Yan Di.

However, Yan Di looked remained calm under that pressure. He broke something in his hand and an explosion sounded, then he disappeared.

“Emperors, offer yourselves as a sacrifice!” said a loud voice coming from the sky. It was Yan Di’s voice, but he had already disappeared from everyone’s vision.

“You’ll die!” shouted Emperor Peng furiously.

“Cough, cough!” Lin Feng coughed up blood, his face had turned deathly pale. Yuan Fei was confused too, his face was also deathly pale. The ground was shaking and the golden lights were shaking the space aggressively.

“Let’s go!” shouted Lin Feng. Everybody was running away with them.

“That bastard Yan Di, just what is he planning?” thought Lin Feng. He hadn’t truly believed that he would cheat emperors.
“Boom, boom, boom…” Emperor Tian Long also tried to attack the chains, but it was useless. Emperor Qi and Emperor Wen also tried, but as before, they failed.

The emperors’ faces turned deathly pale, like sheets of paper.

“Who dares attack me!” shouted Emperor Peng furiously.

“No… bastard! I will destroy you!” Emperor Tian Long had turned into a dragon, but his vitality was draining as well

“Emperors, offer yourselves as a sacrifice!” The crowd remembered what Yan Di had said when he left, then their faces turned pale. What kind of terrifying thing was that stone?

“Let’s attack the sealing strength together!” said Emperor Wen. The emperors all sensed that their vitality was being absorbed.


“Together!” said everybody. A golden, great oriental greenfinch roc appeared, a dragon, a gigantic hand, a gigantic fire-hand… the eight emperors were joining hands!

“Let’s go!” The crowd in the distance realized how urgent it was for them to get farther away.

Lin Feng and Yuan Fei jumped onto Lin Feng’s gigantic sword, they were still coughing blood and their faces were deathly pale.

However, the Syllogistic Deva-Mara Chains still weren’t moving. After their joint efforts, a crack had appeared.

“Boom boom boom!” In the distance, two silhouettes appeared.

“What’s the matter, everyone?” said someone indifferently. One of them was the emperor from the thunderbird’s clan.

“I’m here too!” Yuan Fei gazed into the distance and saw the Great Ape Emperor!

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