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PMG Chapter 1267: The Nine Songs

PMG Chapter 1267: The Nine Songs

“Emperor Thunder, Emperor Ape, help us break the seals!” said Emperor Peng aggressively. Emperor Peng was from the Bestial Imperial Palace in the brutal part of Ba Huang. He was incredibly aggressive, even those two emperors didn’t want to confront him.

“Emperor Peng, what should I do?” asked the thunderbird emperor, Emperor Lei. He was afraid to offend Emperor Peng. Even though they were sealed, after breaking the seals, those emperors would deal with anyone who had offended them.

“The eight of us have attacked the chains at the same time, but it didn’t work. Attack with us, we will all attack the center of the seal stone. The demon sealing emperor sealed that place!” said Emperor Peng. He knew what Emperor Lei was thinking. He also hoped that Emperor Lei would be stuck on the sealing stone as well.

“Alright, let me try!” said Emperor Lei. He landed on the central part of the gigantic sealed territory and attacked it with thunderous energies.

“Together!” shouted Emperor Peng furiously.

“Hmph! Why would he help though!” said Yuan Fei. The Great Ape Emperor wasn’t willing to help, but if the emperors managed to break free, they’d have to settle accounts afterwards if he didn’t help them now.

Lin Feng nodded. Those emperors weren’t at all friends. People like Emperor Shi and Emperor Yu were rare, after all, they came from the same place.

“Lin Feng!” said someone in the distance. He turned around and saw Yan Di. However, Yan Di had turned into Qiong Qi again.

“You actually came back!” said Lin Feng using telepathy. How insane! If the emperors discovered it was him, they’d kill him.

“Apart from you, who knows me?” said Qiong Qi disdainfully. Then he smiled and said, “I’m your friend, Qiong Qi the ancient, wild beast, aren’t I?”

“If you say so!” said Lin Feng. If anyone found out who Qiong Qi was, they’d kill Lin Feng too.

At that moment, Qiong Qi arrived next to Lin Feng. Yuan Fei looked surprised as he said, “Lin Feng, is that your pet?”

“Pfff! You should say he’s my pet! I’m an emperor!” said Qiong Qi aggressively. Yuan Fei scratched his head. Qiong Qi had a bad temper!

“Bastard, what happened down there? What’s that? Who sealed you? Did both the three lives great emperor and the demon sealing emperor really appear here back then?” asked Lin Feng using telepathy.

“Don’t ask so much, I can only tell you that here, the three lives great emperor and the demon sealing emperors are not the only ones who have come. A battle between great emperors took place here, one which not only took place in a small world. Lin Feng, you already have some extremely strong demonic skills, excellent, I’ll give you another incredible gift. I hope you’ll always remember me.” said Qiong Qi. His eyes were twinkling. What was he doing? A gift? He definitely knew what was under the seal!

“Boom boom boom!” At that moment, the crowd shook again. The emperors were still trying to break free from the chains and several more emperors had arrived.

Apart from Emperor Lei and the Great Ape Emperor, Emperor Niu Mo from Mang Niu Mountain and the Buddha emperor, with his golden body, from the Celestial Thunder Temple had also arrived. Not far from them was a beautiful girl, it was Empress Raja from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace. There was also a perverted looking emperor.

The gigantic sealed stone was already cracking. The chained emperors’ faces were deathly pale by this point.

“Everybody, help us! There are some treasures here.” said Emperor Qi to the newcomers. However, everybody remained silent and ignored him. Initially, the Great Ape Emperor and Emperor Lei were alone, so they had to help, but now there were so many more emperors. If there were tensions between all those emperors, a great war would consume Ba Huang.

“Kacha!” At that moment, a terrifying strength appeared below them.

“The thing sealed underneath also wants to break free!” thought the crowd. Like the eight emperors, the thing sealed under the stone also wanted to escape.

“Boom!” the demonic marks were cracking even more.

“The seal is breaking!” thought Lin Feng.

However, terrifying energies suddenly emerged from the demonic marks and black clouds condensed in the sky.

“A demon!” thought Lin Feng. Yan Di had told him he would offer him an incredible gift which was related to his demon skills, did the thing sealed under that stone have anything to do with it?

“What a terrifying demonic energy!” thought Yuan Fei shaking.

“Hu, hu, hu…” some sounds came from under the ground. Someone was wailing in a cruel way!

That demonic song emitted soundwaves filled with demonic energies. The eight chained emperors were now turning into demons.

“Empress Raja, what’s that song!?” asked the emperors to the incredibly beautiful empress from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace.

“I don’t know, it’s a demonic song, so it’s not like my attacks!” said the empress. The demon song was influencing everyone, turning them into demons.

“That demon energy is terrifying!” thought Lin Feng. Lin Feng wanted to leave, but he could barely move. He needed to study those demonic energies.

Even though Lin Feng had studied powerful demonic skills, he still didn’t understand demon abstruse energies, nor did he know where to study them.
“Nine dark clouds, the demonic source.”

“Nine Netherworlds, Demonic Song, one of the nine most powerful songs of the continent!” thought Empress Raja.

In the entire country, including Yangzhou City, everyone raised their heads and saw those black clouds.
“There’s someone!” at that moment, two people appeared in the sky above those clouds. One was pitch-black, his pitch-black hair was fluttering in the wind. Even though he was calmly standing there, his demonic energies were terrifying. He seemed to be the king of demons, the master of demons, the demon emperor!

In his arms was a woman and she was motionless. The demon emperor looked sad, nine demonic song!

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