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PMG Chapter 127: The Snake is Back!

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Lin Feng was getting closer and closer to Meng Qing. As he was getting nearer, he also felt a more extreme amount of cold piercing through his body. At some point, he wanted to touch her shoulder with his hand and realized that his fingers were completely frozen. He couldn’t move them anymore.

“Leave.” said Meng Qing with a hoarse voice. After a short time, her body stopped releasing a cold Qi. She couldn’t stand seeing Lin Feng like that. It made her feel sad deep in her heart.

“You silly girl. Every time, you’re the one who protects me. I lose face each time.” said Lin Feng while smiling. His eyebrows were completely white.

At that moment, a pure Qi landed on his body and suddenly, he didn’t feel so cold anymore. The frost also instantly vanished.

Lin Feng then moved closer to Meng Qing.

Meng Qing saw that Lin Feng had a smile on his face even when he was starting to freeze over from head to toe. That smile remained on his face and he continued to smile warmly at her.

“I hope you won’t blame me.” said Lin Feng while smiling. He then stretched his arms towards Meng Qing and tried to hug her. Suddenly, he felt a piercing coldness invade his body and in the blink of an eye, he was completely frozen once again. Meng Qing’s body looked it was frozen solid in ice. This type of cold could make people suffocate from the piercing sting on the lungs. It was incredibly hard to breathe.

Suddenly, a stone appeared around Lin Feng’s body. In that stone, there were all the things that were contained within the temple of the Yun Hai Sect.

Lin Feng’s eyes were closed. He released his spirit and suddenly, the world which appeared around him wasn’t dark as it used to be, it was entirely white covered with snow and it was also extremely cold!


Lin Feng, after releasing his Celestial Spirit, started absorbing and swallowing the pure Qi of the purity stone. He was both exhaling and inhaling the pure Qi at the same time which was one of the abilities his Celestial Spirit provided.

Meng Qing blinked and attentively looked at Lin Feng’s delicate and beautiful face. She wasn’t moving anymore either. She was just staring at Lin Feng’s closed eyes while still releasing cold Qi which was immediately crashing onto Lin Feng’s body.

It seemed like time had stopped. The ice on Lin Feng’s body was getting thicker and thicker. Half of his body was already completely rigid because of the ice. His breath was also slower and slower. Besides, more than half of the pure Qi of his purity stone had already been consumed!

Even in that situation, Lin Feng was aware that his body was becoming colder and colder and that the ice covering his body was getting thicker and thicker. He was also aware of the fact that the pure Qi of the purity stone wasn’t sufficient to help him break through. He suddenly couldn’t do anything anymore and just let the ice invade his body.

At that moment, Meng Qing stopped releasing cold Qi. Her entire body snuggled against Lin Feng. At that moment, she didn’t look like an ice-cold divine goddess anymore. She looked like a pitiful young girl who was consumed with sadness.

“How cold.”

At that moment, Lin Feng felt like he couldn’t resist the coldness anymore. It seemed like the ice was about to freeze his muscles and blood. He was frozen stiff from the cold Qi which had pierced his entire body.

“I cannot give up, I have to persevere!” But willpower and determination weren’t enough. Lin Feng was frozen stiff and unable to move, no matter how hard he tried. He was shivering from head to toe and his teeth were chattering from the cold.

The coldness was starting to penetrate into Lin Feng’s blood but at that moment, his soul started vibrating. He was suddenly filled with a very familiar sensation!

“That’s my spirit. My snake spirit.” Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. The sensation he had at that moment was the same as when he had almost been killed by the Imaginary Demon.

“My Snake Spirit has woken up.”

“Hissssss.” Lin Feng heard his snake spirit hiss. It then opened its huge mouth and started uninterruptedly swallowing cold Qi.

“Oddly enough, my snake spirit is also able to swallow that ice-cold Qi.” Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. His pupils shrank as he watched his snake spirit swallow unimaginable quantities of cold Qi. That was a scary thing to watch!

The cold Qi which filled the entire room was being swallowed by the snake. The room was becoming less and less cold with each passing moment.

An illusionary group of icicles suddenly appeared behind Lin Feng. It was extremely powerful and cold but it couldn’t affect either Lin Feng or Meng Qing because Lin Feng could control it!

“An ice spirit replaced my imaginary demon spirit?” Lin Feng opened his mouth. He was completely stunned after noticing the change. It was just like the last time when he was in danger. After his snake spirit had finished eating, whatever it ate would appear behind Lin Feng and become an additional spirit.

Last time, the imaginary demon spirit had appeared behind Lin Feng because his snake spirit had swallowed it. This time, it had swallowed large amounts of ice Qi and a new ice spirit appeared behind his back replacing the imaginary demon spirit.

Lin Feng’s snake spirit was so incredible that it made him scared.

Lin Feng’s snake spirit had almost finished swallowing the entirety of the cold Qi within the atmosphere. His ice spirit was becoming much stronger and colder. The more Qi which was swallowed the stronger the spirit was becoming. Besides, his snake was growing bigger and bigger as it swallowed the cold Qi.

Finally, the cold Qi completely disappeared from the room. At that moment, the ice had even disappeared from Meng Qing’s body. No ice was being released by her body any longer. It had even started to get warm in the room.

Suddenly, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. She needed to rest. She was emotionally exhausted after such events.

At that moment, Lin Feng looked at the sleeping beauty. A big smile appeared on Lin Feng’s face and his heart started beating faster.

“I became stronger yet again.”

Lin Feng was able to detect that he had become stronger which made him smile. Even though he had been able to survive by the skin of his teeth, he felt very satisfied.

Lin Feng didn’t bother Meng Qing. He closed his eyes and started meditating.

Deep in meditation, Lin Feng realized that his strength was still insufficient. He needed to increase his practise and grow stronger faster. He had not spent enough time increasing his strength in the past days.

There were many other countries in the continent and many other outstanding cultivators. If he did not work hard then he would fall behind.

Not aware of how much time had passed, Meng Qing’s hand started moving. She slowly opened her eyes and saw that the cold Qi had completely disappeared from the room. Besides, her head was still against Lin Feng’s comfortable and warm body.

She then blinked twice. She looked perplexed at how such a situation had come about. She immediately sat up and saw that Lin Feng’s eyes were closed and that he was meditating. She was surprised!

Lin Feng had felt something change within the room, he stopped meditating and opened his eyes. He looked at Meng Qing in a tender way and smile.

“You have finally woken up.”

“Yes.” nodded Meng Qing. She looked at Lin Feng and asked, looking dumbstruck: “How did you do that?”

“I had a beautiful girl against me so I forgot about the coldness. Then, I ended up like this.” said Lin Feng while smiling. She looked at Lin Feng but wasn’t sure how to interpret what he meant. These easily said words still made her feel slightly better though.

Even if she hadn’t used all her strength when releasing that terrifyingly cold Qi, Lin Feng was able to resist to such an attack. It was impossible… but he had still done it… so how was that possible?

Even though Lin Feng didn’t tell her, she quickly stopped asking herself that question and said to Lin Feng: “What do you think you are doing still sitting here?”

“Eh…” said Lin Feng while blinking. Was every woman like this? Aggressive to the ones that they care about?

“I am worried about you so I want to be here in case you needed me.” replied Lin Feng in a low voice.

“Now, there is no ice on my body anymore. How long do you plan to continue hugging me?” asked Meng Qing fixedly staring at Lin Feng. Her voice sounded cold and indifferent again.


Lin Feng frowned. He then immediately stood up and left her room. That girl was… way too smart!

What Lin Feng didn’t see because he had left her room already is that Meng Qing was blushing. At that moment, anyone who would have seen her would have been astonished to see her face was bright red!

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