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PMG Chapter 1272: The Qi Clan vs. Lin Feng

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PMG Chapter 1272: The Qi Clan vs. Lin Feng

Lin Feng continued walking around. He was surrounded by mountains and forests. He soon came across a gigantic tree which had probably been living for thousands of years in that small world. It seemed imposing and powerful.

Lin Feng condensed sword Qi in his left hand and attacked the tree. A mere scratch appeared on the trunk of the tree.

“A holy weapon could be made from that tree!” whispered Lin Feng. Even a simple tree could be an incredible treasure.

Lin Feng had a cursing scepter which seemed to be made of some kind of wood, maybe Lin Feng could find the tree which had been used to create that scepter.

“There are incredible treasures in this small world, unfortunately, I can’t use them all for myself.” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the mountain with the coffin chamber. That was the same kind of place that Xin Ye liked, so Empress Xi had probably enjoyed the same kind of things.

Lin Feng opened the door of the coffin chamber and entered it. It smelt good inside, surprisingly the fragrance of a woman hadn’t dispersed over the thousands of years.

“My understanding abilities can increase by simply smelling that Qi.” thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng noticed some vines, from which, the pleasant Qi seemed to be released by. It made people feel full of vitality, so practicing cultivation there would probably be beneficial.

“It has so many marks!” thought Lin Feng. There were mysterious marks on the vines, they seemed to contain the Qi of enlightenment. Lin Feng gasped with amazement, that was a precious treasure.

His eyes twinkled as he grabbed the vines and stowed them away.

Lin Feng continued walking and arrived in front of a bronze mirror. It was the mirror Empress Xi used to put on makeup in front of. It contained an extraordinary and ancient Qi.

“I wonder how I can use such a mirror!” He released pure Qi on the mirror, but nothing happened.

“I’ll take it and I’ll figure it out later.” thought Lin Feng while putting the mirror inside his ring. He was feeling uncomfortable because he was in a woman’s room, but then he thought of the connection between Empress Xi and himself, then he felt better.

“That painting is not bad!” thought Lin Feng when he saw a picture scroll hanging on the wall. There were some rivers and mountains drawn which practically looked real. Lin Feng remembered the picture scroll which Yan Di was sealed in back then.

“Unfortunately, I can’t find her ring.” thought Lin Feng glancing around the coffin chamber.

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng came across her bed.

He shook his hand, creating a strong wind which pushed the dust and other items away. The bed appeared and Lin Feng was amazed again. There were detailed marks on the bed, another precious treasure!

Lin Feng also took the bed. He was taking everything in the coffin chamber.

“That teapot is not bad either!” thought Lin Feng looking at a teapot and taking it.

“Her clothes are very beautiful too, they’re even a holy weapon. I’ll give it to Xin Ye!”

“Empress Xi also liked drawing, I’ll take them as well.”

Lin Feng took everything he could in the coffin chamber. If Empress Xi had seen him, she would have been angry that he had taken everything, from her clothes down to her teapot.
“I’m done here it seems.” whispered Lin Feng. The items he had just taken seemed ordinary, but he’d inspect them later.

After that, Lin Feng walked towards the exit again. The small world was huge, maybe there were other treasures to find.

However, very quickly, Lin Feng stopped again and frowned.

When he reached the entrance of the room, there were already some people. The strong cultivator from the Qi Clan was there too, Qi Yun.

Next to Qi Yun, there was Qi Tian Xu and some other people.

“Where is my sister?” asked Qi Tian Xu.

“No comment!” said Lin Feng in a cold way. “It seems like you don’t remember the lesson we taught you last time!”

“Die!” shouted Qi Yun furiously. He released terrifying energies and took out his Ancient Broken Space Mirror. Dazzling lights shot forward. It seemed that they had prepared the Ancient Broken Space Mirror before coming.

“Boom!” Terrifying explosions sounded as a gigantic object appeared in front of Lin Feng, it was a bed. The members of the Qi Clan were speechless. Lin Feng had taken out a bed? But surprisingly, that bed withstood the Ancient Broken Space Mirror.

“Bzzz…” Lin Feng broke his sword talisman. He was sweating intensely. The Qi Clan wanted nothing more than to kill him. They even used the Ancient Broken Space Mirror against him.

Luckily, that bed was solid enough, otherwise, he would have died if the Ancient Broken Space Mirror had reached him.

“Let’s go!” said someone from the Qi Clan. Then, they ran away. Even if Lin Feng unsheathed Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, they would have time to react.

Lin Feng put the bed away and was upset. Surprisingly, they didn’t leave, they were flying up in the air. Did they have a secret method to deal with the emperor’s sword?

“They have more hidden treasures!” thought Lin Feng. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have attacked him while he had the emperor’s sword. And now, they had failed once but didn’t leave.. It was awfully fishy

Lin Feng slowly walked and looked at them. Then, he rose up in the air moved towards them. He couldn’t run away, otherwise they’d know that he couldn’t use the emperor’s sword as he wished.

“How dare you attack me? Aren’t you afraid that I could kill Qi Jiao Jiao!” said Lin Feng, his eyes were black like those of a demon. Qi Yun didn’t seem reassured, Lin Feng could unsheathe the emperor’s sword at anytime.

“Lin Feng, we know who you are. You are the king of Xue Yue, your family is in Yangzhou City, so just try and touch my sister!” said Qi Tian Xu. Lin Feng had killed Qi Tian Sheng and captured Qi Jiao Jiao. Then, they had learnt that Lin Feng was from a remote country and coincidentally, they had ended up in Xue Yue!

Lin Feng’s eyes looked as sharp as swords. Luckily, he had kept Qi Jiao Jiao with him, otherwise, the Qi Clan would have attacked his family and friends already.

“Come on and take out Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword!” said Qi Yun mockingly. Lin Feng hesitated, he could only use it two more times.

And the Qi Clan obviously wanted him to unsheathe it!

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