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PMG Chapter 1274: Infuriating Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword

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PMG Chapter 1274: Infuriating Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword

“Young master, let’s go!” shouted Jian Mu taking Lin Feng away. All the other strong cultivators from Jiange did the same.

“You think you can escape?” shouted someone furiously. Dragon claws launched out at Lin Feng. If that hand managed to catch Lin Feng, he would die!

“Lacerate!” Jian Mu moved behind Lin Feng and blocked the dragon hand. At the same time, empty space energies launched out towards Lin Feng from the other direction.

“Tian Long Divine Castle!” Once the other cultivators noticed that Lin Feng couldn’t use Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, they decided to attack too.

“Qi Yun, hurry up and attack!” shouted a cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer from Tian Long Divine Castle. The Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll became gigantic and dazzling golden marks started flashing.

“The Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll doesn’t just absorb weapons, it can also absorb people!” Qi Yun rose up in the air and stood up next to the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll. He looked at Lin Feng and the others in a disdainful way.

“Jiange has fallen for thousands of years and yet, you still dare fight the Qi Clan, capture them!” shouted Qi Yun furiously. Then the imperial weapon moved towards them.

“Young master!” shouted Jian Mu, Lin Feng was moving towards the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll. Jian Mu didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking.

“Everybody let’s go inside!” shouted Jian Mu. They all followed Lin Feng and disappeared inside the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll. Even the trees on the ground were absorbed into the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll.

“The Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll is an empty space.” Lin Feng was in that empty space observing the gigantic enlightenment marks. That weapon had been fabricated by an emperor who mastered the arts of empty space spells.

“Young master!” Jiange’s strong cultivators were now next to Lin Feng. Jian Mu didn’t look happy, but when he saw that Lin Feng looked calm, he nodded. That was their ancestor’s sword, he would manage to remain calm no matter what happened.

Lin Feng nodded. He realized he could still see everything that was happening outside. He could even hear sounds from outside.

“Lin Feng, release Qi Jiao Jiao and we won’t kill your family.” the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll became small before Qi Yun grabbed it. Qi Yun knew how to control it, otherwise the Qi Clan wouldn’t have given it to him.

Lin Feng’s eyes looked cold as yelled back, “An imperial clan would dare attack cultivators of the Tian Qi layer and Xuan Qi layer?”

“Hmph, I’ll repeat myself one more time, release Qi Jiao Jiao, otherwise, we’ll kill everyone in Yangzhou City in front of you.” said Qi Yun aggressively.

However, Lin Feng was stuck in the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll, how could he release Qi Jiao Jiao? If he did, they probably wouldn’t keep their promise.

“If you dare attack my clan, I’ll kill Qi Jiao Jiao!” said Lin Feng. Then, he closed his eyes and visualized a small sword.

“You’re dull and stupid, I’ll kill your clan and then I’ll kill you.” said Qi Yun. Then, a terrifying Qi invaded the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll.

“Turn into swords and protect the Young master!” said Jian Mu. In a flash, they all turned into dazzling swords and surrounded him.

The empty space energies collided with the sword energies in the empty space, emitting strident sounds. Qi Yun looked at them coldly and said, “Let’s see how long you can hold it!”

Unfortunately, he couldn’t control the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll that well, otherwise, he would have killed them all in one strike.

“Since you’re that dull and stupid, Tian Xu, follow your third uncle and go to Yangzhou City. Then, kill his family and friends!” said Qi Yun.

Inside the imperial palace was Jian Ling Kong and Jian Ling Xiao, but Lin Feng was worried, how come Qi Tian Xu wasn’t scared? Just how strong was his third uncle? They were probably cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer.

Qi Yun wanted to stay there and continue hunting treasures, he had the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll after all.

Lin Feng was visualizing a small sword while he was communicating with Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword in his mind.

“Little boy, they want to imprison you here.” said Lin Feng to the sword. The sword shook and pointed to Lin Feng.

“You’re Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, but they’ve used an ordinary imperial weapon to trap you in the empty space picture scroll forever!” continued Lin Feng. He wanted to infuriate Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword. Qi Yun thought he could control Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, therefore, he wanted to keep Lin Feng and the sword inside of the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll, but Lin Feng knew that Qi Yun couldn’t control Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword because it already had its own life, its own soul. It didn’t want to be controlled by anyone, let alone an ordinary imperial weapon.

The small sword looked sharp and a little angry.

“Remember how majestic Emperor Wu Tian Jian used to be, he had no enemies in the entire province of Ba Huang. Now, we don’t know where he is. Imagine how ridiculous it would be if you ended up in the hands of Emperor Qi. Surprisingly, he gave a futile cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer an imperial weapon to fight you, Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, what a humiliation. That’s not just a humiliation for you, but also for Emperor Wu Tian Jian!” said Lin Feng sighing.

“Slash, slash…” As expected, the sword reacted and exhaled sharp sword energies.

“Bzzz!” Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword whistled as it jumped out of Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and smiled indifferently. He thought, “It doesn’t count, I didn’t ask the sword to come out!”

“Boom!” Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword suddenly seemed like it could destroy anything. A demonic enlightenment web then appeared, wanting to envelop the sword.

“Kaboom!” thunderous lights appeared and shook the space. At the same time, Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword released terrifying sword energies of which the enlightenment marks couldn’t block.

Jiange’s strong cultivators also stopped blocking and opened their eyes. They raised their heads and looked at their ancestor’s sword, how powerful!

“Crrr… crrr…” the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll started enlarging, so much so that it left Qi Yun’s hand.

“Lin Feng is using Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword, but how come it’s so big?” Qi Yun was shaking. How could he know that Lin Feng wasn’t controlling the sword, let alone that he couldn’t control it.

“Boom!” Terrifying energies appeared, the Earth and sky were shaking violently and so did the Sky Absorbing Picture Scroll. It was as if a battle was occuring inside!

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