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PMG Chapter 1279: The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony – Dead Body Curse

PMG Chapter 1279: The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony – Dead Body Curse

“The demon emperor!” Each time Lin Feng heard that name, it made him shiver.

Back in the Jade Emperor’s palace, the Jade Emperor had made statues for three emperors and a great emperor which contained some of their intent. However, the Jade Emperor had relied on his own intent to make those statues, so the intent the statues possessed were not genuine.

Eternal demon emperor, he had amazed the entire continent.

Some people landed there and looked at the demons, which gradually became blurred. Black clouds appeared, the Netherworld Demon Emperor seemed to be singing his Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song which then turned into the nine netherworlds water and moved towards the demon emperor.

The nine netherworlds water quickly turned into a lake, however, demons appeared around the demon emperor.

“Eighteen demon generals!” the crowd recognized what they were. What terrifying creatures!

Who could resist such a demonic army!

“The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony!” The cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer were even shaking. That was the legendary Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony, another one of the nine demonic songs.

“The Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony enables cultivators to invoke demon generals to fight on their side. The nine songs might be forbidden songs, but they are very powerful. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song is used to control people, while the Demogorgon Seriatim Symphony is used to invoke demons!” said a cultivator of the top of the Zun Qi layer.

“The Demon Emperor also controls one of the nine songs!” whispered Lin Feng. The apparition in the sky slowly dispersed and vanished. Lin Feng was disappointed. It was an apparition from the past, so it had to vanish at some point. But still, he wanted to see the battle between the Netherworld Demon Emperor and the Demon Emperor.

Everybody else looked disappointed, Lin Feng wasn’t the only one. But then their disappointment was replaced by excitement as they looked at the nest of devils.

“They came out from there!” the crowd quickly ran over to the dark cave.

Lin Feng knew that people would find that place at some point, luckily, he had taken all the Bodhi trees already.

“Are you going in too?” asked Lin Feng when he saw that Qing Meng Xin was following the other cultivators.

“Yes, other people are leading the way, so it can’t be that dangerous inside.” said Qing Meng Xin smiling. Lin Feng smiled back. Sometimes, people had simplistic views, but it was also a logical conclusion.

“Is there a problem, Mister?” asked Qing Meng Xin looking naive. He was wondering how Lan Jiao was doing.

“Nothing, let’s go.” said Lin Feng entering the cave again.

The crowd continued walking forwards. Some people released their godly awareness, but couldn’t see everything because of the size of the cave.

“There’s a demon palace hall!” said someone. A demonic palace hall soon appeared in their fields of vision. There was a praying mat with a silhouette on it, the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s silhouette. It was an apparition as well.

“Another apparition!” thought the crowd. They couldn’t imagine what it was like to be a great emperor.  

“Boom!” A demonic light moved straight into someone’s brain. That person instantly became petrified, their body turned pitch-black and they turned into a statue.

“Ah…” a horrible shriek spread in the air. Someone else was being corroded by the demonic lights, his Qi was turning demonic. He couldn’t control it, finally the demon Qi filled his body and he exploded.

“Argh…” someone shouted who turned around and ran away. That person hadn’t even made it a few steps inside the palace hall. His facial expression sudden looked ice-cold as he had turned into a demonic slave.

“Die!” shouted that person as then he threw himself at people outside the palace hall.

Some people joined hands to attack and kill him.

Lin Feng and Qing Meng Xin arrived too, but they stayed behind the crowd. The people in front of them were almost all Zun cultivators.

“Those demonic lights are so scary!” said Qing Meng Xin.

Someone heard Qing Meng Xin and looked at her in a cold way.

“Tap tap.” Qing Meng Xin moved back as if she had realized something.

“Come here!” said a Zun cultivator to Qing Meng Xin.

“Mister, how may I help you?” asked Qing Meng Xin, petrified with fear.

“Get your ass over here!” said that person while releasing Qi which surrounded Qing Meng Xin’s body.

Qing Meng Xin’s face turned deathly pale, that person probably wanted to kill her.

Lin Feng stepped in front of her and Qing Meng Xin suddenly felt much safer.

“If you want to go in, just go in yourself. There’s no need to try and push other people inside!” said Lin Feng indifferently.

The cultivator smiled in a cold way, “A cultivator of the eighth Tian Qi layer dares talk to a Zun cultivator that way, get the hell over here too!”

“Boom!” Lin Feng stepped forwards and released cursing energies.

“Cursing strength!” that person was shocked for a moment.

“Lalala!” that person shook his hand as a thick and strong tree appeared and shout out towards Lin Feng.

“Wood type, that person must have a plant spirit!” Lin Feng took out an amulet and placed it in the air in front of him.

“Curse!” said Lin Feng in a deep voice. In a flash, Qi surrounded the tree and began corroding it.

“Amulet Cursing Technique!”

“Come back!” said Lin Feng. The tree turned around and moved towards its owner, who now looked surprised.

“You’re just an ant trying to shake a tree!” said that cultivator. He shook his hand and released energies, but in that place, it was difficult to release powerful attacks while fending off the demonic energies. But, it was probably sufficient to cripple a Tian-level cultivator’s cultivation.

“Cursing Spell, Swallow!”

Cursing strength moved towards Lin Feng’s enemy. The enemy’s tree turned into dust and the enemy’s face looked strange as the cursing strength was now corroding his body.

“Die!” said Lin Feng.

His soul was cursed now. He suddenly looked extremely old, his face turned deathly pale, he was wailing mournfully. Then, he collapsed.

“What a strange and enigmatic strength. Once cursed, they can barely fight anymore.” thought Lin Feng. Even though that was a low level Zun cultivator, his cultivation level was still higher than Lin Feng’s.

“He’s dead!” thought the crowd, they were astonished and looking at Lin Feng in a strange way.

“Rise!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, that person’s body rose up again. The crowd was surprised again, he was dead, but that wasn’t enough for Lin Feng, he was going to curse his soul and spirit!

“According to the legends, strong cultivators who used black magic could make armies of the dead rise and fight on their side. It seems absolutely possible.”

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