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PMG Chapter 1280: More and More Intense Demon Eyes

PMG Chapter 1280: More and More Intense Demon Eyes

“He can use dead spirits!” thought the crowd. Two words came to mind when they looked at Lin Feng, “Black mage!”

Geniuses were rising and a black mage had even appeared. Besides, his cultivation level wasn’t high, but his fighting abilities were terrifying. He had only broken through to the eighth Tian Qi layer and could already defeat Zun cultivators!
Qing Meng Xin was astonished. Lin Feng had easily killed a Zun cultivator.

“Thank you.” whispered Qing Meng Xin. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, she would have died.

Lin Feng nodded and said to her, using telepathy, “Don’t get close to those people, just stay away and observe!”

The dead Zun cultivator slowly walked into the palace hall and everybody was watching him.

“Not bad, we don’t need to risk our lives anymore!” thought the crowd. Many people had thought of trying to force someone to go in, a weaker cultivator, but since the black mage was there, they didn’t need to do that anymore.

“He didn’t get attacked!” thought the crowd, staring at the dead body.

“What a terrifying demonic intent!” thought Lin Feng. The dead body raised his head and looked at the walls. There were many patterns and all those drawings were of the Netherworld Demon Emperor. However, each picture contained a different intent.

“If I didn’t use the dead body, I wouldn’t be able to handle such a terrifying demonic intent, even though I practice demonic skills myself.” thought Lin Feng. His eyes had become dark, it was as if demonic intent was starting to consume him.

“The Netherworld Demon Emperor’s intent is carved into those walls, they died because they couldn’t handle his intent. So once inside, it’s best not to look at the patterns and also not to use your godly awareness to inspect the room.” said Lin Feng calmly when he saw that everybody was staring at him.

“If we don’t use our eyes to study them and if we don’t study the energies, how do we go in at all?” whispered many people. However, at that moment, a strong cultivator entered the palace hall. It was a strong Zun cultivator who had opened his eyes, but was only looking in front of him. He had also completely blocked his godly awareness.

“The black mage is right, I’m fine!” then crowd followed him inside the palace hall and did the same.

“Mister, are you not going in?” asked Qing Meng Xin to Lin Feng.

“My cultivation level is too low, I don’t dare.” said Lin Feng smiling. Even if he stayed at the entrance of the room, it would be the same as practicing inside the room.

Inside the palace hall, the dead body was observing one pattern in particular and Lin Feng was using the eyes of that dead body to study the patterns. In his brain, in his pitch-black eyes, a demon appeared who was releasing incredible energies.

“Boom!” Qing Meng Xin looked at those demonic eyes and shivered. She moved back and closed her eyes, she didn’t dare look at Lin Feng’s eyes again.

“How terrifying!” thought Qing Meng Xin. In Dragon Mountain, she was like a frog in a well. She was amongst some of the most outstanding young cultivators from the empire, she couldn’t even look them in the eyes.
Lin Feng already had a thread of the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s soul in him. He had the feeling two demons were fighting in his eyes, his previous intent was slowly being absorbed by a new one, which was then becoming his own demon intent.

Lin Feng’s celestial book spirit opened itself automatically. Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and appeared in his desolate world, enlightenment marks appeared and energies flowed inside. Two sorts of Qi started fighting, his demonic energies kept rolling and changing, finally, they slowly fused together.

Outside of his spirit, his real body was also surrounded by demonic energies and his demonic skills were changing automatically. Many of the remaining Zun cultivators moved away from him, just in case.

“I couldn’t understand a small part of it, but I did learn two threads of demonic intent!” thought Lin Feng.

The dead body Lin Feng was using raised his head and looked at a second demon emperor’s pattern. Lin Feng could sense the terrifying demonic intent penetrate into his mind. Then it would start fighting against the other sorts of demonic intent he already had.

More people were showing up as even more people died from curiosity. Those who had gone in first weren’t going to warn them because they didn’t want to share any treasures with the others.

Of course, there was the silhouette of the Netherworld Demon Emperor as well. Some people tried to study it, but they immediately died.

Lin Feng was happy to have the dead body to study several demonic patterns. Time passed slowly, some people gave up and left, but the dead body was still there.

In the palace hall, a Zun cultivator lost patience and looked at the dead body Lin Feng was controlling. When he saw that the dead body could look at the patterns on the wall, he became angry and slapped it on the head.

The dead body slowly turned around and looked at that Zun cultivator. His eyes were filled with demonic energies.

“Ah…” that Zun cultivator gave a horrible shriek. Those energies had blinded him, so no he was frantic. At the same time, Lin Feng, who was still outside of the palace hall, released black demonic energies which invaded the room.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. The dead body put his hands on that person’s head and crushed his skull. At the same time, Lin Feng released even more demonic Qi into the room.

Many people look at him and started shaking, terrified. Even those who were a lot stronger than Lin Feng couldn’t look at his eyes.

“Demonic eyes!”

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