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PMG Chapter 1284: Eye Techniques

PMG Chapter 1284: Eye Techniques

Si Kong Clan wasn’t the only one surprised, everybody was. They all looked at him in a strange way. If Si Kong Clan had been alone, the crowd wouldn’t have been surprised, after all, that cultivator probably wasn’t any weaker than the ten strongest young cultivators of Ba Huang. However, some strong cultivators from the Si Kong Clan were with him. Offending Si Kong Xiao was the same as offending the Si Kong Clan.

Lin Feng turned his head around and looked at Si Kong Xiao. Then, he immediately put the flute in his ring.

In that entire palace, there was only one flute. The crowd didn’t know that Lin Feng had also obtained some kind of special energy. However, even if there was only one item, it belonged to the Netherworld Demon Emperor and his item couldn’t be useless.

“Give it to me.” said Si Kong Xiao. His eyes slowly became strange and bestial. Strange energies were revolving inside his eyes.

“The celestial vision, the Si Kong Clan’s celestial vision!” the crowd recognized them. The Si Kong Clan’s blood spirit was a pair of eyes. However, only three people possessed the celestial vision, apart from the Emperor Si Kong, Si Kong Xiao was one of them and he had the exact same celestial eyes and vision as the emperor.

The crowd became even more excited when they saw that Si Kong Xiao was using his Celestial Vision. His opponent was a black mage of the ninth Tian Qi layer who also had a demon vision ability. Even though they didn’t really understand what kind of technique that was, they had seen what he did to a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer with it. Maybe, it was one of the strongest ocular techniques of the continent.
“Celestial Vision!” Lin Feng had the feeling his eyes were going to be damaged if he looked at Si Kong Xiao’s eyes.

Lin Feng’s eyes turned pitch-black and ice-cold as demonic intent emerged from them.

“Break!” Si Kong Xiao’s voice resonated in Lin Feng’s brain. It was as if Si Kong Xiao and Lin Feng were alone in another world. Lin Feng had released demonic intent with his eyes, but Si Kong Xiao’s eyes broke that apart.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His voice resonated in Si Kong Xiao’s heart, it was as if the demonic energies were corroding him from the inside-out.

Lights emerged from his celestial eyes, it was as if time had stopped. At least, time was passing a lot slower. Si Kong Xiao’s strength then broke the demon energies.

“That’s the power of the Celestial Vision!” thought Lin Feng. Not only could the Celestial Vision lacerate the sky, it could also see through things.

Some people said that Si Kong Xiao’s abstruse energies were fission and speed abstruse energies.

Lin Feng didn’t know what kind of special body he had or the powers it granted him, but he enjoyed learning how to do things with his own strength.

“Interesting.” said a voice in Lin Feng and Si Kong Xiao’s brains while laughing indifferently. They saw a third, maybe a fourth pair of eyes, then a fifth… people were fixedly staring at them.

“Illusional Eyes, Mu Fan Chen!” shouted Si Kong Xiao. Lin Feng’s demonic vision and Si Kong Xiao’s celestial vision dispersed.

Mu Fan Chen, from the Magic World Heavenly Palace, was next to them: another one of the ten strongest young cultivators.

“Illusion eyes, is that a type of spell?” whispered Lin Feng. That technique also involved using the eyes. Those people had already broken through to the Zun Qi layer, so they could all defeat cultivators who were stronger than them. According to the Diviner though, Qi Tian Sheng and Bai Qiu Luo were the weakest ones amongst the ten strongest young cultivators.

“I wouldn’t have thought that someone would dare use an eye technique against Si Kong Xiao!” said Mu Fan Chen looking at Lin Feng and smiling.

“You also want to try!” said Si Kong Xiao to Mu Fan Chen. A layer of energy emerged from their eyes as they looked at each other.

“I saw the demon emperor’s treasure too, so if you can try and steal it, then I can too.” said Mu Fan Chen smiling indifferently.

However, at that moment, a girl laughed and another person arrived. Her eyes alone made people feel like kneeling down before her.

“Yi Ren Lei from the Heavens of Desire’s Palace, this is getting really interesting!” thought the crowd. There were three incredible cultivators: Mu Fan Chen, Yi Ren Lei etc. who had powerful families and then the black mage whose social status was unknown.

“I like music, I would be so happy if I had that flute.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling thinly. She was trying seduce everyone for the flute.

“Even though I have a celestial Qi, I could also use that flute.” said Mu Fan Chen. He was the most resistant to Yi Ren Lei’s seduction spells, after all, he was also an illusion cultivator himself.

“Yi Ren Lei, if you accept to become my girlfriend, I’ll be happy to steal the flute and give it to you as a gift.” said Si Kong Clan smiling thinly.

“Master Si Kong, you’re the future of the Si Kong Clan, I don’t think I deserve to be with someone as wonderful as you.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling thinly. They were all laughing and smiling, but nobody was willing to give up the jade flute.

Si Kong Xiao’s eyes twinkled, then he glanced at them and said, “Since it’s that way, let’s agree on something!”

“Agree on what?” said Mu Fan Chen smiling. Yi Ren Lei looked at him too..

“The three of us, let’s join hands and the first one to kill him gets the jade flute!” said Si Kong Xiao pointing at Lin Feng. Even though four people wanted to get the flute, in Si Kong Xiao’s eyes, there were only three. Even though Lin Feng’s vision wasn’t that bad, he had only broken through to the ninth Tian Qi layer!”

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